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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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Few people will be asking cady to show them anjaan. After a great request the people leave. Cady asks them to wait for some time and she will definitely show them anjaan. Ram and rajat come to the mall. Ram gets a call so rajat says, you take the call I will say sorry and come. Ram takes the call and its sonia, wife of reshab. She asks where ram is and both have caring gossip. Ram tells sonia, he has met a cute little girl here and she loves to be with that girl. Ram says reshab that, after priya sonia is the only person who takes care of me and demands me with lots of love. Reshab also accepts it and hangs on.

Rajat practices saying sorry for a while and later finds cady’s poster of sale and chance to meet anjaan. Rajat gets angry and goes into the shop. He scolds for not passing the exam and doing all the nonsense in the shop with priya without thinking about his reputation etc. cady apologizes but rajat takes away cady from there.

Vikram comes into their room. neha will be getting ready. Vikram says, why neha why do you use this perfume which I hate a lot. Neha replies, after a while you need not bear this vikram. Our divorce will take place and everything will be over. Vikram says ok and leaves. But neha stops him. Neha tells, I think we should forgive each other and become one again. Vikram replies, we cannot forgive our mistakes not think of living together. Vikram leaves.

Peehu comes to the shop and search for cady. she finds cady is not there. She sits alone. Ram comes there. He asks why she is so sad. Peehu tells, even 2 books have got sold. Ram says, I have an idea to make your mood good. But you need to give me a kiss for that. Peehu tells, for that you need to buy few books. Ram agrees and selects few books as peehu says. Ram says he would buy all these books. He keeps them aside. And he sits on the table. He lets her sit on him. He gives few chocolates to her. Ram asks which food item do you like. Peehu replies, aloo paratha. Ram says its mine too. Priya walks their and finds ram with peehu and gets shocked. She feels happy to see him after a long time.

Ram asks whether she liked the chocolate or not. Peehu nods as yes. Ram takes out few more and gives few more. Priya recalls ram pleading her not to leave to sharma’s house as he will get upset with her absence. Ram says peehu, today I am very happy today because of you. So I have 2 movie party tickets. So I want you and your mother to attend this party. Peehu asks ram that she wants to watch the movie but ram says movie is for elders but not kids. Later their will be a paerty which you can attend. Peehu asks whether there will aloo paratha over their. Ram says, if there will be no aloo paratha I shall order it for you a special aloo paratha. Okay. Peehu agrees.

Ram leaves and priya hides aside. Priya looks on ram happily (Bade ache lagte hain song running in background). Priya comes back to peehu. Peehu tells priya that golu uncle has come to meet her and their favorites chocolate and food item is same. Priya hugs peehu and thinks, yes peehu you are same as your papa. He has good business skills and you too.

Vikram and neha will be discussing about their divorce. Neha tells, our kids have grown up now and they will definitely ask the reason behind our divorce and I don’t want to tell them. They think we are an idle couple and if they come to know about it they may lose belief in marriage itself which I don’t want. Vikram replies, yes but they should know the reason.

Priya and peehu get in the bed to sleep. Peehu lies down on bed and asks, mama how was papa? Slim or fat? Priya says, he is same as you. Fat. But now you sleep its too late. Peehu sleeps and priya recalls ram with peehu. She wipes her tears and gets up. Priya switches on the laptop. Peehu looks this and asks priya she wants to play a game. But priya asks to sleep. Priya feels, today peehu wants to play a game on laptop. Tomorrow she will search for her father details. Did I made a mistake by separating ram and peehu. In these 5 years never I tried to know about ram or my family members. I thought ram will move on after me but today after seeing ram with peehu I feel he dint move on yet. He is same as I am now. Though he is present peehu is missing her father. Ram has all rights to know that peehu is his daughter. I am sorry peehu for separating from your father. That day if I have given you to ram then don’t know how would have you react knowing your mom is in jail. No I made a mistake by separating them. I should let ram know about peehu. For that if I should go to jail again, its ok for me.

Cady asks priya to come for the party. Priya says, yes we are coming and you need not convince me for that. Cady feels happy and tells peehu that they shall enjoy in the party. Priya feels, this party will surely be a special party as peehu gonna meet her papa.

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