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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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Eppy takes from where it ended yesterday. Gunjan manages to bag the coveted task of dressing up Rachna for the event while Pihu makes a face. The rest are busy with the other preparations ranging from sweets to the outlook of the hall. Dead

A pumped up Gunjan is determined to break this alliance at any cost so she decides to apply a LOT of makeup on Rachna's face which might lead to her getting rejected. Meanwhile the entire chidiya ghar welcomes the guy's family and we only get to see the MIL AND FIL. Confused

The noise of the chattering starts to increase and thats when the focus is shifted to Rachna. Gunjan and Chhaya bring her down and to everyone's astonishment, Rachna appears to look way too overdressed. LOL Gunjan's confident of her being rejected and thats when the MIL who has this weird way of repeating a particular word everytime, more like a signature style brushes it away and compliments Rachna. Dayal asks them about their family background to which we get to know that the prospective groom is the younger bo while the older bro is still unmarried. Everyone is puzzled upon hearing this and Seema tries to enquire, but the MIL brushes it again. Confused

She then goes on to say that her family has a lot of ruthba in Benaras. She starts touching Rachna's jewellery and goes on the say that the DIL's of their family are clad with gold and expensive sarees. She goes on and on and Gunjan interrupts in between asking for the boy's picture. A moment of grim silence takes over the room and the MIL-FIL exchange strange glances at each other but manage to pass on the picture to everyone. The picture of the groom is not shown to us. Sleepy Ouch

The prospective MIL asks for her hobbies to which Shail tries to reply that she's very interested in her studies and Gunjan asks her to stress on that point. But to their dismay, she states that there's no use of all this after entering into the sacrament of marriage and she doesnt show any interest in Rachna's education. The annoying bua shows her the pillow covers which were made my Rachna's embroidery. Mayank's dad adds that she has great culinary skills too.

The in-laws are impressed and seem to be in a hurry for finalising the alliance. But they tell that Rachna is skinny and she needs to put on weight in the next two years. Sleepy Rachna seeks her in laws blessings and later on Dayal's. She looks at Dayal and thinks to herself sadly that her father must have forgiven her now. Angry May-Gunj are upset with the proceedings and walk off in opposite directions without anybody noticing. Confused

The guests leave and scene shifts to Rachna's bedroom where Pihu reprimands Gunj for dressing up Rachna that way. They have a small heated argument where Pihu brings up Sneha and her dad's topic which angers Gunj. Shail calms Pihu down but partially agrees with her and tells Gunj that she shouldnt have dressed up Rachna , that way. Shail tries to come in between their argument but fails to do so. Gunjan's walks out of the room. Sleepy

Gunj goes to the terrace, Rachna joins her and tries to calm her down. But gunjan is still annoyed with Pihu for raking up those old issues again. Mayank-our hero comes with the junior hero- Dholu LOL and assess the situation. Mayank signals Dholu to do his job. Dholu tries talking to Gunj but she doesnt seem to be in any mood to listen. Mayank decides to take the plunge by pulling their legs and saying that their noses look different now. Both red and furious with anger. Tongue Gunj understands it later and gets slightly irritated. May signals Dholu to start tickling her. She initially resists but gives in and starts laughing along with Rachna. The BG music begins to play while the trip seem to be having a gala time running and tickling each other. Our hero Mayank stands there and watches Gunjan admiringly and the eppy ends on his face. Embarrassed

PRECAP: Shail (Mayank's there too) asks the MIL about Rachna's interest in pursuing her education after marriage. MIL replies with an uninterested expression stating that whats the use of all that when she doesnt have to work.
Shail's disappointed and worried.

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