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Thursday, July 26, 2012

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epi starts wid inspector telling jogi to come 4 identification of body.
Every1 shocked,
inspector shows the magalsutra that body had and it is looks lyk taps mangalsutra.
First tym nani is weak,
mukta insist dat she want to come.
But jogi is trying to stop her,but then he agrees as mukta wants to see her mom.
Divya,jogi and mukta leaves.
Iccha crying behind and saying to herself dat i cant happen.

Meethi consoleing aman,says it was destiny dat his dream
Meethi says in her mind dat she still luv aman.

In Basti,kanha get order for papad pickel for women bussiness.
Damini tells 2 sell ornaments to invest
for bussiness.
Iccha calls damini
scene shifts
in morgue they go together ,and are near the body.
Again thakur house
damini comes to meet iccha,and inquire abt the situation.
She says dey did nt call yet.
And nani is ill.

jogi removes the white cloth from body and b4 face is shown there is break.

Cvs did nt show d face.
Jogi says she is nt taps.
Every1 is crying,
mukta cannot c all dis. She runs away from morgue.and she is crying.
Jogi says dont worry she is nt ur mom.
Mukta says i dont knw whether to be happy or sad.
I dont knw anything more abt my mom more than u’ll told.
Where and how she is we dont have any clue

Since childhood i have so many question and no1 gave me ans.
I used to tell my frn dat she is abroad.
Or ignore d question.
Why she left d house?
Jogi says she did nt tell us reason,
i tried to search her but i failed.
Mukta says wat was reason she left d by own or she was forced?
Tell me d truth.
Jogi says i wish i will get the ans b4 i die,
coz i want to clear doubts of my natin.

nani throws glass of water offered by iccha.
She gets up and shouts at iccha.
When damini trys to stop her she calls her naukarani.
Damini is says firmly i m not naukarani anymore and u r not my malkin.
First tym nani’s confidence is decreased and iccha shocked.


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