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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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Part 1

Nidhi says that the RanJi sangeet ends with this! Ashu says 'One minute' and says that its strange that no one asked him to perform tho they all performed! He says..its not fair! Ashu gets up and goes and stands in the middle of the hall! BB says that in childhood Ashu used to dance a lot, so he should show his magic! Ashu extends his hand and asks Nidhi to join him! Nidhi goes near him and asks him if he knows what he is doing? Ashu says yes.. and that he is trying to make his wife happy! Ashu goes around Nidhi, kisses her left hand, sits on one knee and starts crooning 'Tere naina'! Both AshNi start grooving! Ashu pulls Nidhi close! Nidhi grins! Both dance together and all admire! He calls Nidhi close and both start dancing and RanJi smile! BB looks triumphantly at DB! DB too grins happily! Nidhi dances solo for a few steps! Ashu again joins her! Both do a few titanic style pose and do the RK pose! Ashu twirls Nidhi and again both do a few 'Thumka' style steps! All cheer for them! Ashu again goes on his knees and ends the dance holding Nidhis hand! Nidhi feels shy! Ashu again starts grooving on 'Bole chudiya'! Rangu joins him! Anjie joins Nidhi and the foursome start dancing! Everyone is delighted! All join in .. both families.. DB/BB/CB/CS! The ladies move ahead and guys behind and all start grooving! AshNi are lost in eyelock and Nidhi says 'I love u'! Ashu says. .'I love u too'! AshNi hug!

BB/ AshNi excuse to leave! Anjie objects and says.. Nidhi was to stay back to attend the functions! DB requests Ashu to let Nidhi stay! Ashu agrees! Ashu says Nidhi can stay back and he will attend the functions! Nidhi says she is going now but will come early next day! Anjie relents! At nite, AshNi freshen up and Nidhi says.. it was fun in the sangeet! Ashu agrees! Nidhi calls Ashu closer saying Suniye and hugs him! Nidhi says she is very proud of him and that she dinno he danced so well! Ashu says he doesnt know if it was good or bad but it was for Nidhi! Ashu leaves and Nidhi is lost in dreams and says 'It was fantastic'! Ashu goes to sit down and study and says he never danced after college! Nidhi says all heroes dance! Ashu says they are all superstars and he cant be compared to them! Nidhi closes his book and says yes coz he is bigger than them all and more handsome! Ashu gets up and hugs Nidhi! Ashu says..if she wanted she could stay back at Anjies place! Nidhi says if she wanted but she din! Ashu asks why? Nidhi switches off the light! DB is smiling! CB asks why is she smiling? DB says coz Ashu has impressed her a lot! CB says Nidhi will be elated to see that DB is happy with Ashu! DB says that she is proud of him as Ashu loves Nidhi a lot and now she is waiting to see AshNi kids! CB says she wants only one thing!DB says coz she has no desire left in life than this!

Next day morning Ashu is ready to go to hosp! Nidhi objects and says its Anjies haldi so he cant go! Ashu says that Haldi is for birde and groom so he has no work there! Ashu asks Nidhi to get his car keys! Ashu is eating toast and says he has put enouf haldi during his wedding to last a lifetime! Ndihi says its antiseptic and there is no harm in putting a lil haldi ..! Ashu puts toast in Nidhis mouth and says no way and goes! Nidhi sulks! Nidhi comes to Anjies place for haldi! CB and Solanki receive her! Jyotika/Priyanka are there already! Nidhi hugs Anjie! Anjie asks where is Ashu? Nidhi says he wont come! Anjie asks why? Nidhi says he doesnt like Haldi..n said that he has put enouf haldi during his wedding! Anjie says its not fair and he has to come to his Salis haldi at all costs! Nidhi agrees! Anjie says she has an idea to get Ashu in there at all costs and Nidhi has to co-operate! Anjie gives the idea! Nidhi agrees! CS calls Ashu and says Nidhi has sprained her leg! CS puts the phone to Nidhi and Nidhi cries! Ashu is worried and asks what is the matter? Anjie says Nidhi has fracture in her ankle but nothing to worry about! Ashu asks if they showed a doc? Anjie says they had gone but Nidhi fell down and hurt her knee as well! Ashu is shocked! Anjie cuts the call and tells Nidhi that now Ashu will come at all costs to check on his wife!

There is a call on the phone in Ashus cabin and he receives! Caller says that its an emergency and he has to come to ICU! Ashu agrees! Nidhi is lying down and says Ashu wont come and gets up! Anjie says he will come and asks Nidhi to keep lying! Nidhi blames Anjie for overacting and says Ashu will not come for sure! CS asks them to relax and says he will call up Ashu to ask his whereabouts! Nidhi stops CS and says she is sure he will come! CS goes to wait outside! Ashu checks the patient in ICU and is lost! The junior doc shows him the report and draws his attention to it! Nidhi is pacing around waiting for Ashu and bumps into Anjie! Anjie asks Nidhi to relax! CS comes running and says Ashu is here and asks them to go lye down in their room! Anjie takes Nidhi in her room and Nidhi takes the haldi with her to the room! DB sees Ashu and says she knew that her son in law will come to Anjies wedding! Shyama is delighted to see him! Ashu says that he came to see Nidhi but CS diverts! Ashu is confused! Ashu asks CS why he called him? Anjie comes running and drags Ashu inside! Nidhi is cringing lying on the bed! Ashu asks Nidhi where she hurt herself? Nidhi holds Ashus hand! Anjie fakes that Nidhi cant say with her own mouth! Ashu asks how Nidhi fell and how she hurt herself? Ashu starts to check!

Part 2

Nidhi screams as Ashu checks her knee and signals Anjie to give the Haldi bowl to her and she takes a lil haldi n puts on Ashus cheeks! Anjie too puts on his cheeks! Ashu is annoyed! Nidhi and Anjie are laufing! Nidhi says that for 'Haddi ki chott ..Haldi is good'! Nidhi says the only difference is that .. she has Haddi ki chott and Ashu has Haldi on him! Ashu turns serious and goes quiet!

Part 3

Anjie says that its her haldi and its first time with Saali! Ashu stays quiet and Anjie-Nidhi all fall silent! Ashu asks Nidhi that she called him there for this? He asks her what childishness this is? Anjie says they are kids only, Ashu is matured! Nidhi looks at Anjie! Ashu falls quiet!

Precap - Nidhi looks at Ashu and self thot that wonder if Ashu felt bad for what Anjie said? Nidhi takes Ashu aside and Ashu asks now why she brought him to the corner? Nidhi holds her ears and says to say Sorry and says that he must have felt bad coz of what Anjie said! Ashu looks at her with a serious expression!

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