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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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Episode starts with meethi searching for aman and someone saying he is in terrace,,there the mukam break up happens where mukta looks into aman’s eyes and tells him that she doesnt like her as he hardly gives her any importance.. aman is shocked and says that i knew our relation wouldnt last long coz it had misunderstandings from begining and that she loves someone else coz he has something which aman doesnt..mukta says him to think whatever he wants and goes away angrily… meethi then comes in and tells him its ok..everything will be fine..aman smiles sadly
Then it is seen that veer is buying damini pathsaala… scene shifts to jogi thakur’s haveli where damini,kanha and ichha are discussing on how to again start their business sucessfully and about pathsaala.. ichha says to damini that she is of no use and wants to help..damini refuses by saying that you by standing infront of me is giving me hope and need not do anymore..
again it is shown jogi thakur praising damini and telling kash all women were like you…divya stares at them without any expression(or if it was it wasnt noticable)..scene shifts to nani-surbhi fights where surbhi again says nani that thanks to my husband you have your house and dont keep on saying ‘mera ghar’..everything is ours and goes..nani is left shocked(lol!! for the 1st time in history).. Rohini tells nani that what a girl!!!! she could tell you these things and go..nani then tells her that they have to bring surbhi to their side for their advantage..
episode shifts to ichha encouraging jogi to start everything again and not lose hope.. divya happy..she then takes jogi and gives him the holi tika and wishes him luck.. muta enters and wishes him luck too ..they remember tapasya when sudenly police enters and calls jogi..and tells asks him about tapasya..everyone happy thinking that he has found


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