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Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Dadaji talking to Viren about some case. Jeevika is thinking about how to tell him about Maanvi's love. Virat arrives and Chachi tells that he gave a filmy entry. Vanshika asks he didnt even call before coming.

Chachi asking Virat that he told he wont come without completing mission and that means he completed his mission, everyone staring. Viren tells that he called him and takes virat inside.

SB thinking that Virat might have accomplished his task.

Virat asks who is Mr.Talwar and he dont want anyone to come in between. Viren tells Vanshika is in need of a life partner. Virat asking if Viren has lost it? Viren tells that after Virat is married too, Vanshika will be alone. He tells that there is a person who loves Vanshika from 30 years and now he is here in front of him.

Virat tells that Vanshika's love is only her husband and he dont want anyone in between. Viren tells that he thought Virat might understand cuz his love is new. He tells him not to compare VirMan's love with this and he don't allow anyone in between. Viren tells that he will do it alone. No one can stop him from doing the right thing.

Jeevika interrupts telling them that they are fighting like kids and no one asked Vanshika what she wants.

SB tells Bauji that Virat didnt even talk a bit when he is back from Rishikesh and Viren is also looking lost. Chachi tells that Jeevika might know what the matter is. Bauji asks Chachu if he knows the reason why Viren called virat. SB tells that only Virat or Viren can tell whats going on.

Maanvi calls Virat but he doesnt answer. She texts him asking why he isn't returning the call.

After Break -

Jeevika telling Viren that Vanshika is not only his mom, but also Virat's. She tells him that he obeyed Viren's words and came from Rishikesh. Maanvi calls Jeevika and asks her why Virat isnt answering the call. She asks if there is any problem. Jeevika tells that she will give the phone to Virat and he will tell. Virat tells the whole thing to Maanvi and asks her how he can support Viren. Maanvi tells that she didnt find anything wrong in Viren's decision. Maanvi tells him that he told Mannu that he would wait for Maanvi and never ever love every one and same is the case is Mr.Talwar. She tells him to change his mindset and think about Vanshika's happiness. He tells that their case is different. He wanted to get her, and Mr.talwar, if he really loved Vanshika, then why he didnt fight for her? Virat tells that he had learnd one thing from loving Maanvi, life happens once, death happens once, and in the same way, love too happens once. And Vanshika's love is only for her hubby. He also tells that Viren is elder to him and he also has a bigger heart. But he cant support him this time. Maanvi tells that she cant say Virat is wrong but she tells him not to argue with Viren. Virat tells Viren is going in the wrong way and he have to show him the right way.

After Break - 2

Maanvi thinks to herself that Virat has become so understanding and matured. She tells that its much more hard for her to stay away from him. She hugs the teddy and says that she misses and loves him. BB comes there and Mannu tells that she misses him alot and what she must do and she asks BB what she does when she misses her husband. BB tells that Virat never leaves her. Maanvi asks if she leaves him. BB tells that its not in her hands, so seize the day. They again talk about the kangan... BB tells that she will give those kangan to the person who does anything for love. she tells that she gives them to Virat and tells maanvi to fight with Virat for them.

Virat goes to Viren and apologises. He tells its okay. Virat asks him to give a hug. They hug. Viren tells that the mistake is his. He tells that they have to talk to the family members first. Virat tells that they need to talk to mom too. Viren tells that she went out with Jeevika and in the mean time, they can talk to family members. Virat asks how he can put the matter infront of them.


Viren asks Bauji why every one are there down. Bauji asks what Viren and Virat are trying to do. Viren tells that its about Vanshika. Virat tells that Viren thinks he can bring his mom's happiness back. Viren tells its Mr.Talwar. Vanshika at the back, overhears this.

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