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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Click Here : Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain : Watch Online Episode

he gets the medicines with some she calls him why he does so much dramebaaz.. he says to since he is with such a nautanki girl…

next they show SK scene…where Jeevika gets coffee for SK and tries to defend Virenji and apologozies to her

Maanvi is talking to god .. in a funny way.. it’s cute scene- typical Maanvi style…

J calls Mannu and reminds of medicines.. M tells even if she forgets Virat will not…

she asks about Viren.. J tells viren is fine .. M tells beoz of her love Jiju is fine…

J asks M if she told Virat about her love… very nice behana scene and conversation.. even M tells whether she should consider herself lucky or unlucky with regards to Virat’s love…as no one can love anyone as much as Virat loves..

J tells not to think herself unlucky and to accept Virat;’s love story .. and tells that her love story will be super hit.. Mannu tells all superhit stories have death of hero or heroine.. J shuts her off..and asks her to sleep…

Vanshika comes to talk to Jeevika.. and asks about Maanvi..

J tells about virat also being happy in Hrishikesh on a mission..

Vanshika asks about what Maanvi thinks about Virat .. J tells both are equally stubborn and both are not ready to accept defeat .,..

Vanshika shares her apprehensions with J about thinking the future and has tears ..

Mannu tries to get off the bed..she has a nice bunny slippers…and thinks they are very comfortable..and relates this to be Virat’s gift

the kids are making fun of Virat .. M comes to the hall with the bunny slippers in her hands.. M tells off Virat for gifting the slippers and tells she does not want anything from him..

Virat tells why would he give her slippers as gift .. he would give her.. flowers or chocolates or diamonds.. Maanvi is irritated,.. and the kids and others have fun..Maanvi asks why he got them..

BB comes and tells, she got the slippers…Mannu asks from where.. Dabboo tells internet .. BB asks internet

the kids say BB got from the near by shop… M wears them and goes off

Virat asks BB how did she knew about the slippers..BB tells she was spying on him when he was ordering those on the telephone… the kids applaud JJ- jiju junior.. so BB gets to know about BB and JJ

BB later thinks that M will never get a boy like Virat

Maanvi looks at the slip which virat left with the chappal… she goes to confront Dabboo.,.. and says you all support him …i am not going to give in to his demands..

M tells this pyar is impossible… Dabboo tries to knock some sense into him and tells her not to be foolish by rejecting his love… and leaves from there…

SK tells J to prepare for Kitty party… M calls.. SK is right there.. J is not able to answer anything for M becoz of SK… J tells to follow her heart..

just as she was about to hang up.. SK tells that does M know that sending Virat back is the best option for her.. M hears it.. J is sad.. M thinks that she cannot always think about herself.. SK will never accept her and thinks to refuse his love


J thinks that becoz of SK she did not tell M about her advice to M and about to call M to accept Virat’s love .. but is distracted,..

BB comes to M and challenges M with a ludo game,.,
Virat supports BB.. BB calls M as cheater

M is having side effects of chemo.. she is dizzy …Virat holds her face and makes her drink water.. M removes Virat’;s hand from face and walks away..

she is thinking about Virat;s words about how he is mara hua.. then J’s then SK’s words keeping ringing

M is in the lawn.. V tells her to go inside as it is cold…M tells of V and not to care for her and asks him to leave and hold a girl’s hand who will be with him for the rest of his life.. V goes and holds her hand and tells that he is holding the girl with whom he wants to spend the rest of the life…

Very very emotional scene.. and Virat’s dialogues were awesome…
V tells y can’t they be life partners.. and he will love her unconditionally all his life and he cannot think about anyone except M. M tells she cannot see his future in a devastated state.. and she can never accept his love.. and tells him to go

they play the sad male version of hua kya hua.. very sad scene in deed and episode ends. 

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