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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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Manav comes to Arjun's garage for an oil change . He gets to know that Arjun is participating in the dahi handi contest from hisChawl .Arjun says that he will not compete against Manav but Manav convinces him to do so .He says that he wants to beat Arjun in this contest after Arjun hurt his daughter Ovi . Arjun gets his salary and along with all the tips ( including Manav's tip of 200 ) he has 10000 ruppees now as per Archana's challenge .

Archana invites Savita and the rest of the family for a pooja at her mother's place .savita starts taunting Archana about Soham and says that it is a shame that a woman who killed her own son is doing this pooja .Archana gets angry and tells savita to stop filling up Ovi and Teju's ears with hate against her as it was Savita whose intentions were always to give away Soham .Savita calls Teju and Ovi and they tell her that they do not wish to go to this pooja .Damodar comes from Canada .Archana is happy to see him and he tells Savita that she should watch her words from now on .

Arjun calls Purvi and tells her that he has collected the 10000 ruppees as Archana had asked him to and today he wil lcome and give this money to Archana and ask for Purvi's hand. Purvi is very excited and she tells Sulochna that Arjun succeeded in his challenge .Sulochna thanks God and says that only Arjun should break this news to Archana when she will come home tonight and now it will be Archana's test as to what she will do about Arjun .Arjun ison his way to Purvi's house when he sees that the little boy Churan has had an accident with a van .

Vishnu , ruthlessly , tests the chloroform on one of his friends just to test if it will work on the day of the kidnapping or not .
Archana comes to the Kaarnjkar house and Sulochna tells her that Arjun is coming to see her tonight with the money earned in the challenge and deserves to be with Purvi .They tell Archana that Arjun will come before 12 .Archana does not reacts much .Sulochna gets annoyed and tells Archana to decide if Arjun should belong to Purvi or Ovi and she should decide soon.Archana is now thinking how Arjun tol her that he loved Purvi, how Ovi mistrusted Archana over Arjun and Purvi, how Arjun saved Sulochna and even paid for her medicines .

Precap : Arjun is in the hospital .Churan's mother is crying as Churan needs an operation and the doctor tells Arjun that the operation needs 10 to 12 thousand ruppee

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