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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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KP room : KRIYA in their room... K spraying perfume all over the room.. P comes out of bathroom and asks what he is doing.. K says he is purifying the room since ASY and his mom had spoilt the atmosphere of the house... P aghast.. scolds K and says your blood is now in ASY body and you yourself saved his life.. why are u now talking like this, you should think better .. K says I cannot help it, I cannot bear it.. whenever I think of them my blood boils... just then Pys comes into room and calls PK, tells them SS wants to speak to them..

TN Hall : All Thakurs in hall including Pys.. SS tells them I know all of you have lots of questions about all this... all of you have right to be angry with me.. I hid the fact about ASY and his mom from you all... SS apologises to them and asks all the Thakurs to forgive him.. says what's done is done...
SS advises both KN and K and tells them to learn from his mistakes and not to repeat the mistakes of their father.. tells them I was young, rich and arrogant and I committed a huge mistake..SS advises them to not become like him.. not to do wrong things which have bad consequences in future.. SS especially warns KN and says don't do any such thing which will make Samar question you in future..
K says there no point in discussing all this.. tells everyone to forget what has already happened.. tells everyone that from now on, no one will speak about Vakilwa in this house... SS looks sad..
Pys mobile phone rings suddenly.. K berates her and tells her to stop the interruption...

GH : Prof and Arg discussing Chinki's behaviour... Prof says Chinki wants a father in her life.. but SS is not agreeing to Kml's re-marriage.. Arg advises that first they should search a good groom for Kml and then re-open the topic with SS and other Thakurs.. Prof thens says even Kml is opposed to her re-marriage.. Arg says Kml is like your daughter now & you are her father .. she will definitely listen to yr words..

TN : K comes dancing into TN with band bajaa... P follows him inside, grinning.. GD asks whats the celebration about... K displays the certificate in his hand and says P passed her law exams.. GD happy, blesses P.. Smr asks how much marks P got, K replies 70%.. KN and Ksr are not looking impressed.. K asks them why so glum.. KN answers and says what the use of P becoming lawyer, she never helps this family members or me with anything... K defends P and says why do you do such wrong deeds... KN retorts and says if I always did correct deeds, I would not be needing a lawyer...

Just then Pys phone rings yet again.. K scolds her... Pys explains that her husband is troubling her .. wants her back.. Pys doesn't want to go with him.. all stunned.. GD, Ksr and KN all encourage Pys to go back to her husb.. but P says Pys should do what she feels is right..

Kitchen : Pys and P in kitchen... Pys tells P her story.. says there was never any relationship bet her and her husband.. he left her for another woman.. now that woman has left him and ran off to Mumbai with another guy... so now Pys husb wants her back... Pys says she doesn't want to go with him, wants to stay in TN..

TN Hall : A man turns up with a basket of fruit... says he is Pys husband Lochan.. wants Pys back.. he butters up Shakti.. tells KN that he was away on work and Pys left him and disappeared.. Pys comes out of kitchen and berates him.. GD KN and Ksr all scold Pys..KN tells her to go with her husband... but P overrules him and says no need for Pys to go with him, since he never cared for her all these years ... all stunned... the man pleads with P and says that he has realised his mistake and requests them to give him one more chance... Ksr adds her two bits and tells Pys about her own example... says that KN had ill treated me in the beginning, but now he has realised his mistake and atoned for it.. so I have accepted him back in my life... KN looking embarrassed..
K too agrees with everyone's words and asks the man whether he will now live properly with Pys... the man promises to do so.. K says we should all try to join a family and not break it... he overrules P and tells Pys to go with her husb... Pys says I will do so since you all told me to, but she does not look too happy... P warns the man that if he harms Pys in any way, he will pay dearly for it... the man accepts... Pys goes inside to pack...


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