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Thursday, July 26, 2012

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shobha wonders where tiwari family went without paying rent and decides that she will find out them and take her money...sadha brings chicken and sanchi takes out the regulator of the cylinder. Radha calls indu and he says i m your husband so u have to take care of my family and asks guddu to bring another regulator...tarachand informs his family that they cannot get any help from the court and they have to bear tiwaris for 6 months..however sanchi cannot afford it and makes up her mind to do something...
Indu on the terrace says i know my mama is cunning but i called him here just to create trouble in sanchi's life as they r her biggest enemies. Indu says to them ..just take hold of your post and dont let sanchi do any work of university...u all take care of her there and i will harass her in the home..and makes fun of sanchi...anita cleans up the dishes at 4:30 in the mrng to help veena and sanchi praises her
Hot indu shirtless plays music in full volume and the family gets irritated.(indu english music...wow)...sanchi objects and wasnt able to see the shirtless man. She moves her head towards the door and switches off the player. Indu wears the jockey and plays it again. Sanchi again switches it off saying dont waste the light of my house. Indu says i m your husband so u have to pay it. Sanchi takes out the wire and sockets and pulls the player on the floor and says i m sanchi mathur. Beware of me...and leaves
Indu says to himself i will make u pay for your deeds

PRECAP::indu doing naasta. Sanchi says ma i will not eat. Let these people eat as they do not have their hands and legs(crippled people) so they can eat . I m going to cl. Veena runs behind sanchi...indu says now i will show u what i can


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