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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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Uday is driving angrily. M calls but he ignores her call. He goes on driving angrily. M calls again, he disconnects. He is pissed and driving recklessly.

OH GOD Uday!!! Do you HAVE to drive so recklessly?? Couldn't you just go the beach and throw some rocks at the water??? SIGH.


M goes into her room and is upset fbing to the moment Uday had arrived seeing her and Akash together. VB enters and says Manyata Bhai!!! ANd Unnati enters. VB says you are back so early? Unnati says come on tell us all, what did Dada give you? Let me guess, Flowers, diamond ring, or a sweet kiss should happen, na? VB says looking at you two it seems like we are watching a typical Hindi rom-com film, where the hero comes running to the airport and stops the heroine from getting on the plane, but here it seems the river is flowing backwards. In this scene, it seems like the heroine is running after the hero to stop him at the airport, I tell you. Unnati laughs. M is looking upset and Unnati notices, and VB. Unnati says what's wrong M? Why is your network so low? Ohh...did Dada say something rude? VB says tell us what happened. M says actually over there...Unnati says over there what? VB says not what, WHO? VB says who came over there M? M says Akash. VB says Akash?? VB says how does this Akash reach to every place like male version of Hawai hawai (song from Mr. India). Bijli giraane main hoon aayi, ho bijli giraane main hoon aayi Kehte hain mujhko hawa hawaii. Unnati says Come on VB, not everything is funny and Manyata, someone must have called him over there, and who called Akash there, that is not hard to guess. All of them say J. M says Unnati, we will handle J later, right now I am very worried about Uday, he left there in a lot of anger, and I have called him hundreds of times, he has picked up my phone call once. Unnati says M relax, we are here with you, we will fix this. But I think for now you should stay here, if Dada does return here, so...you stay here, I will see you guys. Unnati leaves and VB asks Unnati where are you going? Unnati says to do that, which I should have done way earlier Vijay Banna. When a horse gets out control and spoilt, then one must yank the reigns. Unnati then leaves. VB and M look off wondering what Unnati is up to.

Poor M. VB is as always the awesome comic relief LOL. INDEED Akash IS the male version of Hawa Hawai AHHAHAA LOL seriously he always arrives at the WRONG time!!! Another kabab mein haddi! Yup so looks M is too worried about Uday to give a damn about JN and Unnati well it looks like Unnati's lioness has emerged throughout this conversation!!! YES!!!! DID anyone fist pump in the air with Unnati's awesome parting dialogue about how when a spoilt horse gets out of control than one must yank in the reigns!!! Unnati is a BADA**!!!! OMG I LOVE HER character EVEN MORE!!


JN is setting up Uday's room with candles and getting ready for Uday. She sits on Uday's bed and relaxes and says come on Uday, I know right now you are very upset, no worries sweetheart, I am here na, to take away all your worries. THere is a knock on the door and JN then gets herself comfortable on Uday's bed and smiles. The door opens and JN smiles in anticipation, but in enters Unnati. JN shocked to see Unnati. JN sits up shocked. Unnati says hey! What's up, seeing me in Dada's place, your face fell? JN says why are you here? Unnati says really?? Don't you think I should be asking you this question? Despite knowing that my Dada loves M, you, why have you lit these stupid candles and what are you doing in my Dada's room? JN smirks and Unnati smirks back and says why are you here J? JN smirks, gets up and says interesting, so your throat has a voice too? You know its bc till today I have never heard your voice before while she is getting ready in Uday's room with candles lit all around, and in a black dress. Unnati says really you know whats even more interesting, that the voice that you are about to hear from my throat, that voice will ring in your ears for days. JN scoffs and says really? Unnati forcefully turns JN around shocking JN. Unnati says the amount of fires that you have started on my dada's life you have done, but now if you do even more drama, I will take your useless candles and burn you with them. ANd TRUST Me , I will do it with such stealth/cleanliness that everyone will BELIEVE that the candles accidentally fell on you.JN shocked and Unnati takes candle and takes it towards her and whispers says along with, you will go away too. J gulps in fear and Unnati smirks. JN tries to run but Unnati looks at JN with intensity with her candle and JN says scared, what are you doing, are you are you out of your mind?? Unnati says arre, I am just feeding you your own medicine J. J scared and Unnati says What happened? You don't like it, is it BITTER? JN backs up and Unnati says don't worry, in the beginning it will be painful and after that you will be unconscious and then Unnati corners JN to the wall, blocking JN with her hand. JN freaks out. Unnati continues saying slowly slowly you will go from the lap of sleep to the lap of death. Unnati caresses J's face and says Trust me J, you won't even find out. JN says please Unnati please and Unnati bangs her hand against the wall. JN freaks out. Unnati says why are you looking at me like that? Come on! Compliment me, come on! JN says let me go, please let me go! Unnati says SHUT UP! Whoever tries to hurt my Dada, I will give them pain. Its a very simple thing J. Unnati brings the candle closer to her and JN freaks out and J says please, no please no! Unnati brings the candle closer to her while looking at JN intensely.

Seriously JN is the worst vamp in the world, BUT THAT DOES NOT MATTER!! Because OMG this scene between Unnati and JN, was by the far THE BEST scene today!!! Well I liked the precap and the rest was gripping, but this scene was a masterpiece!!! LOL okay maybe I am overemphasizing, but yea no I don't think i am because I really hate JN and I REALLY LOVE Unnati giving it to her!!! JN ki toh band bajgaye!!! OMG APPLAUSE FOR ANKITA aka Unnati!!! She IS JUST fantastic!!! LOVED IT!! I LOVE how she taunted JN!!!! OMG EVERY DIALOGUE WAS PRICELESS!!! My soul is at peace right now, because after SO MANY weeks (and months), but these past few weeks Jn has turned up the notch on her vampiness and desperate behavior and every time I have been tortured with her scenes! So many times I wanted to break my tv screen and today today I SAVORED EVERY SECOND of a scene with J LOL. Unnati was MINDBLOWING!!! LOVE How JN was begging for mercy LOL. This is what i call sweet sweet revenge! Evil Smile

VB & M

VB is calling Uday while M waits worried. VB says Uday's phone is going straight to voicemail. M says he won't pick up my phone calls either VB, I don't know where he is...M says what if what if something happened to him? VB says M Bhai! Don't worry about that, he is still upset with you that's why he doesn't want to talk to you. When his anger will quiet down, he will come home on his own. M says NO VB, you don't know Uday's anger, his anger is like a jwala mukhi, don't know where he is! And he won't easily calm down. VB says shh M Bhai, please calm down, we all know that this is not your fault. And we also know very well that whatever happened over there, who was actually responsible, so please just relax. everything will be fine. Don't worry at all. I will try again. VB shakes his head and says its still going to voicemail. M fbs to when Uday crumpled the flowers and drops it on the ground. And how angry/hurt he was. M is very upset

Well we already knew the accident was happening but in case you forgot, here is a scene which foreshadows it LOL. indeed we ALL know whose ACTUAL FAULT this is. That crazy of a vamp JN. Dead


Unnati says after today, you will not create misunderstandings between Dada and Manyata. GOT IT! JN says forgive me Unnati, I made a mistake. Unnati gets a phone call which distracts her and Unnati goes to pick it up and JN sees this opportunity to run and yells you should be in a mental asylum, completely crazy,mad!! And runs out. Unnati smirks and says coward and puts the candle away. Unnati picks up the phone and a police says is this Rajkumari Unnati? Unnati says yes. Police officer says YUvraj UV Singh has had a car accident. Unnati shocked and in tears. Police says hello rajkumari ji? Unnati says where is Dada, what hospital has he been taken too? Please tell me I will arrive there? Police officer says actually...Unnati says what has happened to Dada? Police officer says he is bleeding a lot, and he won't let us help him, and won't let us take him to the hospital, it seems like as if he doesn't even want to live. Unnati super upset while police officer tries to get her attn saying hello rajkumari ji hello please meet us at Bandra highway...Unnati snaps out of it and says listen please call an ambulance immediately I will arrive there quickly.

OH GOD as if PART 1 of this scene wasn't bada** enough (sorry for the language but OMG it just was warranted LOL) Part 2 of Unnati, the lioness emerges iS EQUALLY just as good LOL. And we get to see JN cry like a baby for forgiveness and then run like a scared mouse when she gets the chance to escape...LOL. I LOVE Unnati's smirk and how she calls her a coward!! ALL HAIL PRINCESS UNNATI!!! Resident bada** rajkumari of Jaigarh!!!Clap...Sigh but all fun scenes end and then comes the scene we have all been waiting for to happen, Uday's accident! Uday is refusing treatment! Poor guy is heartbroken! I hate JN EVEN MORE! Poor Unnati, she is going to be EVEN more pissed at JN, and man I can't WAIT for Unnati the lioness to strike once again!

DS office---DR Saab/Unnati/M/VB/Komal/BR

DR Saab's phone is ringing and he picks up and says yes Unnati dear. Dr Uncle, the police station just called, Dada, Dada has had an accident. Dr Saab says what? Unnati says and and he is refusing to be taken to the hospital to get treatment, what do I do Uncle?? Dr Uncle says I am going there, I am going right now to get Uday, I am here right, I will handle everything okay dear. Unnati says yes Uncle. Dr Uncle leaves. And M is shown in shock after hearing this. The song tujhe yaad na meri aaye song plays in BG. M is in tears/shock. VB is standing in the distance and M says please tell me this is a lie, please tell me this is a bad dream, please say something, VB why are you quiet why don't you say something?!! VB turns around worried and M says I am going to him, and VB stops her and says M calm down, please handle yourself! Komal and Brij yell M, M please handle yourself. BR says Dr Saab is about to reach there in some time. Komal says Maharaj is right, Manyata, right now our focus should be on Uday and only Uday. If you make a mess of yourself, how will it be okay? M says NO Ma, I have to go to Uday. M says why is he taking his anger on me, onto himself, I have to go to him! Komal and VB pull her back and say Manyata please handle yourself while M is upset and trying to leave. VB says you can't be this weak, if Uday sees you like this, then how will he be okay? M is upset/crying while Komal looks at M in worry. Please handle yourself nothing will happen. BR calls Dr Saab and says where have you reached Dr Saab? Br says please come quickly. M hugs her mom and Komal says please handle yourself. M is super upset and crying while Komal and BR look worried.

M is just in shock and is going crazier in worry for Uday than she did for Akash when he was in jail.Yea she may have not eaten out of protest and fainted, but this kind of crazy is a new level of restlessness/pain. Interesting use of the song because the lyrics totally suited how M was feeling. And CVs are showing Komal and BR even melting/worried towards M in her total breakdown for Uday's accident.

Mahal Entrance

Dr Saab says pick it up, slowly slowly here. M and Komal and BR look up to see Uday. Dr Saab says straight to the room. Everyone is shocked to see Uday in a wheelchair bloody. M yells Uday and stands up. Uday! M runs to him and says Uday! BR yells Udaybeer! Dr Saab says Manyata beta, and Maharaj, Uday is not conscious. Br shocked. M is crying and saying Uday! Dr Saab says M please let us do our work, Uday has already bled badly enough, we can't waste anymore time. M says Dr Uncle please! Dr Saab says please M get out of the way, Maharani ji please handle her. Komal says M, M get up while M is freaking out yelling Uday. Unnati says Dr Uncle lets go. M goes after yelling Uday. Police officer says we tried to contact the father and BR says yes even I have tried calling him, he is in London and right now it must be evening there he must be in some meeting, he is not picking up the phone. damn it! BR tries to call again.

Well at least they give you an explanation of why GR is not available. LOL. M is still inconsolable now that she has seen Uday's condition. Poor girl is a HUGE MESS. Seriously waiting to see the scene for when Unnati make JN pay. I HIGHLY anticipate that scene as well the precap scene!

Uday's room

Dr Uncle is taking care of Uday while M is stroking Uday's head and crying. Unnati says Dr Uncle, its not too serious right? Dr Uncle look right now I don't want to give false hope, if there is internal bleeding, the case...you know what I mean? Everyone is upset. M is upset/crying and stroking Udays head.

Well Uday is of course not out of danger. And M is just upset and looks like from tomorrow onwards we shall see her not leave him! And let the awesome scenes begin!

Precap: M is stroking Uday's head and Uday says Manyata. M smiles in hope and then Uday says Manyata you have, you have broken my heart. M is shocked/hurt. M has Uday's hand in her hand and Uday takes away his hand and M is very hurt. M looks upse


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