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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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the epi starts with naksh and duggu and chikki leaving.. chikki is scared to go.. they reach the venue.. Shankari is arranging the stuff.. everyone is busy in preparing stuff. G3 again starts complaining about akshi always behind chikki.. Bm and ST try and make her understand.. but she changes the topic. Theres some work for which akshi is needed.. Just then she comes. Akshi finds something fishy.

Akshi is busy in some work.. when she wonders where chikki is.. she says she will go find out.. but g3 stops her..

Maheshwari house.
Anshu says when will such a wedding happen again? Shaurya says.. dont worry.. theres g3-rb, and rj-vish.. lol.. Rj is worried about chikki.. she says now or then.. akshi will get trouble because of chikki. She says akshi shud understand.

Chikki is hiding from someone! But sshe soon realises that the person is not here! She comes from her hiding place, and hugs akshi.. Akshi is happy to see her..
Here, Naitik and ST discuss that one faily has not come! The family soon comes. He seems to have some connection with chikki.. That man says he will go talk to the Singhania family. He gets the bride and bridegroom! Someone calls that man.. and chikki realises he is "the man". She gets scared and hides again! She takes duggu and goes somewhere! Akshi catches chikki.. she asks a scared chikki that what is the matter! She is about to tell akshi.. when Bm calls akshi. Chikki takes duggu and hides somewhere else! Akshi comes back spots chikki, when Naitik calls her!

Naitik talks of re-marrying in some mandap, but akshi is still searching for chikki.. He gets upset and says whatever u wanna do do..
The man and wife who have come talk about Dj and his wealth!

Naitik is managing arrangements, when akshi pulls him down! Akshi says sorry! Naitik says its ok!! Akshi says not like this! She knows he is angry! Naitik says no no.. u have time for everyone.. I dont have a chance only! Akshi says no no.. its not like that.. she says sorry again.. Naitik says.. no.. he is sorry..LOL Akshi says no.. u say "ILY akshara, i have forgiven you".. Naitik says no.. he wont! rb calls naitik.. he is about to get up.. when akshi hides him saying he has to say ILY first!LOL soon g3 calls akshi... Akshi tries to get up.. but this time naitik stops her! LOL Akshi makes bahanas, but naitik catches her! Akshi says something.. and leaves from thereTongue Showing him her tongueROFL

Naitik sees chikki scared.. he realises akshi was right! he is about to go towards chikki, when girija tells him that dj was calling him. Naitik goes there. The pandit calls everyone to strt the ceremonies. Dj expresses his extreme happiness to give this happiness to everyone! ST also says that yes.. it is right.. thats the reason she selected such a profession! Everyone praises ST..

Naitik hols akshi.. but akshi shoffs him off.. G3 calls akshi..they both stand in attention.. g3 tells naitik to get duggu near them!

Naitik goes and tells chikki to come.. chikki protests a lot.. gives diff diff bahanas! but naitik holds her hand, and takes her and duggu near the rest of the family.

Naitik tells akshi that she was right. But he adds that she shudnt ask chikki anything at the moment. Talk about it later..

The pheres start, when the man spots chikki. Chikki hides behind akshi.. but it proves futile. Dj comes forward and asks chikki whether she will call him in his marriage. Chikki is too scared knowing that the guy saw her. The guy sits down.
The panditji announces that the marriage is over. Chikki is scared. Akshi is worried about chikki.

Everyone comes in a line to greet dj and family. Naitik goes to see the food preparations.

G3 is happy that everything happened without any prob! She tells akshi to give duggu food. Akshi says that she will feed duggu and chikki both. G3 scolds akshi that not to have so much attachment towards the girl about whom she doesnt know anything. She says that tomorrow she will go away.. then what? It is not good.. the man overhears this.

Chikki is hiding behind a curtain. she is very scared.

PRECAP:: The man comes to SS house and says that they have done a crime. Naitik asks but what crime? The man says they have kidnapped his daughter and kept at their home.

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