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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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Part 1

Daljeet arrives at Saahibas house and is hesitant on going inside, he takes her hair clip out of his pocket and has flashbacks of Saahiba and the kid(don't know the name) telling him that if he wants to hear from Saahiba he has to have some courage. He goes inside and gives his regards to some women. It seems that he is finding it really awkward. From the terrace the kid notices him and says wait there I'm coming, Daljeet has a smile on his face seeing him. He's on his way to meet Daljeet when he bumps into Saahibas dad who asks him where he's off to he says my chote sir is here, Manmeet says oh yes him, I've heard a lot about him and says I want to meet him too, Saahiba asks her dad where are you going and he says let me go meet him. She says atleast change your kurta, she says mehmaan are here atleast go change, the kid then says who's going to see my chote sir then, Saahiba asks who's wedding is it, the kid replies with yours, she says so obviously he's going to congratulate me I will meet him. She tells her dad to go change and tells the kid(someone please tell me his nameLOL) to go get his chote sir. Fateh runs up to Daljeet and tells Daljeet his that his dad is very ill and that his mum has called him right away, Daljeet looks worried and looks up at the terrace he then goes with Fateh.

Part 2

There is a ceremony at Ranveers house where all his relatives put many haar's on him, the dancing then starts and Ranveer and his family also join in, he then gets placed on the gora(horse) and there are lots of fireworks going off, there is a lot of excitement. The baraat then leaves for Saahibas house. Daljeet arrives at his house and someone asks if his father is ok, his sister in law ( I think it is) says that they'll have to leave now and she sees Daljeet and says that the coughing is getting very bad. Daljeet says he'll go get the tempo but she says someone has already gone to get it. There is a lot of tension in the household, Daljeet asks his mother to get a glass of water for his father. He sits his father down and his mother tells his sister in law that she has to stay home and look after it. his brother comes and says the car is here, they say lets go and put their stuff in the car, they carefully take his father to the car, some girl comes and they say to her to sit at the front, Daljeets mother gets worried and his sister in law reassures her that she'll take good care of the house, you don't need to worry. Daljeets mum tells Daljeets bro to come along but the sister in law holds his arm and he says no mum I have to take care of her too, the sister in law makes an excuse and says yeah I've been feeling ill since last night. They tell the mum not worry and say the train will go so go quickly. someone sets of fireworks of near the house which irritates Daljeets sister in law and she shuts the door. Daljeet looks upset. The baraat has come near Daljeets house Daljeet looks very worried. Daljeet looks back then gets into the car and they set off.

Part 3

The baraat arrives at Saahibas house and she is very excited she wonder if Ranveer got dressed up properly she says that even without effort he's looking like hritik roshan and he sees her and blows her kiss to which Saahiba replies 'kutta' (something like that :P LOL it was hilarious.) she and her friends start dancing. Ranveer gets of the ghora and joins in with the dancing, Beauty joins in with the dancing and two women start badmouthing her. She goes up to them and says you two are Ranveer's maasi's right so why don't you join in. She then goes from there. There is a very lively atmosphere, Ranveer's phone then goes off and his sister tells him, he picks his phone up but can't hear anything so goes out of the crowd. Beauty goes to her bebe and says go get Saahiba, bebe doesn't respond so she tells two other girls to go get her. There is a girl who goes up to Saahiba and says Ranveer is no where to be seen. everyone looks toward where they last saw Ranveer. Saahiba says don't worry he's probably somewhere here, his family say the same and they carry on dancing. Saahiba says its time to put the vermalas on take me then. Manmeet asks his wife for Something and she says she'll go get it but he tells her that he will. Saahiba comes down and asks her father how she's looking and he gets emotional and says she looks beautiful. He then goes. They sit Saahiba down and she says Ranveer has come go get the vermala. Ranveers mother asks her husband to find out where Ranveer is but he says not to worry he's must be somewhere here. She looks very worried. Saahiba and her friends are taking pictures one of them sit where Ranveer is supposed to and Saahiba says get off Ranveer is going to sit there , she says to the photographer why are you taking my pictures go take Ranveers. Saahibas mother gets worried about Ranveer too and she tells her husband but he says not too worry, she asks Beauty if he's there but she says don't worry, I'm sure he's gone to hide his shoes she calls him kunjoos(LOL)

Part 4

Saahibas parents put the vermalas on Ranveers family and they do their meets and greets. Manmeet asks where Ranveer is and Ranveers father says he's coming he must be here somewhere. Someone else says he might have gone to make a call. Saahibas parents look very worried. Manmeet asks to ring him and all the men pick up their phones and call him, Ranveers father says there's no network here so they all put their phones in the air (LOL) someone says that his phone is switched off and says he didn't even make it to his wedding on time the bewakoof. Saahibas dad says come inside. Saahiba notices that everyone looks tensed and she asks her friend what's wrong who replies saying she doesn't know. Saahiba says she'll go see herself, beauty is telling Saahibas mum that he must be here somewhere probably having a drink or too, she says to, Saahiba calls someone and asks her what's wrong the women says Ranveer isn't here. Saahibas says what and goes from there beauty calls her but she storms off and beauty says now she's upset, I don't blame her being upset she says wait til Ranveer comes i'll show him. Saahibas sister tries to call Ranveer but he doesn't answer and she looks very upset. Saahibas mum falls down to the chair and someone says bhabi where is Ranveer gone, our Saahiba looks so beautiful today and its not very good if the dulha goes missing like that. Saahibas mum starts crying and everyone starts reassuring her that everything will be ok. Some women start saying useless things and beauty says what are you lot on about Ranveer came here to marry Saahiba with the baraat. Beauty says to bebe you make them understand and bebe says what shall I say to them I told you guys before but no one listens to me, he dissapeared from his baraat and now he's left us here to listen to everyone's tortures. She also says he might have ran away from the wedding. I didn't want this rishta to happen in the first place. Saahibas mum says what are you saying bebe, where could Ranveer gone to if he ran away. bebe replies with you ask him where he's gone to your daughters in laws are here you ask them where he's gone to. beauty aplogises to Ranveers mum saying that bebe is very angry right now. Ranveers mum says her anger is totally justified cos Ranveer has done Such a thing. Someone says to Ranveers mum why are you listening to there tortures and she says well Ranveer has done wrong. I'm going to have to listen to all this. She says to Saahibas mum I'm only worried about Saahiba, where is she? Someone says Saahiba has gone to her room and they all get worried thinking what if she did Something. Daljeets family are in the car and his dads condition gets worser they give him water, some rings Daljeets mum and she says yes he's not well you didn't need to call right now. everyone is knocking on Saahibas door she doesnt open it. Bebe comes and she calls Saahibas name, everyone is worried. They push the door open they go in and see she's not there, her mother then spots her and they go towards her they see she is lying on the chair. It seems she is unconscious or sleeping.

Precap: Saahibas mum reads a letter and is shocked Ranveers mum then reads it and even she looks worried. some women in the back say that Saahibas life is ruined, the dulha ran away from the wedding. Bebe says she'll see Ranveers dad.


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