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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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Part 1

RK says.. that it seems Madhu din like his help n offers to leave..! He removes her saree pallo from his watch and walks away ..! Madhu stares with excited look n feels a hand! She turns to slap but its Mukku!

Mukku says to hit him after marriage! Madhu hugs Mukku and asks whose heart is beating so fast? urs or mine! Wink Roma keeps drinking n forgets her glass at the drinks corner n leaves..! Mukkus mom takes that drink n starts to feel dizzy! ShockedROFL

She creates a scene and starts dancing on a Marathi song... All watch shocked! LOL

RK is about to leave but Mukkus mom drags him in the middle of the hall . n thanks him! Roma tells all that seems Mukkus mom has taken her drink! Mukku comes and takes her away..! He wonders whats wrong!

Paddo asks Madhu to go along with Trish and give RK the sweet box! RK thanks n says 'Thats so sweet of u' n Madhu doesnt look at him! RK tells Trish that she is perfect for the role he has chosen for her just like Madhu-Mukku n hopes no evil eye falls on the pair Wink! Embarrassed

Paddo apologises to Mukkus mom for any shortcomings and Mukkus mom is still high! They are about to leave when Mukku asks Madhu to come behind the car to talk but Shammo interrupts! LOL Mukku gives Madhu a chit and shakes hand n asks her to handle it with care!

She reads the note..
'Jab se tum mili ho Madhubala
Meri zindagi ka khul gaya hai har tala
Pehnane aunga tumhe varmala..
Banunga Trishna ka sala.. jhinga la la..' [Sigh always mess up the last lines]

Madhu replies on SMS that 'Even if there is no rhyming if there is tuning.. all goes well'! RK is singing 'Chalka re' n Bittu dancing n says.. Madhus job is done!

Part 2

Shammo asks if Paddo is worried as Mukkus mom called her Mrs Mallik? Paddo shares her concern about Mukkus mom not knowing the truth! Shammo convinces her that he will talk to Mukkus parents at the right time!

Mukkus mom has headache and is screaming! Mukkus dad and daughter tease her! She asks for Mukku and both say gone to miss her!

Part 3

RK calls the journo (Maninee) and says he has a gift for her - a Sensational news which his guy is bringing for her! She opens n its pics of RK-Madhu!

She compliments him for chasing the person he wants to.. n says he wants it to be the headline of her paper!

He says.. Madhubala .. ahan!

Precap -- Journo reads the paper and says.. the girl is gone ! Mukkus family and Madhus family read the paper... Shammo is fuming .. Paddo worried and Mukkus mom is furious!

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Scene 1
PD-Dadu on mob discussion about their plan but Adi asks 2 return their cloths now but he makes Excuse by saying Gupta's unluckyROFL so they will go after conference @evening.
Maa praying @temple sees Pankhu who was giving order to Everybody to get ready and asks Maa too to get ready but Maa goes crying emotional as Pankhu's Relation got broke but She makes her smile.
Conference starts by welcum of Deewans,Adi sulks when meeting wil start?,by Nanu's trick,Members do welcum of Adi by putting vows & Nanu's plan gets succeed.LOL.


All r ready 4 Sangeet & welcums Bansals.Pankhu wid Curly hairs New hairstyle,chaniya choli.Neha-Pankaj sits wid each other.Mama goes tense if their fake truth wil get revealdAngry.Just then Diwan's enters ,All welcum them,Pankhu happy.Mama makes an excuse,new false truth, to Bansals that Diwans came forcily here & we cnt ignore them & Bansals r assurd.
Adi sees Pankhu Adorably when Pankhu coming downstairs wid heavy Bucket of fruits & he goes to Help her by taking bucket,Pankhu thnx him but he rudely tels ok,goes away then.She returns Nanu's jacket & Nanu goes 2 giv Blessings to couple where Pankhu makes a bet to eat food then nly u can bless Neha where Adi fuminly goes away making Everybody sad.
Avan2 in deep thots,talking 2 Bhaiya about Adi's engagement wid Latika.
Adi in b/w damages a band clashes with it & workes too clashes wid Adi and Nanu finds another excuse to stop/Delay Adi thereLOL by teling him to stay & play Drums when it gets setLOL.Oldies smiling at him.
Pankhu welcums Everybody in Sangeet & Adi stops there.She continuous wid her Speech and introduces each couple of Gupta's 1 by 1 where 1stly Maa-Papa dances on "Janmon k Saathi,Hum saath-saath hain" followed by Chacha-Chachi's dance on "Dil diwana bin sajana k maane nah" followed by Papa's & Chacha's Blessing speech's by each dance respectively.Adi adorably watching Pankhu,Everybody happy then Nanu come on Dice(stage) 4 his blessing speech where he says- "if family have Love then Ek insaan ke 4 dhaam ghar baithe ho jate hain(every four Places of Math(God places of Hindu's) visited in staying in house only) ".Adi impressed & this repeats in his Ears with Flashbacks of Harish-Avant2's fi8s.


Pankhu asking to Adi about His Parents unique habit of Loving Each other but he Sadly tels her that I wish I can see but I never saw my Parents talking Lovingly wid eachother as they both already seperated having in Relation too.

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Part 1

Daljeet arrives at Saahibas house and is hesitant on going inside, he takes her hair clip out of his pocket and has flashbacks of Saahiba and the kid(don't know the name) telling him that if he wants to hear from Saahiba he has to have some courage. He goes inside and gives his regards to some women. It seems that he is finding it really awkward. From the terrace the kid notices him and says wait there I'm coming, Daljeet has a smile on his face seeing him. He's on his way to meet Daljeet when he bumps into Saahibas dad who asks him where he's off to he says my chote sir is here, Manmeet says oh yes him, I've heard a lot about him and says I want to meet him too, Saahiba asks her dad where are you going and he says let me go meet him. She says atleast change your kurta, she says mehmaan are here atleast go change, the kid then says who's going to see my chote sir then, Saahiba asks who's wedding is it, the kid replies with yours, she says so obviously he's going to congratulate me I will meet him. She tells her dad to go change and tells the kid(someone please tell me his nameLOL) to go get his chote sir. Fateh runs up to Daljeet and tells Daljeet his that his dad is very ill and that his mum has called him right away, Daljeet looks worried and looks up at the terrace he then goes with Fateh.

Part 2

There is a ceremony at Ranveers house where all his relatives put many haar's on him, the dancing then starts and Ranveer and his family also join in, he then gets placed on the gora(horse) and there are lots of fireworks going off, there is a lot of excitement. The baraat then leaves for Saahibas house. Daljeet arrives at his house and someone asks if his father is ok, his sister in law ( I think it is) says that they'll have to leave now and she sees Daljeet and says that the coughing is getting very bad. Daljeet says he'll go get the tempo but she says someone has already gone to get it. There is a lot of tension in the household, Daljeet asks his mother to get a glass of water for his father. He sits his father down and his mother tells his sister in law that she has to stay home and look after it. his brother comes and says the car is here, they say lets go and put their stuff in the car, they carefully take his father to the car, some girl comes and they say to her to sit at the front, Daljeets mother gets worried and his sister in law reassures her that she'll take good care of the house, you don't need to worry. Daljeets mum tells Daljeets bro to come along but the sister in law holds his arm and he says no mum I have to take care of her too, the sister in law makes an excuse and says yeah I've been feeling ill since last night. They tell the mum not worry and say the train will go so go quickly. someone sets of fireworks of near the house which irritates Daljeets sister in law and she shuts the door. Daljeet looks upset. The baraat has come near Daljeets house Daljeet looks very worried. Daljeet looks back then gets into the car and they set off.

Part 3

The baraat arrives at Saahibas house and she is very excited she wonder if Ranveer got dressed up properly she says that even without effort he's looking like hritik roshan and he sees her and blows her kiss to which Saahiba replies 'kutta' (something like that :P LOL it was hilarious.) she and her friends start dancing. Ranveer gets of the ghora and joins in with the dancing, Beauty joins in with the dancing and two women start badmouthing her. She goes up to them and says you two are Ranveer's maasi's right so why don't you join in. She then goes from there. There is a very lively atmosphere, Ranveer's phone then goes off and his sister tells him, he picks his phone up but can't hear anything so goes out of the crowd. Beauty goes to her bebe and says go get Saahiba, bebe doesn't respond so she tells two other girls to go get her. There is a girl who goes up to Saahiba and says Ranveer is no where to be seen. everyone looks toward where they last saw Ranveer. Saahiba says don't worry he's probably somewhere here, his family say the same and they carry on dancing. Saahiba says its time to put the vermalas on take me then. Manmeet asks his wife for Something and she says she'll go get it but he tells her that he will. Saahiba comes down and asks her father how she's looking and he gets emotional and says she looks beautiful. He then goes. They sit Saahiba down and she says Ranveer has come go get the vermala. Ranveers mother asks her husband to find out where Ranveer is but he says not to worry he's must be somewhere here. She looks very worried. Saahiba and her friends are taking pictures one of them sit where Ranveer is supposed to and Saahiba says get off Ranveer is going to sit there , she says to the photographer why are you taking my pictures go take Ranveers. Saahibas mother gets worried about Ranveer too and she tells her husband but he says not too worry, she asks Beauty if he's there but she says don't worry, I'm sure he's gone to hide his shoes she calls him kunjoos(LOL)

Part 4

Saahibas parents put the vermalas on Ranveers family and they do their meets and greets. Manmeet asks where Ranveer is and Ranveers father says he's coming he must be here somewhere. Someone else says he might have gone to make a call. Saahibas parents look very worried. Manmeet asks to ring him and all the men pick up their phones and call him, Ranveers father says there's no network here so they all put their phones in the air (LOL) someone says that his phone is switched off and says he didn't even make it to his wedding on time the bewakoof. Saahibas dad says come inside. Saahiba notices that everyone looks tensed and she asks her friend what's wrong who replies saying she doesn't know. Saahiba says she'll go see herself, beauty is telling Saahibas mum that he must be here somewhere probably having a drink or too, she says to, Saahiba calls someone and asks her what's wrong the women says Ranveer isn't here. Saahibas says what and goes from there beauty calls her but she storms off and beauty says now she's upset, I don't blame her being upset she says wait til Ranveer comes i'll show him. Saahibas sister tries to call Ranveer but he doesn't answer and she looks very upset. Saahibas mum falls down to the chair and someone says bhabi where is Ranveer gone, our Saahiba looks so beautiful today and its not very good if the dulha goes missing like that. Saahibas mum starts crying and everyone starts reassuring her that everything will be ok. Some women start saying useless things and beauty says what are you lot on about Ranveer came here to marry Saahiba with the baraat. Beauty says to bebe you make them understand and bebe says what shall I say to them I told you guys before but no one listens to me, he dissapeared from his baraat and now he's left us here to listen to everyone's tortures. She also says he might have ran away from the wedding. I didn't want this rishta to happen in the first place. Saahibas mum says what are you saying bebe, where could Ranveer gone to if he ran away. bebe replies with you ask him where he's gone to your daughters in laws are here you ask them where he's gone to. beauty aplogises to Ranveers mum saying that bebe is very angry right now. Ranveers mum says her anger is totally justified cos Ranveer has done Such a thing. Someone says to Ranveers mum why are you listening to there tortures and she says well Ranveer has done wrong. I'm going to have to listen to all this. She says to Saahibas mum I'm only worried about Saahiba, where is she? Someone says Saahiba has gone to her room and they all get worried thinking what if she did Something. Daljeets family are in the car and his dads condition gets worser they give him water, some rings Daljeets mum and she says yes he's not well you didn't need to call right now. everyone is knocking on Saahibas door she doesnt open it. Bebe comes and she calls Saahibas name, everyone is worried. They push the door open they go in and see she's not there, her mother then spots her and they go towards her they see she is lying on the chair. It seems she is unconscious or sleeping.

Precap: Saahibas mum reads a letter and is shocked Ranveers mum then reads it and even she looks worried. some women in the back say that Saahibas life is ruined, the dulha ran away from the wedding. Bebe says she'll see Ranveers dad.

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Eppy takes from where it ended yesterday. Gunjan manages to bag the coveted task of dressing up Rachna for the event while Pihu makes a face. The rest are busy with the other preparations ranging from sweets to the outlook of the hall. Dead

A pumped up Gunjan is determined to break this alliance at any cost so she decides to apply a LOT of makeup on Rachna's face which might lead to her getting rejected. Meanwhile the entire chidiya ghar welcomes the guy's family and we only get to see the MIL AND FIL. Confused

The noise of the chattering starts to increase and thats when the focus is shifted to Rachna. Gunjan and Chhaya bring her down and to everyone's astonishment, Rachna appears to look way too overdressed. LOL Gunjan's confident of her being rejected and thats when the MIL who has this weird way of repeating a particular word everytime, more like a signature style brushes it away and compliments Rachna. Dayal asks them about their family background to which we get to know that the prospective groom is the younger bo while the older bro is still unmarried. Everyone is puzzled upon hearing this and Seema tries to enquire, but the MIL brushes it again. Confused

She then goes on to say that her family has a lot of ruthba in Benaras. She starts touching Rachna's jewellery and goes on the say that the DIL's of their family are clad with gold and expensive sarees. She goes on and on and Gunjan interrupts in between asking for the boy's picture. A moment of grim silence takes over the room and the MIL-FIL exchange strange glances at each other but manage to pass on the picture to everyone. The picture of the groom is not shown to us. Sleepy Ouch

The prospective MIL asks for her hobbies to which Shail tries to reply that she's very interested in her studies and Gunjan asks her to stress on that point. But to their dismay, she states that there's no use of all this after entering into the sacrament of marriage and she doesnt show any interest in Rachna's education. The annoying bua shows her the pillow covers which were made my Rachna's embroidery. Mayank's dad adds that she has great culinary skills too.

The in-laws are impressed and seem to be in a hurry for finalising the alliance. But they tell that Rachna is skinny and she needs to put on weight in the next two years. Sleepy Rachna seeks her in laws blessings and later on Dayal's. She looks at Dayal and thinks to herself sadly that her father must have forgiven her now. Angry May-Gunj are upset with the proceedings and walk off in opposite directions without anybody noticing. Confused

The guests leave and scene shifts to Rachna's bedroom where Pihu reprimands Gunj for dressing up Rachna that way. They have a small heated argument where Pihu brings up Sneha and her dad's topic which angers Gunj. Shail calms Pihu down but partially agrees with her and tells Gunj that she shouldnt have dressed up Rachna , that way. Shail tries to come in between their argument but fails to do so. Gunjan's walks out of the room. Sleepy

Gunj goes to the terrace, Rachna joins her and tries to calm her down. But gunjan is still annoyed with Pihu for raking up those old issues again. Mayank-our hero comes with the junior hero- Dholu LOL and assess the situation. Mayank signals Dholu to do his job. Dholu tries talking to Gunj but she doesnt seem to be in any mood to listen. Mayank decides to take the plunge by pulling their legs and saying that their noses look different now. Both red and furious with anger. Tongue Gunj understands it later and gets slightly irritated. May signals Dholu to start tickling her. She initially resists but gives in and starts laughing along with Rachna. The BG music begins to play while the trip seem to be having a gala time running and tickling each other. Our hero Mayank stands there and watches Gunjan admiringly and the eppy ends on his face. Embarrassed

PRECAP: Shail (Mayank's there too) asks the MIL about Rachna's interest in pursuing her education after marriage. MIL replies with an uninterested expression stating that whats the use of all that when she doesnt have to work.
Shail's disappointed and worried.

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Krish and Rajni return home early and Krish gets off at his office...

Rajni on the way home stops the car and then goes to a house wearing a white saree.

It is Yash's house and he has a son...apparently the mother is dead...but the boy does not know...he keeps asking when his mom is coming back...

Rajni arrives and the boy runs out saying "mummy..."

I don't know why he should call her that unless she resembles his mom...because there are photos of her in the house...of course the photos are not shown close...so we don't know if she looks like Rajni...

krish was in office thinking about it...where surbhi comes and says about some machine hez lost in his world( ohhh gaurav was amazing with expressions here ) surbhi then asks if everything 5n between him and rajni..he doesnt reply..so she goes away saying that solve out ur problem first ( he looked dashing in black and white )and Rajni comes in auto to one big mahaal...and kid who was with Yash...mom agayi kehke runs out from home to meet rajni and hugs her...krish calls rajni asking wer is she...she says lie that shez in mandir...the kid besides shouts jhoot kyun bol rahe tum mere ghar aye ho na...krish asks who is that..she cuts the phone...Krish wonders why rajni said lie...

No she doesn't tell Krish anything...Krish does not force her either...he just seems understanding...

When she drops him off at office, he turns to say something to her after getting out of the car, but she just tells the driver to leave...he is puzzled by her behavior and Surbhi notices he is distracted...

Precap...Krish calls Rajni and she says she is at the temple and then Krish hears the child say why are you lying...and so on...

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Rashi tries to open the pump but it gets opened there itself and all water flush on rashi forcily. Koki and jigna looks this. Koki scolds rashi and asks to stop the water if not all the water goes away. Koki goes downstairs. Rashi tries hard to stop the water and finally sits on it to stop leaking.

Gopi gives tea to parag and koki comes there angrily. Gopi asks what happened. Koki tells that pump got opened and all water is leaking. Gopi asks whether she can go upstairs and look but both koki and parag stop her.

Jigna gets call from sameer but she cuts the call. Rashi asks jigna who is calling and why is she nervous. Jigna says it’s a secret and she shouldn’t say anything to anyone. Jigna tells rashi that sameer is her boyfriend and he is coming to talk with the family members about their marriage. Koki and parag both call the plumber. Jigna tells rashi that koki doesn’t know about him but only parag knows about this. Rashi asks jigna to get ready well. Jigna leaves from there.

Urmi calls rashi. Rashi tells she sat on the pump. Koki comes into her room and finds water flowing in her room. koki shouts at rashi to take care of the pump properly as water is flowing in her room. rashi hangs on the call thinking koki may come upstairs.

Sameer comes to modi bhawan. But koki thinks its plumber and rushes him to upstairs and leaves. Meeti takes him to terrace. Even rashi thinks sameer as plumber and leaves the pump on him and leaves. Sameer wonders at everyone’s behavior.

Urmi once again calls rashi. Rashi tells that everyone are in hurry at home so she will talk to her later. Rashi hangs on. Urmi doubts what is happeneing in modi bhawan. Jigna calls sameer but he couldn’t take the call. Rashi comes to jigna’s room. jigna requests rashi to open the door when sameer comes. And asks to bring him to her room without making anyone know about him. Rashi agrees. Rashi asks jigna to get ready and she too would change till that time. Rashi leaves.

Koki and meeti will be searching for the pump. Rashi changes and comes downstairs. Door bell rings. Rashi thinks its sameer. Rashi opens the door. Rashi looks at the plumber and wonders that jigna’s taste is so good then how did she select this guy. Rashi asks plumber to come with her. Koki finds the pump. Gopi comes her way and asks to give the pump as she is going upstairs. Koki tells gopi to take care of herself. She finds the main door is open and goes to close it.

Rashi takes the plumber into the garden. The plumber gets the call and hearing his words rashi thinks he is so bad. Koki comes there and finds plumber talking on phone. Koki asks rashi to tell the truth if not she will send her to her mother’s place. Rashi says, he is jiggi’s boyfriend. Koki shocks. The plumber comes near to them and tells he is a plumber. Koki again shocks. Rashi tells him slowly, no need to lie I have told kaki ji everything. Koki yells, jigna wants to marry a plumber??? Plumber says no I don’t want to marry. Koki leaves angrily saying I will call jigna and ask her in front of you whats going on.

Gopi comes upstairs. She gives the pump to sameer. Sameer tells gopi, I am not plumber. I am jigna’s boyfriend and I came to talk to her sister about their marriage. One lady has told me to repair this pump. I wonder whether I look like a plumber. Gopi apologizes sameer and tells its jigna’s sister koki itself and come downstairs with her. Sameer says its okay I will repair this pump so that their misunderstanding may clear off. Gopi nods and leaves.

Koki yells at the plumber to wait in the hall itself. Koki goes to jigna’s room and takes her away forcily by grabbing her hand. Koki brings jigna to the hall. Koki shows the plumber. Jigna wonders looking at the plumber and asks koki who is this. Koki yells at jigna that whats happening here. Rashi says sorry to jigna.

Jigna introduces sameer to koki and tells she wants to marry him. Koki says, this marriage cannot take place. Jigna shocks.

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KP room : KRIYA in their room... K spraying perfume all over the room.. P comes out of bathroom and asks what he is doing.. K says he is purifying the room since ASY and his mom had spoilt the atmosphere of the house... P aghast.. scolds K and says your blood is now in ASY body and you yourself saved his life.. why are u now talking like this, you should think better .. K says I cannot help it, I cannot bear it.. whenever I think of them my blood boils... just then Pys comes into room and calls PK, tells them SS wants to speak to them..

TN Hall : All Thakurs in hall including Pys.. SS tells them I know all of you have lots of questions about all this... all of you have right to be angry with me.. I hid the fact about ASY and his mom from you all... SS apologises to them and asks all the Thakurs to forgive him.. says what's done is done...
SS advises both KN and K and tells them to learn from his mistakes and not to repeat the mistakes of their father.. tells them I was young, rich and arrogant and I committed a huge mistake..SS advises them to not become like him.. not to do wrong things which have bad consequences in future.. SS especially warns KN and says don't do any such thing which will make Samar question you in future..
K says there no point in discussing all this.. tells everyone to forget what has already happened.. tells everyone that from now on, no one will speak about Vakilwa in this house... SS looks sad..
Pys mobile phone rings suddenly.. K berates her and tells her to stop the interruption...

GH : Prof and Arg discussing Chinki's behaviour... Prof says Chinki wants a father in her life.. but SS is not agreeing to Kml's re-marriage.. Arg advises that first they should search a good groom for Kml and then re-open the topic with SS and other Thakurs.. Prof thens says even Kml is opposed to her re-marriage.. Arg says Kml is like your daughter now & you are her father .. she will definitely listen to yr words..

TN : K comes dancing into TN with band bajaa... P follows him inside, grinning.. GD asks whats the celebration about... K displays the certificate in his hand and says P passed her law exams.. GD happy, blesses P.. Smr asks how much marks P got, K replies 70%.. KN and Ksr are not looking impressed.. K asks them why so glum.. KN answers and says what the use of P becoming lawyer, she never helps this family members or me with anything... K defends P and says why do you do such wrong deeds... KN retorts and says if I always did correct deeds, I would not be needing a lawyer...

Just then Pys phone rings yet again.. K scolds her... Pys explains that her husband is troubling her .. wants her back.. Pys doesn't want to go with him.. all stunned.. GD, Ksr and KN all encourage Pys to go back to her husb.. but P says Pys should do what she feels is right..

Kitchen : Pys and P in kitchen... Pys tells P her story.. says there was never any relationship bet her and her husband.. he left her for another woman.. now that woman has left him and ran off to Mumbai with another guy... so now Pys husb wants her back... Pys says she doesn't want to go with him, wants to stay in TN..

TN Hall : A man turns up with a basket of fruit... says he is Pys husband Lochan.. wants Pys back.. he butters up Shakti.. tells KN that he was away on work and Pys left him and disappeared.. Pys comes out of kitchen and berates him.. GD KN and Ksr all scold Pys..KN tells her to go with her husband... but P overrules him and says no need for Pys to go with him, since he never cared for her all these years ... all stunned... the man pleads with P and says that he has realised his mistake and requests them to give him one more chance... Ksr adds her two bits and tells Pys about her own example... says that KN had ill treated me in the beginning, but now he has realised his mistake and atoned for it.. so I have accepted him back in my life... KN looking embarrassed..
K too agrees with everyone's words and asks the man whether he will now live properly with Pys... the man promises to do so.. K says we should all try to join a family and not break it... he overrules P and tells Pys to go with her husb... Pys says I will do so since you all told me to, but she does not look too happy... P warns the man that if he harms Pys in any way, he will pay dearly for it... the man accepts... Pys goes inside to pack...

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The hall
Stare...stare...stare -Indu stares at Veena and Veena stares back at Indu, while Sanchi (and the audience) wonders what the mother-in-law/son-in-law duo are upto! Watching the bitter young man plonk his luggage in the middle of the hall, the helpless Veena is unable to do anything but grit her teeth in annoyance. Adjusting the strap of his watch angrily, Indu paces up to his mother-in-law and faces her with his hands on his hips. Just then Tarachand arrives at the scene. He notices the wrathful glares of the formidable man that stood in his home and chooses to remain quiet.

Observing Tarachand, Indu temporarily leaves behind the harrassed mother and takes a few intimidating steps towards the demure Tarachand. While the anxious father is unable to meet eyes with the ruffian, Indu continues glaring at him for a few moments.
Taking the old man by surprise, Indu suddenly changes his demeanour and falls at his feet, requesting forgiveness for the incident that had occured 2 days ago. Once the startled Tarachand grants him pardon so as to get the man off his feet, Indu then steps back and returns to confront Veenaji.
While the nervous mother doesn't know how to react, the irate Indu follows a similar routine once again. Abruptly falling at her feet with the deliberate intent of jolting her, he folds his palms as a mark of respect - as though he was trying to evoke her sympathy. Soon after, he holds his ears and starts squatting in front of the mother - putting up an act of remorse.

Fed up of Indu's ongoing dramatics, Sanchi walks up to the frivolous man and interrupts him 'Stop all these silly antics of yours...my parents are not going to be fooled by it...if you've finished with this act of nobility, shall I take you to your room? The court has cursed me to spend the next six months with you...I have no plans of making these 6 months my life...'
Indu shows no expression or response to sanchi's words, as Sanchi goes on 'So please don't try to join bridges with me or my family...whatever you try...we won't tolerate you for even a single day beyond the 6 month mark!'
'Finished with your lecture?' he mutters aloud 'Now listen to what I have to say...firstly, the only reason I fell at your dad's feet was because; he was hurt due to me...so I asked for pardon...secondly, I fell at your mother's feet so that I could ask for mercy in advance...'
'What?' Sanchi asks. Veena and Tarachand are intrigued.
'I am a man.. I'm going to be living here for 6 months.. I might commit some mistakes...after all I am a human being...' Indu turns to Veena 'Tell me...did I do something wrong by asking you for forgiveness?'
Veena turns away in disgust.
Indu turns back to address Sanchi 'Now just tell me where my room is...and where I should stay...'

Indu's room
The frustrated Sanchi leads the curious man to his bedroom. Standing at the entrance, Indu studies his room and lets out the slightest hint of a smile.
'For the next 6 months this is your room...' Scratching his head, Indu smirks to himself as Sanchi begins a barrage of ceaseless instructions 'Within the four walls of this room lie your limits...don't even try to take advantage of anything beyond that...one more thing...your gang will not be allowed to come to this house...and you cannot return home after 9 pm'
Taking his suitcase, Indu walks up to his bed with a defiant grin, while the authoritative girl babbles on 'You'll get your food in the room...and there is no necessity to do anything that will aggravate my parents'

Once assured that she had indeed finished with the directions, Indu finally decides to speak up 'One minute Sanchi Mathur!'
The girl who was on her way out is forced to halt her steps.

Indu turns around to face her with an unyielding stare 'You seemed to have finished your long lecture...now listen to me too...' the irked man pauses 'I'm trying to be courteous, so you're taking advantage of it...now that you've finished, listen to what I have to say'
Stepping up to her, he adjusts his watch and snaps his fingers with assertiveness 'You have NO right to insult my friends...they had come here to leave me and you started rebuking them...another point, I have no intention of building relationships with you or your parents...lastly, Indu Singh will NOT change his style...I'll live here following a lifestyle that suits me...'
while a silent Sanchi watches on, Indu strolls back to his bed, picks up a cushion and hops on top of the mattress 'As long as I live here, I'll follow my manner of living...I will stick to my habits and my behaviour... my mode of luxury...' he snaps his hand and leans on his arm 'Do whatever you want to do..do whatever you think you can do to stop me!'
She smirks at him 'Don't even think of trying to do something like this...if not, I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget!'

Gritting his teeth in rage, Indu throws the cushion away and storms up to her 'Oh Dulhan (bride)'
She shouts back 'Oh Dulhe Raja (groom)'
Sighing in vexation, Sanchi walks away from his room. Witnessing her sudden exit, Indu nonchalantly nods his head. Walking back to his head, the exhausted young man falls on top of it and lets out a deep sigh.

The hall
Swearing profusely at Indu, Sanchi walks back to her hall, fretting and fuming about how she'd get back at him for his arrogance and audacity!
Observing her daughter's ill-tempered manner from a distance, Veena interrupts Sanchi's tirade 'YOU seem to be the one who's arrogant now...I can see how you've changed lately...in fact, you're changing day by day...'
No sooner than a more composed Sanchi begins apologizing for her behaviour, Veena continues unhappily 'This anger can destroy you...will you forget about the values we've taught you just because of your temper? Remember this... in your thirst to teach Indu Singh a lesson, you might end up learning a lesson or two yourself... in your obsession to take revenge, you might start losing your virtues too...'

Indu's room
A lively Indu speaks to his mama, giving the vile man an idea 'Mama...I say...why don't you also come over here and stay with me...now, why worry about what anyone else will have to say?'
While Sadanand is elated by the unexpected news, Indu pursues yet another idea 'In fact tell my friends to pack up their belongings and join me here too...all of us can stay here in this room...we'll have fun here... all together...'
Tiwari is jubilant and compliments his nephew for coming up with such an excellent notion. No sooner than Indu wishes them farewell, the ecstatic couple plan to use this golden opportunity to re-enter the mansion and oust the Mathur's from their own home.

The hall
Listening to a series of knocks on the main door, Sanchi is about to attend to them, when Indu walks past and halts her 'Why do you trouble yourself when I'm here...seems like you're fond of taking up all the troubles in this world...you'll have no problems when I'm here...I'll see who it is...'
Opening the door, Indu welcomes his entire regiment with a wide grin 'Oh mamaji..you've come...hopefully, you've brought along all your luggage too...' he casts a glance in Sanchi's direction to gauge her reactions, while his uncle responds to his welcome with hearty greetings.
Just as the whole group makes an entry, the shocked Sanchi confronts them and stops them in their tracks. Peeved by their antics, she proceeds to remind Indu that he was not allowed to entertain any friends or relatives there.
Listening to the girl's threats, Tiwari instantly jumps forth to challenge her. He lets the Mathur family know that they had no right to turn away Indu's relatives, as he'd be granted permission by court to stay there.
Tiwari then turns to Indu for acknowledgement, who only provides it too gladly 'Why should we hesitate mamaji? There's no hesitation at all...sanchi ji herself gave me a room upstairs to stay in..when I can stay there..all of you can stay there too...I foresee no problem!'
Sanchi becomes enraged. The daughter and father make many verbal threats and attempts to ensure the party didn't entertain notions of staying over. However, Sada and Radha come up with another rebuttal in their defence 'We cannot let our nephew stay here alone...what if you people mixed something in his food...or poisoned him...he is our responsibility and we need to keep an eye on him...'
Playing along with his aunt's charade, Indu joins in 'Yes...yes... its your duty to watch out for me...if you don't take care of me, will strangers care for me instead?' Saying so, he darts a glimpse in the Mathur's direction. He then concludes his assurance 'Stay here as long as you want to...however you want to...there's no one here to stop you' having said this, he eyes sanchi with a challenging stare.

Fed up of their relentless harrassment, Tarachand yells aloud 'Stop this hooliganism...this is my house...not a hostel where people walk in whenever they want to!'
The agonized father decides to call the police to seek help, but it comes as no surprise that Sadanand has the apt legal answers to thwart any such form of resistance - after all Indu had been ordered by the court to stay there and he had all right to entertain his own relatives too.
Sanchi then protests that Indu's friends need not stay there - that if they did, she'd have them arrested. However, Sadanand has a clever quip and reply for that too.
Ultimately, all of Sanchi's and Tarachand's attempts to oust the parasitic party are mercilessly curtailed.
Indu is only too glad to play silent witness to the entire escapade that seemed to work in his favour!

Indu's room
Ushering his 8-strong group to his large room, Indu makes them feel comfortable. Joyous owing to his victory over sanchi, Indu's face lights up like the sun, as Tiwari and Radha thank him for his gestures - after all the couple were returning to the room that they'd once lived in.
Indu then tells his uncle to freshen himself up and that he'd arrange for their refreshments, but Tiwari replies that Indu should not exert himself. The lawyer promises his nephew that he would take care of all of their food, needs, clothes and arrangements. Pleased by their intentions and by the favourable turn of events, Indu lets out a wide smile - a smile that none had probably seen in a long long while.
Tiwari and Radha also vow that they'd plague the Mathur's with as much as they possible could - basically, that they all would leave no stone unturned in teaching Sanchi and her family a lesson.

The hall
The boys are creating a jarring ruckus in their room which irks both Veena and Sanchi. The whistles and the loud clamour seems to show no sign of ending. While Veena fumes about the inconveniencing arrangement, Sanchi expresses her revulsion at Indu's malicious scehemes of roping his friends and family into their house. Just as they wonder when all of it would come to an end, Tarachand enters the hall and lets his wife know of his decision - that he planned to avail the services of a lawyer to help them get rid of the intruders.
Once Tarachand leaves the house, sanchi decides to confront the boisterous group, but is wisely stopped in her tracks by Veena 'Let you father return from his meeting with the lawyer and then we'll see' she advices Sanchi

Indu is raising a storm in the kitchen. He shouts at Sanchi 'Make them understand...I've told you this before itself...'
He picks up a bunch of spinach, bites a few leaves from it and spits it out 'I've told you before...I'm a carnivore...I don't eat grass and leaves...I live by hunting down my prey...' he pauses to temper his tone 'Today...in this house..in this kitchen...on this stove...chicken shall be cooked here...if you can do something about it, do so'
Having concluded his outburst, Indu flashes her a wicked smile.

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the epi starts with naksh and duggu and chikki leaving.. chikki is scared to go.. they reach the venue.. Shankari is arranging the stuff.. everyone is busy in preparing stuff. G3 again starts complaining about akshi always behind chikki.. Bm and ST try and make her understand.. but she changes the topic. Theres some work for which akshi is needed.. Just then she comes. Akshi finds something fishy.

Akshi is busy in some work.. when she wonders where chikki is.. she says she will go find out.. but g3 stops her..

Maheshwari house.
Anshu says when will such a wedding happen again? Shaurya says.. dont worry.. theres g3-rb, and rj-vish.. lol.. Rj is worried about chikki.. she says now or then.. akshi will get trouble because of chikki. She says akshi shud understand.

Chikki is hiding from someone! But sshe soon realises that the person is not here! She comes from her hiding place, and hugs akshi.. Akshi is happy to see her..
Here, Naitik and ST discuss that one faily has not come! The family soon comes. He seems to have some connection with chikki.. That man says he will go talk to the Singhania family. He gets the bride and bridegroom! Someone calls that man.. and chikki realises he is "the man". She gets scared and hides again! She takes duggu and goes somewhere! Akshi catches chikki.. she asks a scared chikki that what is the matter! She is about to tell akshi.. when Bm calls akshi. Chikki takes duggu and hides somewhere else! Akshi comes back spots chikki, when Naitik calls her!

Naitik talks of re-marrying in some mandap, but akshi is still searching for chikki.. He gets upset and says whatever u wanna do do..
The man and wife who have come talk about Dj and his wealth!

Naitik is managing arrangements, when akshi pulls him down! Akshi says sorry! Naitik says its ok!! Akshi says not like this! She knows he is angry! Naitik says no no.. u have time for everyone.. I dont have a chance only! Akshi says no no.. its not like that.. she says sorry again.. Naitik says.. no.. he is sorry..LOL Akshi says no.. u say "ILY akshara, i have forgiven you".. Naitik says no.. he wont! rb calls naitik.. he is about to get up.. when akshi hides him saying he has to say ILY first!LOL soon g3 calls akshi... Akshi tries to get up.. but this time naitik stops her! LOL Akshi makes bahanas, but naitik catches her! Akshi says something.. and leaves from thereTongue Showing him her tongueROFL

Naitik sees chikki scared.. he realises akshi was right! he is about to go towards chikki, when girija tells him that dj was calling him. Naitik goes there. The pandit calls everyone to strt the ceremonies. Dj expresses his extreme happiness to give this happiness to everyone! ST also says that yes.. it is right.. thats the reason she selected such a profession! Everyone praises ST..

Naitik hols akshi.. but akshi shoffs him off.. G3 calls akshi..they both stand in attention.. g3 tells naitik to get duggu near them!

Naitik goes and tells chikki to come.. chikki protests a lot.. gives diff diff bahanas! but naitik holds her hand, and takes her and duggu near the rest of the family.

Naitik tells akshi that she was right. But he adds that she shudnt ask chikki anything at the moment. Talk about it later..

The pheres start, when the man spots chikki. Chikki hides behind akshi.. but it proves futile. Dj comes forward and asks chikki whether she will call him in his marriage. Chikki is too scared knowing that the guy saw her. The guy sits down.
The panditji announces that the marriage is over. Chikki is scared. Akshi is worried about chikki.

Everyone comes in a line to greet dj and family. Naitik goes to see the food preparations.

G3 is happy that everything happened without any prob! She tells akshi to give duggu food. Akshi says that she will feed duggu and chikki both. G3 scolds akshi that not to have so much attachment towards the girl about whom she doesnt know anything. She says that tomorrow she will go away.. then what? It is not good.. the man overhears this.

Chikki is hiding behind a curtain. she is very scared.

PRECAP:: The man comes to SS house and says that they have done a crime. Naitik asks but what crime? The man says they have kidnapped his daughter and kept at their home.

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Episode begins with Shaswat wandering in his room with tension written in his face. Foram comes and asks him why he is stressed. He says because all the family members are behind him now. Till Tejal was asking for proof it was okay but now even his family has joined the brigade. Foram asks him to go to office and find out the proofs. He leaves.

In Aniket's room, he is sitting in a beans bag and is very disappointed. He then spots the sitar and moves towards it. As he is about to play the sitar, Sanyukta stops him. Aniket tells he doesn't want to discuss anything about the incidents today. But Sanyukta tells she needs to talk to him. She tries to explain him that maybe it was not written in his destiny to get married to Tejal. And whatever happens, always happens for good. Time is the best healer. So Aniket's pain will diminish with time.

Sushila enters the room. She tries to convince him and supports Sanyukta's words. She gives example of her best friend Darshana. She tells him that there was a time when she and Darshana were soul-mates. They could not live without one another. But after they got married to different households, they lost contact and now, Sushila doesn't even remember Darshana. So maybe Aniket will take time but gradually he will forget Tejal.

Sanyukta tells Tejal is not worthy of being any family's daughter-in-law. Especially not the Mazumdar's daughter-in-law.

Nikhilesh and Binoy watches all of them through the windows.

As Sanyukta starts coming out of Aniket's rom, Nikhilesh blocks her way and stands staring at her. Sanyukta tells him that she knows that he is not in consent with her decision against Tejal. But whatever she is doing its for Aniket's betterment.

Sanyukta leaves. Sushila follows her. Binoy tells Nikhilesh that all of them were so engrossed with the drama at the engagement that they forgot to judge who is the main faulty, Tejal or Shaswat.

Nikhilesh supports him and tells they have to dig deep into the matter. Otherwise Shaswat may also manipulate things and show false proofs. Tongue

Then Nikhilesh goes to explain Sanyukta and Binoy goes to Aniket's room. Nikhilesh tells Sanyukta that he doubts if Shaswat does have solid proof against Gulabchand. Because he is not in home and not receiving calls since 3 hours. Sanyukta tells him that very soon Shaswat will shut him up by showing the proofs as he has gone to the office now. An idea instantly flashes up in Nikhilesh's mind and he mutters to himself about going to Shaswat's office.

In Aniket's room, Binoy is trying to defend Tejal. But Aniket tells him that Tejal should have seeked sorry from Shaswat. If she could do that, matters wouldn't have worsened. Binoy asks him why he is only seeing the matter one-sided. Why isn't he considering Tejal's point of view? Tejal only asked for simple proofs against her father. Why couldn't Shaswat do even this small task?

Flashbacks trigger in Aniket's mind. He remembers Tejal's words, "Tell your brother to show proof against my father", "I swear on you Aniket, I'll touch his feet and say sorry but tell him to show one evidence against my father" Cry

In Tejal's home, Tejal is folding her clothes and putting into her bag. She is very gloomy. She also remembers how Aniket left her hand in front of everyone. Vaibhavi comes there. She tells Tejal has done so many things, taken so many risks to make her life happy. Its so painful that she cannot do anything for Tejal. She also tells no matter what, she'll always be beside Tejal in every sphere of her life.

Tejal mocks and tells the person who should have stood by her has left her hand, what can she expect from the world. Vaibhavi tells her not to go to Surat. She tells they will talk to Aniket and sort out the matter. But Tejal denies and shows that her tickets to Surat has already been booked. Both sisters hugs each otherand cries. Cry

In Shaswat's office, Shaswat is too busy. His office is in a mess. All files are scattered here and there and he is trying to find something. He shouts at his assistant Aditi why couldn't she find the files containing proof. Aditi tells him how she will find something which doesn't exist. Shaswat is angry and tells her to keep quiet and find the proof.

He mutters to himself that he has to make out something now. As he says this, Aniket enters his cabin. Tongue Shaswat is super shocked. Aniket demands the proof file right then. His voice is very stern. Shaswat is befuddled but he gathers himself and criticizes Aniket. He tells that he thought that for once Aniket supported him but that Tejal girl has blinded him so much that he cannot see anything beyond that girl's words.

Shaswat continues ridiculing Aniket when Nikhilesh and Binoy enters. They tell that they are with Shaswat now and so they have the same opinion that Tejal must be sent to jail. Shaswat becomes happy.

Binoy tells Shaswat to find out the proof papers quickly as they need to go to the police station. Shaswat is taken aback. He tells he'll find out soon and show them. But Binoy Nikhilesh tells him to find the file at that moment. They tell that they will help Shaswat and starts scattering the already messed up room. LOL

Shaswat is irritated and tells them to stop. But they are adamant and tells they will definitely find out the proofs. Aniket also joins them. Nikhilesh sits in front of Shaswat's laptop. Binoy is messing up files. Aniket too is rumbling through the files.

Shaswat is so agitated that he blurts out "I don't have any proof against Gulabchand". All pauses and stares at him. Shaswat realizes what he just revealed and is like Shocked. Aniket keeps staring coldly at Shaswat. Episode freezes on Aniket.

Precap: Nikhilesh and Binoy meets Tejal and tells her they will help her proving herself in front of Sanyukta. Binoy tells Tejal will again be able call Sanyukta as "Maa". Tejal is very happy and almost in tears. Nikhilesh tells despite whatever happens now, Tejal will only be the daughter-in-law of their house...

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Maanvi says ILU to Virat, Virat tells that both have one and tells that he loves her. He tells that he is so happy and he tells her that they will go home or else they will get malaria instead of lovaria.

Virat makes Tea for Maanvi and she asks why he made tea for her. She would have made it. She takes a sip and Virat asks if its not good. She tells that its not about tea, she is worried about their love and all the hurdles they have to face.

Virat tells now that he made maanvi agree, he can make others agree too. He tells that he wanted to make something special. Maanvi asks what and Virat holds her finger, Maanvi runs away but he catches her. Maanvi blushing and walking away, Virat holds her again. And they dance. Maanvi tells please and virat too tells please. She tells that he cant touch her. He tells that he touched her before too, she tells he was her friend then, and a partner, but now.. Virat asks what he is now. Maanvi is trying to walk away and tells Virat to sleep. He tells that he dont want to sleep cuz this reality might turn out as a dream. Maanvi tells that she have to tell the good news to her sis, Virat tells that he have to tell his bro.

At Chandigarh, Viren is unable to sleep, jeevika asks whats wrong. He asks Jeevika to promise not to tell anyone and tells her that the woman who Mr.Talwar loved for 30 yrs is Vanshika. Jeevika asks him not to worry and asks him to find out how Vanshika is feeling. Viren tells that he had seen his mom so happy after years together while talking to Mr.Talwar. Jeevika tells Viren not to take away his mom's happiness. Viren tells he have to ask Virat first..

After Break -

Maanvi sleeping and Virat adjusts her blanket and then he gets a call from viren. He tells Viren that he was about to call him. Viren asks howz everyone. He tells that every one is okay. Viren asks Virat to come back to chandigarh soon.He tells he'll start the next day.

Maanvi, on bed thinks about Virat and tells that he plays guitar very well, she wakes up and thinks to herself that Virat isn't there and how this music has come. She tells its love. She then notices a card with a heart on it saying good morning. She tells "good morning partner" and then she finds another card on the mirror and another one in the wardrobe and also a teddybear. the card says she must think Virat as teddybear and hug it until he comes back. She hugs the teddy and then realises where Virat has gone. She calls him and he tells that he is going to chandigarh as Viren called him. She tells that she'll miss her and Virat tells he is missing her already.

Maanvi goes outside with the teddy and BB asks where Virat is. She shows the teddy and tells that the teddy as Virat. She then tells that he has gone to Chandigarh.

Dabbu asks that Virat wouldnt go until he will make maanvi confess. Chachi tells that Virat is like Salman Khan and doesnt give up until he wins and that means, he already won. Maanvi smiles and BB tells that Maanvi lost to Virat. She smiles

Jeevika and Viren planning to talk to Vanshika. They go to the kitchen and Viren tells that he wanted to talk about her about her life. He tells that he want to talk about love, Vanshika asks if its VirMan's love. Virat is stammering and telling that he is talking in general about people and love. He tells that Love can happen with anyone, anytime at anyplace. Vanshika tells that she dont understand a word and she is going to SB to discuss about menu. Jeevika pulling Viren;s leg telling Viren that he failed. Viren tells Jeevika to give tea to his mom.

After Break 2-

Maanvi calls Jeevika. Jeevika asks why she is so happy and is that the matter. She tells yes and tells that she told yes to her Devar. But Maanvi tells that she is worried about whats going to happen. Jeevika tells that its not about VirMan and its about something else she'll tell later. Jeevika asks what everyone's reaction is. Maanvi tells everyone is happy. Jeevika went out and will be back and she dunno how Beeji will think. Jeevika tells that Beeji will accept them. Maanvi tells that Jeevika was right about love and its the best feeling ever. She was incomplete and love made her complete. They both tell love you to each other.


Virat tells Viren that Vanshika always loved and will always love her husband and no one can take his dad's place. Viren tells that he had supported virat in all his decisions. Virat tells that he will never allow someone to take his Dad's place.

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SurYa in cooking new dishes. LOL Sandy trains him in identifying food by smelling. Wink Vikram gets the contract from Raj Kumar.Wink Sooraj is ready for the Danger Zone round and is asked to correct the ruined dish which was complained from the customer.ConfusedOuch

Written Update

Sooraj is done with pasta and other Italian dishes.Tongue Sandhya tastes and appreciates him.Clap Sandy asks him to identify dish without seeing.LOL Sooraj finds them by smelling each dish.Wink Sandy tries to taste Chilli from Sooraj and hesitates to give him 2 times.ShockedShocked Sooraj identifies its Green Chilli and Sandy is surprised.ROFL He says he found it when Sandy was hesitant to feed him and with the smell of Mirchi. LOL

Vikram gets the contract for their shop and ViNa are happy. Chaturi is worried about Raj Kumar whereabouts. He comes in and Chaturi is relievedROFL Vikram indirectly thanks Raj Kumar for getting them the agency contract. Chavi tries to manage that Dilip made them getShockedDeadROFL but Vikram manages its some other person who got them contract.ROFL

The guy is behind bhabo giving rose and appreciating her accessoriesROFL she asks him to stay away though he doesn't understand. ROFLROFL Sooraj and other contestants are ready for the danger round.Tongue They are told to correct the dish which was complained by customers as not tasty.ConfusedOuch Sooraj is given some noodles/pasta kind of Italian dish.Big smile Sooraj smells and starts adding flavors.Wink The Indian guy appreciates that Sooraj is trying and doing well in cooking Italian dish though he is Indian.Big smile His wife annoyingly says he will loose as its Italish dish etc.. DeadAngry

A lady competitor's time is finished and she goes to serve her dish. Sooraj is observing.Confused The customer is unhappy and scolds her for spoiled dish and asks her to take away.Shocked She comes back crying.Cry Sooraj is worried and shocked looking at her.Ouch Sandy is worried seeing Sooraj isn't working on his dish rather he is trying to get what that lady's result was. Confused Bhabo-Bhabasa worried too seeing Sooraj.Ouch

Sooraj serves dish to the customer and customer looks stunned/confused/shockedConfused Sooraj is surprised/worried at his behavior.

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Episode starts with Anjali telling Arnav that she knows he has got married and now there’s a new world for him. Arnav says no one can between them, she was an important part of his life and will always be. Anjali says time has changed, since Arnav has stopped answering to her questions, everything has changed. Arnav says nothing has changed. He says, he married with Khushi just because of Anjali.

On the other side, Khushi is explaining to Nani that Arnav came back because on the last moment, his meeting got cancelled. She says may be Arnav shouldn’t have got back as whenever Anjali sees them together, she gets sad and now she will stop talking with Arnav once again. Khushi says Anjali thinks everything that is happening is because of her and may be Anjali is right. Khushi says when she tries to something good, everything goes wrong. Nani says Anajli has gotten weak because what happened today but she says Khushi is not responsible for all that. Khushi and Arnav are married and they have right to spend time together. Nani asks Khushi not to take Anjali wrong way, she has never hated Khushi. In fact, before marriage she always wanted Khushi and Arnav to be together.

Arnav tells Anajli that he didn’t marry her because he used to like her. He only married to her because of Anajli and her baby because he used to think her and Shaym .. (had an affair). He says he fell in love after they got married. He then reminds Anajli what she said to him before that some girl will come in his life without whom Arnav won’t be able live and he says it’s Khushi. He says he never thought anything like this will happen in life but it did.

Arnav says to Anjali but because of her coming, their relationship can’t be affected. Anajli is smiling as of now.. Arnav asks her not to think like that ever. Anjali says she will never say like this again and she kisses him on forehead and they hug. Anjali is smiling and seems happy.

Break 1..

Payal says to Aakash she took all her anger out on him by mistake. She just wanted to say like how everyone is upset, she is also upset and she just wants to help Aakash, everyone else. She wants to make Anajli understand. She says she is also part of this family and asks him not to think that she is not part of this family. Aakash says that she is right. He says he thought a lot, he tried to understand everything that happened and he says he wants a new beginning now and try to make their relationship like before. Payal is very happy. Aakash says just to be careful and now to repeat this mistake again. Payal promises him this won’t happen again and they hug.

Arnav’s room. Khushi is sleeping and he tells her that Anajli understands everything and she told him herself. He says everything will be fine slowly slowly. He then says Khushi lost her challenge today when she came running and hugged him. He says when Khushi is sleeping, it becomes so easier to talk with her. Title song plays in background. Arnav is looking at Khushi. He puts his hand in Khushi’s hand and fall a sleep.

It’s morning now and Khushi is talking on phone with Buaji. She says if she’s not fine then she can go there. Nani comes there and Khushi tells her that Buaji is not feeling well. Nani says then let’s go and visit her. Khushi says Anajli needs Nani so she will go alone. She asks Nani not to tell Payal about it otherwise she would get tensed. Arnav comes and Khushi leaves from there. Nani tells Arnav that Buaji is not feeling well.

Arnav comes to his room where Khushi is packing her bag. Arnav tells her he will also go with her. Khushi says him to stay with Anajli. Arnav says he has talked with Anjali and she… and he gets quiet suddenly. He then gives her ‘chane’ and says he brought for her. Khushi starts eating right away. She drops them on floor and gets down to collect them. Arnav says her, why you had to come down your knees, you could just accept me as your husband. Khushi then remembers what Arnav said her that she will come running to him and what Khushi said that when it happens, she will accept Arnav as husband. She remembers about last night and then says she is leaving now. She thanks him for ‘chane’ and leaves from there.

Payal is asking Khushi why she didn’t tell her. Khushi asks her to stay there and take care of everyone there. Payal looks sad. Khushi apologize her again and says she had no intention to interfere in her life. Anjali comes there and asks Khushi what happened to Buaji. Khushi says her blood pressure got high. Anjali tells her to go after having breakfast and she goes to her room to rest. Khushi is happy and she asks Payal if she saw that Anajli talked with her.

Nani gives ‘laddus’ to Khushi for her mother and father. She says her not to worry, Buaji will be fine. Khushi has tears in her eyes and she hugs Nani.

Aakash comes there. Manorama also comes and gives him tea. Manorama tells Khushi, there is no need to come back fast and says she can stay there as long as she wishes. Khushi tells her to take care and she is about to leave. NK comes and says Arnav will drop you Khushi ji. Arnav says he was going anyways. Khushi says she will go by herself but NK says you will have to go with Nannav else his heart will break. NK asks him to stop. Nani also says Arnav will drop her and Arnav starts walking.

Break 2..

Arnav drops Khushi and says Buaji will be fine. Khushi is still sad so Arnav asks her if anything else is wrong. He says her to look around and says ‘mausam hai suhana’ and then he asks what was that.. ‘mausam hai suhana aaj buaji ke ghar jane ka hai bahana.. what the what the what the..’ Khushi is still sad. He asks what happened. Khushi then proceed to take out her bag. Arnav says her to go and he will bring her bag and meet Buaji as well. Khushi says him no, and says if he comes then Buaji will get busy in preparing stuff for him. Khushi leaves now. Arnav says her, take care and he leaves as well. Khushi looks back to him.

Episode ends..

Precap: Arnav is on the door (at Khushi’s home). Khushi saying Buaji that she will make food today and Buaji is absolutely fine. Arnav knocks the door and Khushi sees him from window. Buaji goes to open the door and Khushi is worried.

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Few people will be asking cady to show them anjaan. After a great request the people leave. Cady asks them to wait for some time and she will definitely show them anjaan. Ram and rajat come to the mall. Ram gets a call so rajat says, you take the call I will say sorry and come. Ram takes the call and its sonia, wife of reshab. She asks where ram is and both have caring gossip. Ram tells sonia, he has met a cute little girl here and she loves to be with that girl. Ram says reshab that, after priya sonia is the only person who takes care of me and demands me with lots of love. Reshab also accepts it and hangs on.

Rajat practices saying sorry for a while and later finds cady’s poster of sale and chance to meet anjaan. Rajat gets angry and goes into the shop. He scolds for not passing the exam and doing all the nonsense in the shop with priya without thinking about his reputation etc. cady apologizes but rajat takes away cady from there.

Vikram comes into their room. neha will be getting ready. Vikram says, why neha why do you use this perfume which I hate a lot. Neha replies, after a while you need not bear this vikram. Our divorce will take place and everything will be over. Vikram says ok and leaves. But neha stops him. Neha tells, I think we should forgive each other and become one again. Vikram replies, we cannot forgive our mistakes not think of living together. Vikram leaves.

Peehu comes to the shop and search for cady. she finds cady is not there. She sits alone. Ram comes there. He asks why she is so sad. Peehu tells, even 2 books have got sold. Ram says, I have an idea to make your mood good. But you need to give me a kiss for that. Peehu tells, for that you need to buy few books. Ram agrees and selects few books as peehu says. Ram says he would buy all these books. He keeps them aside. And he sits on the table. He lets her sit on him. He gives few chocolates to her. Ram asks which food item do you like. Peehu replies, aloo paratha. Ram says its mine too. Priya walks their and finds ram with peehu and gets shocked. She feels happy to see him after a long time.

Ram asks whether she liked the chocolate or not. Peehu nods as yes. Ram takes out few more and gives few more. Priya recalls ram pleading her not to leave to sharma’s house as he will get upset with her absence. Ram says peehu, today I am very happy today because of you. So I have 2 movie party tickets. So I want you and your mother to attend this party. Peehu asks ram that she wants to watch the movie but ram says movie is for elders but not kids. Later their will be a paerty which you can attend. Peehu asks whether there will aloo paratha over their. Ram says, if there will be no aloo paratha I shall order it for you a special aloo paratha. Okay. Peehu agrees.

Ram leaves and priya hides aside. Priya looks on ram happily (Bade ache lagte hain song running in background). Priya comes back to peehu. Peehu tells priya that golu uncle has come to meet her and their favorites chocolate and food item is same. Priya hugs peehu and thinks, yes peehu you are same as your papa. He has good business skills and you too.

Vikram and neha will be discussing about their divorce. Neha tells, our kids have grown up now and they will definitely ask the reason behind our divorce and I don’t want to tell them. They think we are an idle couple and if they come to know about it they may lose belief in marriage itself which I don’t want. Vikram replies, yes but they should know the reason.

Priya and peehu get in the bed to sleep. Peehu lies down on bed and asks, mama how was papa? Slim or fat? Priya says, he is same as you. Fat. But now you sleep its too late. Peehu sleeps and priya recalls ram with peehu. She wipes her tears and gets up. Priya switches on the laptop. Peehu looks this and asks priya she wants to play a game. But priya asks to sleep. Priya feels, today peehu wants to play a game on laptop. Tomorrow she will search for her father details. Did I made a mistake by separating ram and peehu. In these 5 years never I tried to know about ram or my family members. I thought ram will move on after me but today after seeing ram with peehu I feel he dint move on yet. He is same as I am now. Though he is present peehu is missing her father. Ram has all rights to know that peehu is his daughter. I am sorry peehu for separating from your father. That day if I have given you to ram then don’t know how would have you react knowing your mom is in jail. No I made a mistake by separating them. I should let ram know about peehu. For that if I should go to jail again, its ok for me.

Cady asks priya to come for the party. Priya says, yes we are coming and you need not convince me for that. Cady feels happy and tells peehu that they shall enjoy in the party. Priya feels, this party will surely be a special party as peehu gonna meet her papa.