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Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Part 1

The journo calls her assistant and tells to publish RK-Madhu thingy as headline for the afternun edition!

Madhu is admiring her ring n smiling! Trish comes and teases her for glowing n asks what cream she is using! Madhu is confused n Trish teases her for using Mukku beauty cream which is applied on heart n glow is on face!

Madhu splashes her towel and drops fall on Mukku..! Madhu asks what he is doing n he says.. passing by! Trish teases Madhu! Right then Shammo comes and Madhu-Trish run inside! Shammo invites him to come in!

Trish brings milk n fruits etc .. n Mukku wonders if its for him? Trish says no for Shammo n Roma gives Paratha to Mukku! Paddo teases saying that next time she will make Sabu dana vada.. as Madhu said is Mukkus fave! Madhu is embarassed! Mukku touches Madhu with his leg and Trish sees.. Madhu kicks Mukku and he screams.. n says.. its spicy!

Madhu runs away and Mukku follows but all stop him and make him sit! Trish prompts him to say OFFICE and he says and runs off thanking Trish! Mukku follows Madhu! Madhu chides him saying she is SAGAI-Shuda Mukku praises Madhu for her beauty n says.. she is so magnetic that he follows her on his own!

Paddo sees Madhu-Mukku cutely yapping n prays that may they be happy always!

The Edition is ready with the headlines .. Journo says.. the girl is finished!

Madhu-Mukku are strolling and Madhu asks if he has no work n he says.. half day.. coz of FEVER of LOVE! He says the ring he is wearing is his destiny .. that lot of happiness r gonna come and the ring he has given her is a promise of happiness!

Madhu suggests for TEA and both go! Mukku shows brochures to Madhu for one BHK flat n shares he wants to take advance! Madhu says. .she wants a house which is Mukku facing! Right then the newspaper bundles are delivered at the tea stall! Mukku-Madhu lost in each other.. n Mukku sets Madhus hair! (BG – Bahara)

A guy reads paper n stares at Madhu..! Mukku-Madhu feel odd n leave! As they walk.. all stare at them!

Part 2

Shubhangi complaints about Mukku becoming useless ever since he got engaged! She n her hubby argue..!

He praises Madhu n says.. she is a decent and well behaved girl n will b good wife and daughter in law! Shubhangi hears door bell n gets paper and sees first page which is of RK-Madhu!

She curses on Madhus name and asks her hubby to inquire on this!

Part 3

Trish is waiting for the engagement pics and Shammo says he will get while returning! Right then a chawl guy calls Shammo out n shows the paper! Shammo fumes! Paddo asks the matter!

She takes the paper n is shocked seeing RK-Madhu on front page! Paddo is panicked!

Phone rings and Mukkus sis picks up and is annoyed when the caller abuses Madhu!

Precap — Mukkus mom screams on Paddo about the kind of girl Madhu is.. n that all are asking her if she is gonna make RKs ITEM her …daughter in law? Madhu overhears n is crying!

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Kamini dances on the song"Mera babu chail chabila main to nachungi"ROFL

Then comes turn of Pankhuri's performance. The band master tells the drum is damaged so cant be played anymore! Nanu tells adi to check the drumsShocked...

Adi plays the drums and Pankhuri sings the song (Raabta)

"Kehte hain khuda ne iss jahan mein sabhi ke liye
Kisi na kisi ko hai banaya har kisi ke liye"

Pankhuri dances as well! Her chunari strucks to the drums! *Silence*

Pankhuri continues singing bt glares Adi at timesDay Dreaming

Adi stops Pankhuri and returns her anklet which fell down while dancing!

GD sees both of them together and thinks Adi should not reach Neha's marraige! Angry

GD comes and asks Adi when is he goin backAngry GD asks when is he going back! Adi tells him they are returning day after tommorrow! Adi asks why is he asing so?? GD tells this time also they wont be able to clear there misuderstandings!

Pankhuri tells GD that he can do that now as well!

GD tells to Adi on the day of Tilak Ceremony they didnt did anything intentionally!

GD tells him he dont have any childDisapprove! He has always treated Pankhuri as his daughterBig smile! He can tolerate anything bt cant see tears in her eyesOuch!

Adi tells him not to say such things and tells him its okBig smile!

Adi sees dadu talking to his wife's picSmile!

Adi thinks abt Pankhuri's family dance sequence !

Pankhuri calls Adi for dinner! But he denies! Pankhuri asks him what has happened to him ?? Adi denies that there is no such thing!

Pankhuri sits beside himTongue

Adi tells her for the first time he has seen so many colors of husband and wife relationshipOuch! He says he is suprised ...Such relationship existsShocked!

Pankhuri asks Adi whats his parents special way to talk to each otherOuch!

Adi tells her he have a;lways seen that there parents are not talking to each other and doesnt want to see each others faceOuch! And are living separately!

He says everyone doesnt gets this happinessOuch!

Pankhuri stares at himStern Smile!

Pankhuri gives water to Adi and tells him to take tension! Pankhuri tells him after seeing his mom dad any one can say they love each other alotBig smile!

Adi asks her is she joking Ouch??

Pankhuri tells he can unite his mom-dadShocked!


Mami says loudly that Avantika is goin to get Adi married to LatikaAngry Preeti hears her wordsShocked!

Preeti asks her is saying the truth!

Preeti calls harish and tells him she will come to meet him on the setsLOL!


Pankhuri tells Adi to come in Neha's marraige! Neha will be happySmile! And everyone will also like itSmile!

Dadu comments they look nice as a coupleTongue!

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Episode starts with Yash telling Rajni that he wants to meet her right now and Rajni sneaks out before Krish can see her leave. Rajni reaches some place in an auto and its raining heavily. Rajni meets Yash and he asks how she is and tells her to not interfere in his life & leave him alone. Rajni says she is helpless and didn't wanted to do all this. Yash tells her that she has nothing to do with Aryan and that she should concentrate on her present and future and forget the past. She is someones wife & daughter in law. Rajni says she is concerned for Aryan and cant stop worrying about him. Just then Yash gets a call that Aryan hasn't come back from school. Yash is about to leave when Rajni says she will also come… yash says no but Rajni is adamant and yash is forced to take her with him.

Krish asks everyone to have food but they ask for Rajni who is nowhere. Krish looks out for her.

Yash & Rajni arrive at Aryan's school and are searching for him everywhere when rajni gets call from krish but she disconnects it as she sees Aryan and runs to him & hugs him. She then realizes its not Aryan but some other kid. Yash comes and tells Aryan is nowhere and they decide to search elsewhwere.

Yashoda doing house work when Veena says Rajni is happily sitting in office whereas Yashoda bhabi is doing all the work and they should not have sent her to office. Baa asks them to call Rajni and find out where she is. Papa calls when Rajni gets worried as she is travelling with Yash.. papa asks how things are in office while Rajni makes an excuse that she is going to Manorat Haveli to pray and will come back soon.

Yash says now Rajni is forced to say lie to everyone at home and that's why he wanted her to forget the past as she had promised Archana but Rajni says she wants to find Aryan first.

Surbi and krish in office where surbi asks if everything is fine with krish & rajni becoz they returned from resort also with in one day. Krish says she was upset as her friend passed away and that he has complete faith on her. Surbi says Rajni is all the time away and raising questions in everyone's mind and Krish should not blindly believe & support her. Krish left thinking.

Yash & Rajni reach Aryan's room and Rrajni starts searching the room for any clue when she sees a book where Aryan has written that he misses his Mom a lot.Rajni starts reading the book and gets very emotional. The book is full of Aryan pleading his mom to come home soon. Rajni starts to cry when she gets a call from Krish. She finally answers it and Krish asks how she is and why she didn't answer his phone calls, Rajni stammers to reply and says she will tell later and right now she is helping her friend. Krish offers to help her but Rajni refuses. Rajni thinks of telling everything soon to krish.

Rajni sees empty ice cream cans and yash too comes and says krish had this hobby of collecting these cans and thinks he knows where krish is.

On news they show some lathi charge happening near Manorat Haveli where Rajni told she will be going. Yahsoda gets worried and asks Namita to call Rajni when Krish's dad says Rajni might be coming back home now and no need to worry for her asd she would have left the temple long back.

Rajni & Krish comes to the ice cream parlor and Rajni hugs Aryan and cries badly. Aryan says he was waiting for his mom who comes daily to pick him. Yash says today she cant come and asks him to sit in the car. Aryan refuses to come and Yash scolds him. Rajni scolds Yash for shouting at Aryan and promises Aryan that she will bring his mom. Yash asks her not to make false promises and not to get involved in this and raise Aryan's hopes.

Yash then picks up Aryan and asks him to say bye to Rajni aunty. Aryan asks her to come with them to his house but Yash says she has to go to her home and takes Aryan with him while Rajni looks sadly.

At Krish's home all are worried for Rajni as she has not come when Namita announces that Rajni came. All look at her and ask how she is and that they were worried for her. Rajni says there was Bhajan in Manorat Haveli and she was there only. All get suspicion now as they had recently seen on news about lathi charge and realise that Rajni is lying them. Veena asks Rajni if she went to Manorat Haveli only and Rajni says yes when veena laughs and says Rajni is such a big liar and all look her with questions in their mind while Rajni looks at them sadly.

Precap : Rajni on phone with Aryan asking him never to call her and what ever she told till now was a lie & starts crying. Yashoda sees this and wonders whats happening with Rajni.

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ladies banging door and they are finding her they see gallery door open and saheba sitting in gallery granny says your here and saheba says buji my juda is troubling me pls take this out and her MIL says your here sahiba says yup then what downstairs I was not feeling well and if I cried my make up would get spoilt na and she says I want to eat something I didn't eat from 6 hrs I wanted to look slim na her small sis is standing outside she says god do something


do says we will have to do some test and daljeets mom is worried and babli says aunty don't worry everthing will be fine

[saheba in gallery]

her sister comes and give her note she says a boy gave it and went saheba reads it it says my dream is fulfilled today I knew it today it will happen I am going to London reading thi saheba gets shocked and everyone else reads it and says groom ran away…the note then goes to veranda where gents also read it …sahebas dad reads it finally he says London has called me what does it mean his father says he went to London he says laughing and sahebas dad says my daughter was waiting for him and he left her in mandap and ranveers father is praising him everyone silent her dad says what r u says baarat is here we gave u respect and all and this is what we get ranveers dad says we will have food na sahebas dad gets angry he says ranveer left baarat I will not leave him what shall I tell this mans son ran away and left his marriage ranveers dad says shut up

[gallery scene]

saheba still in statue mode everyone tells her to talk but she is silent ranveers mom says I didn't even dream that my son will do like this to u I can understand your feelings forgive me and she even says sorry to others ladies she says my son is responsible saheba says he loves me she says I call him dog I knew he would leave me and go to London he is my hero she says what he did was wroing but when he comes I will slap him saheba says whatever dreams I saw he broke them she says this must be his last chance so only he went to London she says don't make this matter big issue and she says buji take out my hair pin the ladies say bride has gone mad

Part 2

Both dads fighting downstairs and he says your son took London flight and went granny also comes down and shouts she is angry ranveers dad comes and tries to calm her down he says to sahebas dad I know its tough time for u granny says u didn't know na he says yup I came to know when I came here I just got baarat ranveers dad explains himself and sahebas dad again shouts both of them fighting ranveers dad says ur daughter knew everything sahebas dad says don't say anything he says chup the whole village knows about them your daughter was behind him and she always dreams about she was mad for him sahebas dad again angry then ranveers dad tells truth that ur daughter only gave the jewellery so that my son was able to go London and ranveers dad says now say then a elder man says ranveer did mistake and even saheba gave her jewellery by her self so lets end it and marriage will take place some other day sahebas dad says no I don't want this marriage and ranveers dad says no one will marry a girl who was left in mandap

Part 3


daljeets mom gets a ph she is talking and daljeet comes she cuts it daljeet aks whose ph was it and then doc comes and says we need to do dialyses and says deposit the money daljeets mom worries daljeet assures and leaves while going he looks at his dad who is sleeping on bed with oxygen mask

[sahebas house]

ranveers dad says only my son will marry her only if he wants to and sahebas dad shouts again I will marry my daughter in two days that to not with your son till then the elder man will live with me and says I promise this in front of whole village

precap:-ranveer in sahebas bedroom he says come lets go and saheba slaps him she says u know my dad fixed my marriage also but I knew u will come and she hugs him

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Eppy begins with the discussion in the hallroom. After a debate, Shail decided to visit the MIL to discuss about Rachna's education. Mayank goes along with her and they both goto the MIL's house.

Scene shifts to sasural Rachna ka LOL where the MIL is giving instructions to a servant and preparations are going on full swing as the alliance has been fixed. Shail and May are their doorstep and Shail looks around at the palatial bungalow.

MIL welcomes them both and asks them for the reason of their coming. Shail politely replies saying that they have come to discuss an important pending issue. MIL looks surpised and encourages them to speak whatever is there. Shail tells her about her wish to see Rachna completing her graduation. MIL has a surprised look on her face and doesnt look keen on talking about it. But Shail goes on and talks about the importance of education and says that a well educated woman will always compliment the husband and guide him in every matter. She explains more about the importance of higher education and the scene gets cut abruptly. *expected* LOL

The scene shifts to Rachna's bedroom where an excited Chhaya sits next to Gunjan and they check their courses online for admission. Chhaya is amazed with Gunjan and asks her to be her friend to which inturn she'll take her on a tour of Benaras. LOL Gunjan smiles and chides her for making conditions on friendship. LOL She calls Rachna to come over and select her courses but Rachna has a sad look on her face and says that what's the use when I cant pursue my higher studies. Shail along with May enter the room and announce that her in-laws have agreed to let her study. Big smile

An elated Rachna is shocked and the atmosphere suddenly changed into a brighter one with Chhaya and Gunjan excited that Rachna can join them as well. This happy talk goes on and Shail leaves the room to prepare some food for them.

May stays there and continues to cast loving glances at Gunjan. Embarrassed Our hero is super determined to befriend her and so when Chhaya takes Rachna in a corner, he extends a hand across towards her. LOL LOL But our Gunjan looks gloomy when Chhaya talks about celebrating this news. She gets reminded of her mom, Sneha and therefore doesnt see Mayank's hand. LOL May, a tad bit disappointed takes it back and watches Gunjan while she runs to the terrace.

Gunjan's at the terrace calling out to the skies when Rachna comes in and comforts her. Meanwhile she gets a call from her dad and she rejects it. Rachna asks her the reason to which she replies telling that she doesnt really care about him because he left her abandoned at a time when he needed her the most.

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Rashi tries to open the pump but it gets opened there itself and all water flush on rashi forcily. Koki and jigna looks this. Koki scolds rashi and asks to stop the water if not all the water goes away. Koki goes downstairs. Rashi tries hard to stop the water and finally sits on it to stop leaking.

Gopi gives tea to parag and koki comes there angrily. Gopi asks what happened. Koki tells that pump got opened and all water is leaking. Gopi asks whether she can go upstairs and look but both koki and parag stop her.

Jigna gets call from sameer but she cuts the call. Rashi asks jigna who is calling and why is she nervous. Jigna says it’s a secret and she shouldn’t say anything to anyone. Jigna tells rashi that sameer is her boyfriend and he is coming to talk with the family members about their marriage. Koki and parag both call the plumber. Jigna tells rashi that koki doesn’t know about him but only parag knows about this. Rashi asks jigna to get ready well. Jigna leaves from there.

Urmi calls rashi. Rashi tells she sat on the pump. Koki comes into her room and finds water flowing in her room. koki shouts at rashi to take care of the pump properly as water is flowing in her room. rashi hangs on the call thinking koki may come upstairs.

Sameer comes to modi bhawan. But koki thinks its plumber and rushes him to upstairs and leaves. Meeti takes him to terrace. Even rashi thinks sameer as plumber and leaves the pump on him and leaves. Sameer wonders at everyone’s behavior.

Urmi once again calls rashi. Rashi tells that everyone are in hurry at home so she will talk to her later. Rashi hangs on. Urmi doubts what is happeneing in modi bhawan. Jigna calls sameer but he couldn’t take the call. Rashi comes to jigna’s room. jigna requests rashi to open the door when sameer comes. And asks to bring him to her room without making anyone know about him. Rashi agrees. Rashi asks jigna to get ready and she too would change till that time. Rashi leaves.

Koki and meeti will be searching for the pump. Rashi changes and comes downstairs. Door bell rings. Rashi thinks its sameer. Rashi opens the door. Rashi looks at the plumber and wonders that jigna’s taste is so good then how did she select this guy. Rashi asks plumber to come with her. Koki finds the pump. Gopi comes her way and asks to give the pump as she is going upstairs. Koki tells gopi to take care of herself. She finds the main door is open and goes to close it.

Rashi takes the plumber into the garden. The plumber gets the call and hearing his words rashi thinks he is so bad. Koki comes there and finds plumber talking on phone. Koki asks rashi to tell the truth if not she will send her to her mother’s place. Rashi says, he is jiggi’s boyfriend. Koki shocks. The plumber comes near to them and tells he is a plumber. Koki again shocks. Rashi tells him slowly, no need to lie I have told kaki ji everything. Koki yells, jigna wants to marry a plumber??? Plumber says no I don’t want to marry. Koki leaves angrily saying I will call jigna and ask her in front of you whats going on.

Gopi comes upstairs. She gives the pump to sameer. Sameer tells gopi, I am not plumber. I am jigna’s boyfriend and I came to talk to her sister about their marriage. One lady has told me to repair this pump. I wonder whether I look like a plumber. Gopi apologizes sameer and tells its jigna’s sister koki itself and come downstairs with her. Sameer says its okay I will repair this pump so that their misunderstanding may clear off. Gopi nods and leaves.

Koki yells at the plumber to wait in the hall itself. Koki goes to jigna’s room and takes her away forcily by grabbing her hand. Koki brings jigna to the hall. Koki shows the plumber. Jigna wonders looking at the plumber and asks koki who is this. Koki yells at jigna that whats happening here. Rashi says sorry to jigna.

Jigna introduces sameer to koki and tells she wants to marry him. Koki says, this marriage cannot take place. Jigna shocks.

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Short Update

Aniket apologizes to Tejal after learning the truth Aniket is enraged by Shashwat's revelation.Tejal tells Lalita that she cannot stay in Ahmedabad. Aniket goes to Lalita's house and apologizes to Gulabchand.Tejal forgives him after he claims that he cannot live without her. Nikhilesh and Binoy vow to convince Sanyukta to accept Tejal as her daughter-in-law.However, Sanyukta refuses to give Tejal another chance even after learning the truth. Nikhilesh rebukes her for disregarding Aniket's feelings.

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episode start with natik telling dj and everyone is happy. and the wedding went well. and tell akshi not to worry as chiki is sleeping. and then chikki is coming down and about to tell everyone about the fact and her mama came and start shuting at everyone that the kidneep there girl/ and natik said to tell how is the girl and he said chikki. and told them that they made her maid and he will not take it. she is there only nishani of there sister. and natik said they alrady told police and then natik told him to ask chikki if they did anything with her. and told him that they try to find her family and why he didint tell in the wedding? and they take him to the police and here g3 started talking to the chikki and akshi saying that this girl is lying to them and akshi is thinking why chikki didnt said any of this.
in the car the mama is thinking that he wanted the money but now he is not going to get any money and at the policestaion the police is mad at the mama and told natik lets go to your home and i will fill out all the papaer and the will take the chikki to his mamas house. mama said no need of police and he can take her.. but police is mad at him that this is the matter of court and he have to follow the rule.
at M's house vish and rj is thinking to go to akshis house and call and g3 told everything about chikki. and vish talk to dj and dj said not to worry. and then akshi go to chikkis room ask her why she dont want to go to her home and she said she is scared and akshi ask why and chikki about to say and naitik came and told aksi that police and mama came and to chikki to come with them. akshi said she want to talk to him
they came down and police ask were is chikki and akshi said she is coming and packing her stuff. and then police said he need the sighn of mama on the paper and he go with mama and akshi told dj that there is something about this mama. and she think there is why chikki is not want to go and told dj to stop chikki and let them find out what is the problem. g3 said she like this life styel and that is the resone for her not to go with mama and then they should let her go. akshi is worried. and dj said the same that she should go with mama and akshi is worried.

precape-- chikki is going with mama and looking at akshi and naitik and duggu start crying .and akshi is also sad,

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The Takurs along with the DIL are eating dinner and K brings up the subject of P becoming a lawyer much to KN and Kesar disappointment...K tells P that now that she has qualified as a lawyer she can now fight cases and go to court and wear the uniform, lawyers wear..GD wonders what kind of jacket they wear and is glad that the uniform is decent as it does not show any flesh...P corrects Dadi and tells her that the overall is called a coat..KN wonders that these coats a figure fitted and not fit for DIL to wear..K objects to KN seductive suggestions and tells KN not to think too hard as P is more than capable to look after herself..

K wonders where P will start to build her clientele and start operating from home...KN again objects that no criminals will come to TN..Kesar also voices her disapproval by telling that seeing such characters will have a negative influence over Samar..P tries to stop K from saying anything further but K is adamant to sort out where P can open her office and tells KN that SS has the final say on the matter..K asks SS, the judge on his verdict and he sides with K saying that they will allow P to practice law from one of the rooms on the first floor..K is pleased and tells P that he will get LLB nameplate with P name on her door...Both Kesar and KN are unhappy but accept SS verdict

KN n Kesar Room

Kesar is spilling her frustration out to KN about how differently both DIL are treated..She tells KN that whatever P wants she gets and P has already started to behave like a princess and in future all the house work will be left for Kesar to do..KN is listening to Kesar in amusement by reminding Kesar that when he told Kesar about P, she refused to believe him and now is finding P at fault..Kesar defends herself that before she stood by P because she felt she was right but currently she finds P behaviour and favourtism unacceptable and does not want to be treated like a servant in her own house, especially since she is the elder DIL..

KriYa Room

P is coming her hair..K notices it and starts to be a prosecuting lawyer and tells an imaginary judge that P is guilty of not showing any affection and love to her husband and that she always finds an excuse not to romance..P too plays along with K and tells the imaginary judge that she objects to K argument that K only wants the same kind of affection that he got when they were married and that her love for him has not diminished and says I love u to K three times..She further says that K should understand that as a wife she has other responsibilities apart from K..

K refuses to get defeated and tells P that she should be glad that her husband loves her the same way he did like he first laid eyes on her and only a few wives are that lucky to have a loving husband...P objects to K argument by saying that K only knows how to embarrass on occasions and does not realise how it affects others when he shows open love..K objects to P assertion and tells that P should be glad that K gives her open affection and that if others become jealous its their problem...P says that K should know how to love maturely but K tells that his love story will be remembered and followed..K gives the verdict on the Judges behalf and declares himself the winner..P tries to object but K refuses to let her speak by saying that the judge has passed judgement and that P should stop her talks and concentrate on some romance..KP romance commences...

Sajjan Niwas

The following morning, GD is screeching as usual as no one has brought her morning tea..Kesar brings it to her and tells GD that Pisiya has not turned up for work...KP come to the courtyard..K tells P that he is going to get the bike out and will drop P to the courts...K leaves...P wonders if Kesar needs any help but Kesar sarcastically tells P to concentrate on her new earned degree and she herself will look after the house..P tells Kesar that she will go to the court later and help Kesar out but Kesar refuses to take P help...

Pisiya comes to TN and P notices that Pisaya has been beaten by her husband..She blames everyone for allowing Pisaya to go with her husband the day before and berates them for not supporting her..She tells that she knew something like this would happen...She tells Pisaya to report her husband to the police but Pisaya is hesitant...Kesar and GD object for police to be involved by saying that its just a small fight and can be solved within the house...KN refuses to allow police to come to house...P says that she will go with Pisaya to the police station and file a complaint...Pisaya refuses to go and P tries to encourage her to report it...Kesar berates P for forcing Pisaya against her wishes...K tells P that as Pisaya herself is refusing to report the case, there is nothing much one can do..P is resigned to her fate..K tells P to help Pisaya with ointment..P and Pisaya both leave..

Later Pisaya explains to P what happened and what led her husband to hit her..She tells P that her husband was demanding money and when Pisaya refused to give he started to hit her..She further tells P that her husband still in a relationship with the other woman and tells P that she made a mistake by going back to him..She tells P as everyone was telling to give her husband another chance, she did but now she does not want to return to him...P tells Pisyaya to defend herself..Pisiaya seeks P help...


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Sooraj is worried for his dish.Confused Customer taunts Sooraj for presenting bad dish and makes him taste forcefully. Sooraj is heartbroken. Bhabo fuming. Meena uses happy time to get forgiveness from Vikram. Thanks Raj Kumar for the contract and plans to get more good things from him.Dead Sooraj is out from the selected people.Shocked Selected people are told to vote for the remaining 3 to finalize 1 competitor.Confused

Written Update

Sooraj is looking at the other competitor getting blasted and failed to impress the customer.D'oh (he has stopped working towards his food ShockedErmm) He is given chance to serve his dish to customer.Embarrassed Customer tastes and blasts Sooraj for providing bad food. He forcefully feeds Sooraj the dish to taste himself.Shocked All are shocked.Shocked Bhabo is fuming to scold the customer. Scolds Sandy in frustration why she brought him here to participate in this competition. ConfusedCustomer goes out of the hotel.Dead

Sooraj is heartbroken. Broken Heart Vikram at home happy that people are calling him to congratulate for he new agent he got. Meena takes this change to ask for forgiveness.Dead (iski nautanki kab bandh hogaDead) She says she was behind this contract and asks to forgive for her mistake. Though Vikram knows she is asking for forgiveness as she got chance he forgives her. Shocked

Judge announcing other 2 names among the 5 who are selected for next round. Sooraj name was left out.Confused He says there is a twist and announces that the earlier winners will vote for the remaining 3 people and who ever gets the majority vote is out of danger zone. Bhabo-Bhabasa, SurYa are completely tensed. Sooraj in tears for his failure. (he looked totally smashed)

ViNa come to Raj Kumar to thank for the agent contract he got from them.Ermm Invites for lunch daily at Rathi home.Sleepy Raj Kumar agrees. Meena thinks they have got chance to utilize him and will get many things worked from him Shocked (some one stamp herAngry)ROFL

Sooraj gets two votes from the winners and so the other contestants. Judge announces all have received equal votes.Shocked Only one last winner is left to vote for any one among 3.Ouch That person was none other than the English lady who fought with Bhabo earlier (I don't remember her nameConfused) Bhabo says to Bhabasa that she doesn't vote for Sooraj as she is against him and never wants him to win this competition.SleepySleepy

SurYa boating. Sandy asks Sooraj to touch any one finger among the two and she will ask something.Sleepy Sooraj in heartbroken condition thinks to do that.

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Dadaji talking to Viren about some case. Jeevika is thinking about how to tell him about Maanvi's love. Virat arrives and Chachi tells that he gave a filmy entry. Vanshika asks he didnt even call before coming.

Chachi asking Virat that he told he wont come without completing mission and that means he completed his mission, everyone staring. Viren tells that he called him and takes virat inside.

SB thinking that Virat might have accomplished his task.

Virat asks who is Mr.Talwar and he dont want anyone to come in between. Viren tells Vanshika is in need of a life partner. Virat asking if Viren has lost it? Viren tells that after Virat is married too, Vanshika will be alone. He tells that there is a person who loves Vanshika from 30 years and now he is here in front of him.

Virat tells that Vanshika's love is only her husband and he dont want anyone in between. Viren tells that he thought Virat might understand cuz his love is new. He tells him not to compare VirMan's love with this and he don't allow anyone in between. Viren tells that he will do it alone. No one can stop him from doing the right thing.

Jeevika interrupts telling them that they are fighting like kids and no one asked Vanshika what she wants.

SB tells Bauji that Virat didnt even talk a bit when he is back from Rishikesh and Viren is also looking lost. Chachi tells that Jeevika might know what the matter is. Bauji asks Chachu if he knows the reason why Viren called virat. SB tells that only Virat or Viren can tell whats going on.

Maanvi calls Virat but he doesnt answer. She texts him asking why he isn't returning the call.

After Break -

Jeevika telling Viren that Vanshika is not only his mom, but also Virat's. She tells him that he obeyed Viren's words and came from Rishikesh. Maanvi calls Jeevika and asks her why Virat isnt answering the call. She asks if there is any problem. Jeevika tells that she will give the phone to Virat and he will tell. Virat tells the whole thing to Maanvi and asks her how he can support Viren. Maanvi tells that she didnt find anything wrong in Viren's decision. Maanvi tells him that he told Mannu that he would wait for Maanvi and never ever love every one and same is the case is Mr.Talwar. She tells him to change his mindset and think about Vanshika's happiness. He tells that their case is different. He wanted to get her, and Mr.talwar, if he really loved Vanshika, then why he didnt fight for her? Virat tells that he had learnd one thing from loving Maanvi, life happens once, death happens once, and in the same way, love too happens once. And Vanshika's love is only for her hubby. He also tells that Viren is elder to him and he also has a bigger heart. But he cant support him this time. Maanvi tells that she cant say Virat is wrong but she tells him not to argue with Viren. Virat tells Viren is going in the wrong way and he have to show him the right way.

After Break - 2

Maanvi thinks to herself that Virat has become so understanding and matured. She tells that its much more hard for her to stay away from him. She hugs the teddy and says that she misses and loves him. BB comes there and Mannu tells that she misses him alot and what she must do and she asks BB what she does when she misses her husband. BB tells that Virat never leaves her. Maanvi asks if she leaves him. BB tells that its not in her hands, so seize the day. They again talk about the kangan... BB tells that she will give those kangan to the person who does anything for love. she tells that she gives them to Virat and tells maanvi to fight with Virat for them.

Virat goes to Viren and apologises. He tells its okay. Virat asks him to give a hug. They hug. Viren tells that the mistake is his. He tells that they have to talk to the family members first. Virat tells that they need to talk to mom too. Viren tells that she went out with Jeevika and in the mean time, they can talk to family members. Virat asks how he can put the matter infront of them.


Viren asks Bauji why every one are there down. Bauji asks what Viren and Virat are trying to do. Viren tells that its about Vanshika. Virat tells that Viren thinks he can bring his mom's happiness back. Viren tells its Mr.Talwar. Vanshika at the back, overhears this.

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shobha wonders where tiwari family went without paying rent and decides that she will find out them and take her money...sadha brings chicken and sanchi takes out the regulator of the cylinder. Radha calls indu and he says i m your husband so u have to take care of my family and asks guddu to bring another regulator...tarachand informs his family that they cannot get any help from the court and they have to bear tiwaris for 6 months..however sanchi cannot afford it and makes up her mind to do something...
Indu on the terrace says i know my mama is cunning but i called him here just to create trouble in sanchi's life as they r her biggest enemies. Indu says to them ..just take hold of your post and dont let sanchi do any work of university...u all take care of her there and i will harass her in the home..and makes fun of sanchi...anita cleans up the dishes at 4:30 in the mrng to help veena and sanchi praises her
Hot indu shirtless plays music in full volume and the family gets irritated.(indu english music...wow)...sanchi objects and wasnt able to see the shirtless man. She moves her head towards the door and switches off the player. Indu wears the jockey and plays it again. Sanchi again switches it off saying dont waste the light of my house. Indu says i m your husband so u have to pay it. Sanchi takes out the wire and sockets and pulls the player on the floor and says i m sanchi mathur. Beware of me...and leaves
Indu says to himself i will make u pay for your deeds

PRECAP::indu doing naasta. Sanchi says ma i will not eat. Let these people eat as they do not have their hands and legs(crippled people) so they can eat . I m going to cl. Veena runs behind sanchi...indu says now i will show u what i can

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Episode starts with Buaji asking Khushi what happened. Khushi sends Buaji to drink water so she doesn’t see Arnav and then she calls Arnav. She asks him where he is. Arnav says outside your home. Khushi says him to come to hospital and pick her up. Arnav says ok and he leaves. Khushi takes glass of water from Buaji and again keeps her busy so she doesn’t see Arnav. Buaji asks her, what is she doing. Khushi says she wants to buy ‘baniyan’ and asks her to go with her. Buaji asks for Arnav? As soon as Arnav leaves from there, Khushi says she wanted to buy but anymore and they go back to home.

Khushi again calls Arnav and tells him she has reached home so he doesn’t have to come now. Arnav says what? Buaji asks Khushi who is it. Arnav tells Khushi that’s Buaji’s voice right? Khushi says Arnav, Buaji needs rest. Arnav asks what did doctor say? Khushi says they couldn’t find doctor. She says doctor was sick as well and she tells him to go home and hangs up.

Someone calls Raizada house. Manorama picks up but no one says anything. Someone calls again and this time Nani picks up and again no one says anything. Manorama says who can do ‘repeat telecast’ and she asks Nani it’s not your boyfriend right? Nani says what are you saying. Anjali comes there and tells her she is going outside. Nani says she will also go with her but Anjali says she wants to go alone and she leaves.

Break 1..

Buaji is sleeping and someone knocks the door. Khushi opens the door and Arnav has brought doctor with him. He asks Khushi to move so doctor can go inside. Khushi asks why you brought him here? Arnav says, ‘To play hide-n-seek with you’ and then says so he can check Buaji and asks her to move. Khushi says Buaji is sleeping and asks doctor to come later. Arnav asks do patients need to be awake to check blood pressure? Doctor says no it’s fine. Khushi says Buaji is sleeping and he can’t wake up her. Doctor says not to worry. Arnav asks her what drama you doing? and he just takes doctor inside now.

They go to Buaji’s room and she is sleeping. Arnav says doctor don’t know what happened. Doctor says sometimes patients can look fine from outside but there can be problems inside. Khushi says correct. Doctor checks her and says she is.. Khushi interrupts and says she has pain in stomach. Khushi sends Arnav outside. While going Arnav asks what about blood pressure. Khushi again stops him and then Arnav says he is waiting outside.

Doctor says he will check Buaji’s blood pressure. Khushi asks rather he should check her blood pressure. She says to doctor that she will tell him truth. She tells him a story that her bahu made her suffer so much and then took her son away. Her daughter is unmarried and lives in Mumbai. Khushi says this ‘nanni si jaan’ (Buaji) lives alone. Khushi then tells about her and Doctor then asks you’re not married either? read full updates with pictures only at desitvbox.com . Khushi says didn’t you see that big guy? Khushi then says she likes to come here for Buaji but Arnav doesn’t let her so she had to make up a story. Doctor says he understands and he says he will talk with Arnav. Doctor says he will write a prescription but make sure Arnav doesn’t get that. Khushi thanks him and he leaves. Doctor goes to Arnav and says Khushi will have to stay here for few days. Arnav asks what happened to Buaji. Doctor says nothing much just minor illness and he leaves.

Khushi comes and tells him that she is going to get medicine. Arnav takes prescription from her hand and says he will go. Khushi tries to get it back from his hand but Arnav doesn’t let her take. Arnav says if you want this then I have a condition. Khushi asks what. Arnav says you know it. He goes to kiss her but Khushi takes prescription from his hand and says you lost this challenge. Arnav says may be and then he kisses her on cheek. Khushi is shocked. Arnav says he never loses his challenges. He says if you want anything then call and leaves. Khushi says I won’t. She touches her cheek then and smiles but then says stop it Khushi.

At Raizada home, Manorama is wondering. It’s been long time since Anjali left and then she goes outside. Anjali is talking with someone, Manorama wonders with whom she’s talking. He calls Anjali and goes to her and asks her with whom she was talking. Anjali takes out her phone and says she is talking with some aunty and right then her phone rings. Manorama looks at her. Anjali says may be call got cancelled. Manorama takes her inside.

Buaji says to Khushi that she saw a strange dream. Some wife was saying her husband asks her too many questions. Khushi starts coughing. Buaji says it was a very sad story.. he don’t let her go outside.. she wonders who was it.

Shukla ji calls again and Khushi picks it up. She hangs up in anger. Someone knocks the door and it’s Arnav again. Khushi asks him why did you do this? He asks her why did you do this? Buaji comes there and asks him to come inside.

Break 2..

Buaji asks him why you look tensed? Arnav says nothing much, and says he heard a very sad story when he was coming so he got upset. He then says the same story that Khushi had told to Doctor. Khushi is worried. Arnav is telling story and Khushi stops him and says she wants to talk with him and takes him away.

In a room, Arnav asks Khushi how dare she to lie him about Buaji. Khushi says leave that and says him how he dare to pay all the rent. She asks what do you think.. I can’t pay rent? Arnav says it doesn’t matter.. Khushi says it does.. and says she doesn’t want anything from Arnav. Arnav says I am your husband and I also have some responsibilities toward this house.

Episode ends.

Precap: Nani is telling Arnav that it’s been 6 months now after both Arnav and Aakash got married. Arnav in his room, checks calendar and says that’s why she went to Buaji’s house. .

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Priya decides to introduce peehu to ram in the party though if she needs to go to jail for that purpose. Priya again gets on the bed and sits beside peehu. Peehu will be talking in her sleep that don’t worry moma, golu uncle told he will help us. As he is so sweet. Priya feels bad and thinks, when fate decides to make peehu and ram to meet. I cant fight with it. I will introduce peehu to her father.

Neha will be following rahul and he will be going into a room secretly. He goes into a room and switches on the tv. She walks behind him and finds he is watching some porn channel. Neha yells for vikram and vikram too comes there. Vikram supports rahul saying he too used to watch cricket in the late nights. So its not a big deal. But neha gives a sign to him that he was watching porn channels.

Rajat and ram will be having breakfast, cady comes there. She apologizes with rajat and tells, truly I doesn’t know that anjaan wasn’t coming there. I believed my chat friend rahul. I was just helping pooja. That’s it. Ram confirms rahul full name. cady tells its rahul who lives in Mumbai. Ram recalls peehu also saying that her mother was also in problems. Rajat scolds cady not to chat with boys. Ram explains, you are scolding for talking to guys but you dint understand that she is trying to help a lady. And these days girls hang up with boys but she is hanging up with a lady. Rajat says cady not to go any where on that day. Ram says, yes it’s a good idea. So you want to stay her at home and chat with guys. Rajat thinks for a while and says, no you too attend the party and you can bring your friends too. Rajat gets some call so he leaves. Cady asks, how you and this kadoos are friends. You are super kool and he is a big khadoos. Ram smiles and says, thanks for the compliment. Now don’t think all these things enjoy your party. Cady says okay and leaves.

Cady comes to priya and tells to come to a party with her though she doesn’t like parties. Priya says you need not convince me as I am coming. Cady feels happy and says so this party gonna be a special one. Priya thinks yes today’s party gonna be special as peehu will meet her daddy today.

Aayesha comes to the party. When aayesha will be talking on phone media people come to aayesha and tell her that ritesh and tushaar has come to the party. Aayesha meets them and have some gossip. Aayesha congratulates them for their new film kya kool hain hum.

Cady brings her friends to priya’s home and they will be planning about the party. Priya says them to get ready soon as she needs to ready peehu and even herself. Cady says priya too get ready well as this party gonna be special for them. Peehu also says yes we will rock the party. Priya takes away peehu to get her ready. Priya takes out a white gown for peehu. Peehu asks mama I am gonna wear this dress on friend’s birthday party na, why today.

Sonia will be video chatting with ram along with Krishna. Sonia insists ram to wear the shirt which she has sent for him to wear in the party. Even Krishna supports her so finally ram agrees to wear it.

Priya gets ready peehu and says you are very pretty. Priya tells peehu, today I will introduce you to an angel through whom I got you. Priya hugs peehu.

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Uday's Room

Dr Uncle is taking care of Uday while M is stroking Uday's head and crying. Unnati says Dr Uncle, its not too serious right? Dr Uncle look right now I don't want to give false hope, if there is internal bleeding, the case...you know what I mean? Everyone is upset. M is upset/crying and stroking Udays head. Dr Saab continues to check up on Uday while M is upset. Dr Saab says it would be best if you all leave the room for now, I need to do some tests on Uday, and also he needs peace and rest. BR says okay Dr Saab. BR says Unnati lets go. Dr Saab says Manyata you too. M says no Dr Uncle I won't leave Uday's hand. Do you see what happened to him when I left his hand? I won't go anywhere leaving Uday's hand. Dr Uncle looks at BR and then says fine dear, if you wish to stay back you may. The rest of you, please... BR nods and says lets go. All slowly leave the room and Unnati says Dr Uncle I am right here outside, if you need anything, please call me, I'm right here! I know nothing will happen to Dada, you won't let anything happen to him. You won't let anything happen Uncle? Dr Saab nods. Unnati and Komal leave.

M is resolved to not leaving Uday for anything, she really has taken that wedding disaster to heart, and refuses to leave Uday for anything, poor girl. I REALLY felt for her when she said look at what happened to him when I left his hand, poor M!


BR still trying GR's phone and not getting in touch but then finally he does get through to GR and says THank GOd, GR you picked up, I have been trying your number for so long. Look get on the next flight out to here. Yes I am here, DR Saab is here taking care, yes yes don't worry GR, UV UV is our son. Yes yes I will keep on calling, you just come here ASAP. See you soon bye bye. Unnati says how long will it take for Dad to get here Uncle Brij. BR says dear he is taking the morning flight but it will still take 9 hours. BR says its not possible for him to here any sooner. Unnati cries and is upset. Unnati says Dada is just not my brother, he is more than that, he is my hero Uncle Brij, he is my everything for me, and now to see him unconscious like this, I can't bear to see him like this, I can't stand it. BR says Unnati dear, please don't cry, your dad will be here tomorrow and I am here too. Please please don't cry Unnati, everything will be fine. VB sits next to Unnati and gives Unnati support. VB says don't cry Unnati, nothing will happen to Uday.And now you just said that Uday is your hero, hero's don't get hurt by wounds, in fact they save people, right? Don't cry, we won't let anything happen to him. Unnati cries, and VB says don't cry, don't cry at all. BR and Komal look at each other and go off to the side. BR says Komal, if something happens to UV in our care, GR will never forgive us. Komal says if you leave politics out of this and just pray with a true heart to GOd for UV to get well, then I think that He will surely listen and fulfill your prayers. There is a lot of strength in prayers, but only then when they are done in full belief. Komal leaves BR. BR nods.

Well apparently GR is on his way but he will be coming after 9 hours so I guess we shall see the return of GR?? LOL. POOR UNnati!!! ANd VB is SO sweet!!! AWWW!!! Seeing those two down makes me want to go kick JN for being such an IDIOT! SMH. OH GOD of course BR stays true to his character thinking about the political aspect of things and love how Komal reprimands him for thinking of such things when their focus should be on prayers for Uday to get well.


M's eyes are closed and is praying while crying for Uday and DR Saab continues to care for Uday. Dr Saab watches M pray. M says Uday I am praying for you, I am sure God will listen to my prayers. Get well fast Uday, and M continues to pray. Dr. Saab is tired and wipes his eyes. M continues to pray while holding Uday's hand. M looks at Uday and continue with her prayers.

M continues to pray for Uday, she is determined to see Uday get better! It was really touching to see.

JN K/L-Akash

K/L tell JN about the accident. JN is in tears. JN says oh my god, this can't happen. K/L says it is like this J. Right now Uday's condition is very critical. JN says I should call Akash, J says hello Akash,A says J? At this time? Did someone die? J says Akash, please don't talk like that, Uday has had a really bad accident. A smiles. J says he still hasn't become conscious. A says what do you mean he hasn't become conscious, that means he is still alive? What did the doctors say? Is there hope or...J says I don't know Akash, I am very scared. I don't have the courage to face my family. A says relax J, your family doesn't have proof that you sent me here. And also that because of me that Uday and M had a fight. You just go home and act like you don't know anything. J shocked. A says anyways you are good at acting. J says acting? How can I act Akash? After seeing Uday like this, how can I act? Truly Akash I didn't want that Uday, that Uday be hurt in the least bit. I just wanted to hurt that Manyata, not Uday. A says arre J, you don't need to do the drama acting here, you need to do it at home. J shocked. Stop crying and go home. JN yells I AM NOT ACTING AKASH!!! If anything happens to Uday, I will never be able to forgive myself. A says oh come on J, what sort of conflict/ploy have you not done in this world, you even tried to take M's life, and now all of a sudden where did your humanity suddenly awaken?? JN says Believe me Akash, I am not affected by Manyata, but Uday, if something happens to Uday then I will not be able to bear it! A says sorry J, I feel bad for you, but when Mahabahart happens, Abhimanyu dies, and this is the biggest punishment I can give Moniya. Moniya left me for UV and now UV will leave this world. A smiles and hangs up while J is shocked. J is A---shocked and throws the phone and JN sits on the best and cries upset. K/L try to console her.

Okay...really JN??? YOUR TEARS mean nothing to me. This was your fault and now you get to pay the price and man I can't wait for Unnati to light into you! WOW, this girl and her magarmuch ki aansoo! Keep them to yourselves dear! I know CVs are beginning JN"s redemption track for a happy ending, but yea the girl has done too much for her to ever be redeemed in my eyes, it just seems too rushed for it to be true right now. And yes she might care about Uday, but her love was never really love, she only wanted to obtain Uday like a possession. SO yea JN you can keep your acting, drama, and tears of lies to yourself. AND OMG DON"T GET ME STARTED ON AKASH!!! Seriously someone just PUSH HIM off the cliff!!! WOW, he is just ridiculous! Now Uday will leave this world??? REALLY?? I mean I didn't mind him taunting JN, but seriously with his whole smile when he hears about the accident and saying you mean he isn't dead, is there still hope or..!!! Seriously LEt's have the REPEAT of the holi sequence and this time I WILL NOT be disappointed that Uday accidentally or ON PURPOSE pushes him off a cliff. I will actually applaud and if I could whistle at his heroic efforts to save us from such villainy! SMH at this crazy psycho!

Uday-M-Dr Saab

M continues to pray, and Dr Saab says M, you should go out now, Uday needs pure silence. M says okay no problem Dr Uncle, I will pray in my heart, but please I don't want to leave Uday and be with him. Dr Saab says dear but you also need to be well, you need rest too. Look M, you will have to wait so if we can find out whether the medicine is taking affect, we can't do anything except wait.M says we can do something Dr Uncle, we can be stubborn with God. Do you know Uday and I are very stubborn, and now because of my stubbornness, Uday will get well soon. I will fight, for his scratches and his wounds, we are Royals, we don't need rest, we need fights. Dr Uncle please let me remain with Uday. Dr Saab says okay M, if you have already decided that you will remain here, then that means you will remain here. But this vow that you have taken to remain here, you will not move from here till Uday gets better, well let me tell you dear, it may take quite some time for this vow to be fufilled. M says I don't care Dr Uncle, and if I do care, then only only for Uday. This time I will not leave Uday for anywhere, I will not go anywhere. M continues to stroke Uday's head. M closes her eyes and prays. Dr Saab looks at her and smiles, sighs and leaves. M continue to pray.

I love how M is determined to not leave Uday, its really so sweet and you see her remain strong by saying Uday and I are very stubborn and now because of my stubbornness Uday will get well. I think THIS VERY scene in particular is a throwback to when Uday saved M when she was poisoned by the apple jN gave her, and was stubborn about M coming back to life for him because he loved her. M is now resolved to her stubbornness/love to save Uday. And you see it emphasized when Dr Saab tells her she may have to wait a long time and this is a throwback to when M told Uday earlier this week that she will come first in every test for him because she replies she doesn't care about that, if she cares, she cares about Uday and Uday only. So sweet!


Unnati continue to cry. VB then sits next to her and pours a glass of orange juice for Unnati. VB says here drink some juice Unnati says no. BR says please do drink some juice. VB says if you leave drinking and eating, then how will you take care of Dada. Here drink a little bit, a little. Unnati slowly does take juice to drink. Unnati puts down and shakes her head and cries and VB says we promise nothing will happen to your dada, promise. Unnati looks at VB. Everyone is upset. BR looks off very worried.

Its really sweet how VB continues to be such a support to Unnati, its really adorable!!!


The song Abhi Mujhe Main Kahin plays in the BG. M fb to when Uday put the dupatta on her head, when Uday helped her in her makeover, when M hugged Uday at the competition, when Uday put on the earrings for M for her makeover, the Pyar ki ek kahani auction dance, the jungle scene where M falls on Uday and hugs him, when Uday put on the Jaigarh maharani's necklace on M, when M and Uday danced to Aadha Ishq, Uday massaging M's head with oil, Uday taking M's hand to escort her to the party when she got her makeover, their dance to Ti Amo, Uday gifting her presents in the car on the way to Devgarh coronation ceremony, when they both drank wine intertwined arms, the dream kiss sequence (??LOL), when M put a dupatta on Uday's wound at the jungle. M is upset to see Uday and cries and fb to when Uday kissed her hand after asking him to marry her again in her room, to when Uday kissed her on the cheek, Uday zipping up her suit on makeover day, Uday and her holding hands at the cliff looking out to Devgarh, when Uday was holding M in the Mahal after she sprained her ankle, the scene when Uday turns M around to look at the mirror when her makeover is complete, M then feels Uday's hand jolt. M is happy. M looks at Uday who is starting to show some sort of consciousness. M says Uday, Uday wake up, Uday. Uday says Manyata, you broke you broke my heart. broke my heart, you you broke my heart. M is upset. Uday keeps on babbling that she break her heart and Uday's hand leaves M's hand. M jolts and M is in tears. Uday continues to say if only I had never had met you M. If only I had never loved you Manyata. M continues to cry. Uday continues to say never had loved you never had. M cries a lot.

OKAY this scene was just bittersweet for me!! LIke way to go CVs way to take me back on memory lane all over again so I can remember all the good times ALL over again and miss this show even more while you air the last episodes...OK I AM DONE...No more of that! Lets FOCUS. I really think this song is overused BUT IT PERFECTLY SUITS because this is a rare song that really captures all the emotions of bittersweet, hope, happiness, pain, and love...it was really sweet to see all those additional scenes we have not seen in the fbs, and it was just so sweet that M is really going thru all their moments together all over again. And then our prince is slowly regaining some sort of consciousness but BARELY and he just babbles that Manyata you have broken my heart, I wish I had never loved you and this just about breaks M's heart and she is in such pain to hear Uday's unconscious words about saying he wished he had never met her, he would never have loved her then. Seriously FELT so terrible for these TWO!! they have GONE THROUGH SO MUCH together, there has always been happy moments but there has been pain as well, a lot of it. I am sure M will push pass it and make it up to her Prince in more ways than one! And she already has by not leaving his side...

Precap: Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi title song plays in BG. M is holding Uday's hand. M smiles at Uday and Uday smiles and leaves M's hand and is walking backwards. M is confused. JN comes from behind and has her signature smirk on. And then J stands next to Uday and then they hug each other. M is upset.

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Part 1

Anu warns Bulbul by threatening to burn Rajbeer with incandescent sticks and asks her to confess what she did with Anus makeup! Rajbeer pees in fear! Anu alleges Rajbeer did this to trouble Anu! As Anu tries to burn Rajbeer, Mona comes and tells Anu that if she dares to trouble the kids she will destroy Anu! Anu asks from where did she get this confidence? Mona says that a mom can do anything to protect her kids! Anu says that how dare Mona come in her house and threaten her? Mona says that the house is hers not Anus ! Mona says that she had no intent to ruin Anus repute tho she wanted to teach Anu a lesson but she din do anything on purpose! She says that God helped her coz her intentions were good to help the 100 workers)! Anu says that if the kids stay with her they have to follow her rule! Mona says the kids used to stay there not anymore and says that she has come to take them with her to her new Colaba flat and goes away with the kids!

There is a ring of the doorbell and Pradeeps father opens it and Pradeep comes in and asks what the matter is? Pradeep sees all are gathered there and asks what the matter is? His mom says.. Mona called them! Mona announces that she is shifting to the flat that Company has given her and taking the kids with her! Pradeep asks what trouble she has staying there? Mallika says that why will she stay..esp now that she has a posh flat in a posh locality and that its nice for the kids too as they will get a stylish locality to stay in?! Pammi says that Mona is going coz she has to cook for Pammi and asks Suri if he said anything to Mona? Suri says how can he..but Pammis reason is likely as she keeps eating all day and Mona has to cook a lot for them?? Tani rues that Mona is tired of her so leaving! Suhasi says that whatever reason it may be for which Mona is leaving, why she din think of her? Suhasi says that she cant live without her and especially now that she is taking the kids with her! Suhasi says that she will not ask Mona to come to her again n again! Suri-Pammi try to request her to stay back! Mona tells Suhasi that why she thinks that she troubles her? Rather she troubles Suhasi! Mona says that coz of her Suhasi is going away from her husband ! She says that she doesnt wanna trouble her! Mona tells Pammi that they have done so much for her but their relation is getting affected coz of her ..how long will Suri sleep in guest room! Mona says that she had promised to herself that when she gets her house, she will shift there so now she is going to Colaba.. n distance makes heart grow fonder! She tells Tani that its her duty to guide Tani as she is her baby sister! Pammi asks how she will manage alone? Pradeeps father says that he is with Mona in the decision .. as she wants to move ahead and be independent! He sides with her! Pradeeps father tells Suhasi that its been six months Mona is away from her kids but now she can live with her kids finally! He tells them that Mona is only shifting not leaving.. she is their daughter n will stay a daughter forever! He says that he has a doubt whether he has to come to Colaba to take tea or Mona will come there to make? Mona assures she will make tea at both places for him! Suhasi also approves! Pradeep stays quiet thru it all ..! Mona goes to make tea!

Pradeep comes to Mona in the kitchen, pulls her by the arm and Mona asks what the problem is? Pradeep says..its her problem.. he asks her he knows that she cant manage anything on her own .. so how will she manage by staying alone? Especially with the kids? Flashback of a scene where Mona dinno how to rewire fuse and Bulbul offered to help out! Mona smiles! Pradeep asks how will Mona manage in Colaba?? Pradeep asks if she is Jhansi ki Rani after pormotion? Mona says that she feels good that Pradeep cares for her even now! She tells Pradeep that she has an identity of her...own and is not Jhansi ki Rani..! She says that earlier she had asked Pradeep to keep kids coz she din have money.. but now she earns and is moving ahead! Pradeep says money doesnt assure capability! Pradeep says that he has stayed with her long enouf! Mona asks if she is upset about her promotion or if she can take care of kids better? Pradeep say she can do anything she wants in her life but he wont let the kids go with her.. n he will go to the court too if need be! Mona tells Pradeep that he has forgotten that she is the mother.. n ppl will lauf hearing his thots on her! Pradeep says that if anything happens to the kids.. she will regret! Pradeep goes away!

Part 2

Anu is pacing around and rues that there is no point for her to have come to the family gathering Mona called as Mona would have bragged about shifting to her flat in Colaba! Mallika says that its true!Anu says that Mona did this coz she couldn bear Anu disciplining her kids! Pradeep comes and tells Anu that boss has called them urgently and excuses himself to get fresh! Mallika tells Anu that Pradeep is in a bad mood! Anu says she is in bad mood too.. after 14 years she got that Colaba flat after sheer hardwork. but Mona din even work for 14 months and got the flat! Suhasi overhears the convo as she enters with the kids! She asks the kids to start packing! Suhasi tells Anu that if comparison is to be done.. then she should consider that Mona gave 12 years to her marriage but Anu din need 12 months to break that marriage and take over her house after all. .'Heaven and Hell is here... even if late.. people have to pay for their misdeeds'! Anu and Mallika look on glaringly! Suhasi excuses herself!

Suhasi packs the stuff of the kids and tells them that they are so lucky that they will get to stay in a big flat with their mom! Suhasi notices Bulbul is sad.. and asks the matter but she fakes that she is fine! Suhasi goes to warm the food and asks them to come fast! Rano asks Bulbul if she has any tension? Bulbul says that now they will get their mom but they will lose their father! Bulbul says Anu wont let Pradeep stay with them! Rano tells Bulbul to teach Anu a lesson as Anu is very bad! Bulbul decides to throw out Anus shoes in the rain!

Part 3

Vineets boss says that Mr. Bhatiya has withdrawn a lot of investment from their company all of a sudden but they have to find a solution! Pradeep wonders what could have gone wrong? He asks what they will do? Their boss says that they have to think thru..afterall thats what they are paid for! He tells them to use their contacts and get investors! He tells Mona and Anu to get alternate investors and asks Suri to assist the duo! Anu is about to oppose when their boss says that they can fight ..quarrel but they have to find a solution to the problem..by next morning .. they can stay awake all nite if need be! Their boss, Pradeep, Vineet leave! Mona and Anu stare at each other!

Precap -- Anu sees her shoes out in the rain and is appalled.. she is collecting the shoes!