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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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Scene opens with the party venue n our Pummy ji running after starters even after having lot LOLLOLLOL Suri gives her list of all the ladies in the party. Pummy says she will select one beautiful lady n will make friendship with her... Suri is surprised n asks if she has gone mad TongueTongueTongue. Pummy n Suri argue n she calls him gay SillyROFLLOL He tries to say that he is not gay but Pummy smells nice aroma of food n bhagofyes from there ROFLROFLROFL

hamara nayi president ji reaches n everyone congratulates her (it was as if she became president of India ConfusedConfusedConfused). She introduces her in-laws to her staff n Mr. Johnson sings President ji's mahanta. Alok too praises n thanks them fr understanding Mona's mahanta n supporting her WackoWackoWacko (ohhh ab bas bhi karo yaar, we can't take it any more now, our ears are bleeding OuchOuchOuch)

Pradeep ji arrives n he shows his attitude n finally our president ji sees that he wore the shirt she gifted n asks if he is comfortable. ConfusedConfusedConfused he says yes n goes to have whisky DeadDeadDead Mr. Bhatia makes P to get jealous n angry by asking abt Mona n her kamyabi ki raaz OuchOuchOuch he thinks Mona to be like other women who does wrong things fr success n has bad eye on her. AngryAngryAngry

Vineet gets drink fr Alok but Suhasi says no. He mixes that with coke n gives which Suhasi takes n drinks. She argues with Alok n Mona too supports her n says only coke no drink TongueTongueTongue (poor Alok ji LOLLOLLOL)

Purani president ji, i mean Anu enters n people start laughing at her. Suri goes n informs to Pradeep. 

Scene repeating with Anu - Pradeep dantofying Anu. Anu bhagofying to restroom n crying. CryCryCry New president vs old president: mona saying Anu that without doing anything, it repeated with her and now the roles are reversed instead. ConfusedConfusedConfused Anu thinking of spoiling the party. D'ohD'ohD'oh

Mr. Johnson announces abt Mona n her mahanta. He also says that as Anu isn't staying in kolaba house which was offered by office, now it will be given to Mona. ShockedShockedShocked Anu's situation was like killing Mona then n there itself. Mona all surprised n she was invited to give bashan.ConfusedConfusedConfused

President ji's bashan TongueTongueTongue

She says she became dumb as she never gave speeches like that. (she meant specially on stage coz we get to see 2 many bashans normally ri8 LOLLOLLOL) She thank d workers coz of their blessings she was successful today. She thanks Mrs. Sarkar n Nari Shakti mandal fr helping her. Finally she says she is thank ful to one person specially. Pradeep ji feels as if he has done everything. He thinks atleast Mona had thanked him n he stands. TongueTongueTongue But Mona announces Vineet's name.

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