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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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so roli is walking down the stairs at first she takes blessings from mataji she says that becoz of her mistake it has cause such a uproar in her family!becoz of her for the firs time a daughter in law has to go!all though she said all those bitter words she was crying while she was saying this!but still she wished her whn she went down to take her blessings!she said that she dsent knw wether she would be able to forgive her for this mistake ever or not!thn roli went on to hug mausiji their hug was really deep!mausiji called her khudiya indirectly said that although everyone out here knows who is right or wrong but still they keep their eyes blind to this matter!roli thn went on to take blessings from karuna chachi!as usual karuna chachi did not bless her!roli thn looked at khushi!glared right back at her!roli thn went on to hug her mother-in-law!her mother-in-law is so sweet!she was calling out to roli to not go!roli was trying to act really strong in front of mother-in-law!but as she is such a sweet and caring lady she could not control her emotion!she kept on crying and calling out to roli not to go!roli the went on to hug her sister!she cant control her tears while she was hugging her sister!simar thn takes off her hand and giver her the luggage!roli thn walks away with the luggage whn she stops!she looks at siddhannt!siddhant looks at her!she can claerly see the pain in siddhants heart!siddhant eyes are red!he cant stand this!his eyes are calling out plzzz dnt leave me roli!roli also sees that!roli loks at him with eyes that plzzz dnt cry for me like that i cant see u like that!their eye contact was really deep!siddhant eyes express the sorrow and pain in his heart!roli thn goes away siddhant looks back at her!roli thn looks back!simar expands her hand as if to hug her!both of them hug each other for a long time!simar thn breaks off their hug!roli thn goes off with her luggage whn siddhant calls out for her!roli stop u are not going alone anywere i will be going with u!everybody is shocked everybody looks at siddhant!roli sees that and she nods her head in displeasure she says siddhantji why should u have to go for my wrong doings!siddhant thn comes toward her grasps her hand into his and thn takes the hands close to his heart!and says to roli so lets go!mataji shouts out siddhant!siddhant do u even understand wht ur talking abt!this is a very big decision!whtever step u take do think abt it carefully!siddhant thn goes on to say u were the one who taught me that i should follow my duties roli is my duty roli is alone right now so my decision right now is that i will go with her!plzz give me ur permission!plzzz and he pleads with his hand in fron of mataji!mataji says ok if u have made such a big decision thn i wnt stop u but do remember this after u leave this place we will have to break all ties with u!while all this was going on khushi said woow mata rani i only wanted roli to go out of the house but now her husband is also leaving the house!siddhant and roli are hugging their respective brother and sisters it was a really touching scene both the brothers and sisters were crying their heart out!they could not see their brother and sister leave!siddhant goes and touches matajis feet!kabhi khushi kabhi gaam sad back ground music is playing!siddhant takes her blessing!mataji has become stiff u cant see any expressions on her face!siddhant goes to mausiji he makes his dharmender pose!mausiji smiles she holds his hand!siddhant then looks at her mother!he then hugs his fatherhe hugs his uncle!he thn goes off to touch karuna chachis feet!karuna chachi hands are shaking!yes she do feel something for siddhant her eyes are teared up siddhant sees that and smiles!siddhant touches his moms shoulder!his mom is tearing up she cant control her tears!he thn embraces his mother from behind!mataji closes her eyes as if to control her tears!siddhant thn goes to touch her moms feet!siddhant thn holds his moms hands and kisses them!his mom holds his head!mausiji comes closer to his mom!siddhant takes off his hand!siddhant takes the luggage!roli looks at simar both of them are crying!simar lets go of rolis hand and looks at another side!siddhant looks at roli he takes her hand!both siddhant and roli with tears in their eyes leave the house!


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