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Thursday, July 26, 2012

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It bgeins with Krishna, ganga and tuntun on their way to the DC's office, followed by goons. Ganga prays that Krishna gets proven innocent, she sees Krishna is tensed so she assures her. Vidya family is at the mandir and prays for Krishna. Krishna's car is stuck in the traffic. Krishna is super worried. The goons decide to kill Krishna while they are stuck in the traffic. Meanwhile a poooja is being done for Krishna. The goons reach to Krishna's car, and are getting ready to shoot. Just when Krishna's car moves.

Pintu at home is feeling really restless and remembers ST threatening Krishna. Pintu says "I shouldn't have let Krishna go alone. I have to go to her." Pintu rushes on the bike .

A gun is following Krishna, just when the the shooter was ready to shoot. Krishna bends down to get her phone. (OMG! The shooter is that guy who used to act as ghost in Ramsay Movies ROFL) The shooter lets the goon know that he couldn't shoot her. The pooja finally is finished, Vidya says that he;s going to give Krishna a call, but the pandit says that he shouldn't leave just yet, let the pooja finish completely then he can leave, Vidya agrees, Saraswati prays for Krishna.

Krishna gets a call from DC, and she informs him that she is on her way to meet him. But the DC says that an urgent meeting has come up so he'll meet her later. Krishna says that she'll wait. Krishna let's ganga know about the conversation, ganga recommends that they go to the mandir. Krishna says that she has the pooja ke flowers that needed to be offered in the mandir. Ganga says that she'll call Sargam and she'll come along with babloo and Pintu. (Now that explains Sargam getting shocked.) Krishna gets the car turned to the mandir, while the goons head straight.

Ganga calls Sargam to meet them in the mandir, Sargam agrees. Ganga calls Pintu to come at the mandir as well. Pintu agrees, the goons see that Pintu is here and call ST to ask if they should shoot him as well. ST says "NO! nothing should happen to Pintu Singh, do you understand? Only do what you're told!" pintu makes a u-tun to the mandir. The goons lost track of Krishna's car and they let ST know, who isn't too pleased about ti and decides to kill Krishna herself.

The goons are trying to track Krishna's car but are unable to find where she is headed to. Krishna arrives at the mandir. Vidya family are done with the pooja, chanchal gets some offering for Krishna as well. Saraswati asks vidya to call Krishna. Vidya gives Krishna a call but Krishna doesn't hear it in all that noise. The goons find Krishna outside the mandir and they let ST know, ST says 'Kill her now. I want to see Krishna's dead body! As soon as she dies, run away with the bag she carries because she has a CD with evidence against me." All the goons arrive at the mandir. Krishna is walking the stairs, a goon who has his aim at Krishna, with 2 other goons walking beside her. Sargam too arrives with babloo at the mandir, followed by ST and pintu Singh. Sargam is walking up the stairs and sees
Krishna walking up the stairs and call out to her. A Goon aims to shoot Krishna but misses her. Everyone panic and begins to run around. Confused tuntun wonders who fired. Vidya sees RKishna and runs to meet her. Krishna accidentlly drops the bag and the goon manages to take it and run off. Pintu runs up the stairs, Sargam sees that a goon is trying to shoot Krishna, she runs to save her and we have someone get shot. Ganga screams out 'DULHAN" (It's definitely sargam. Because she calls Krishna by her name)

Precap: tuntun manages to grabs one of the goon and beats him black and blue. He asks him who sent him. The goon says "ST sent me.' Tuntun is angry!


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