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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

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Recap -- Mukkus mom tells Madhu that Mahurat is gone so no Sagai! Her hubby suggests to do it today.n so do the others ...n finally Mukkus mom relents! Bittu tells RK that he will ensure that the darkness of the nite gets even more darkened for Madhu! Roma asks all .. to see who is coming to illuminate the special nite n its RK and RK says..lets start the engagement and the lights come back!

Part 1

RK is shown walking staring at Madhu and he recollects Madhus words to him of punishing him! Madhu looks at Mukku and Mukku looks at Madhu! The pandit asks them to put the rings on! RK recollects his words that he din want the engagement at any cost! Mukkus mom looks on unhappily! Mukku puts ring on Madhu! RK looks on! Madhu puts the ring on Mukku n RK smirks! All shower flowers on the duo! Madhu-Mukku smile! Paddo-Shammo are elated and congratulate Mukkus parents! Madhu-Mukku seek the blessings of their elders! RK walks towards them and comes very close to Madhu n whispers CONGRATULATIONS .. Madhu is startled! He shakes Mukkus hand! All are taking Mukku-Madhu pics and Trish asks to let her click! Trish asks Madhu to go close to Mukku! Madhu asks Mukku if he is upset? He says yes! Madhu starts to explain reason for delay and Mukku says.. not for that but why does she look so beautiful and why she is sitting so far! Mukku puts his arm around Madhu and Madhu blushes and Trish cheers! Madhu looks at RK and RK gives a 'Looking good' symbol and passes a flying kiss to her! Madhu is embarassed! 

Shammo is distributing sweets and offers Bittu n he says.. have sugar! RK takes on his behalf! RK sees Mukku-Madhu chatting! Bittu looks on and says he is getting confused about what RK wants? RK says..he will ask himself the same question when he reaches home! Bittu says..let him remind that RK din want this engagement and it is happening and RK is happy! RK says he is not happy and shows Madhu smiling and says she is happy and when the marraige will break, she will cry just as much! RK says there wont be as much rain in this monsoon as much as tears that Madhu will shed! RK offers sweet to Bittu n he says..have sugar! RK eats the sweet! Madhu can feel his gaze on her! Mukkus mom is confused seeing RK smiling and comes to him and says..she thot he came to break the engagement but it happened! She offers him sweet and RK asks her to stop being so sarcy! He says.. not every egg becomes a chick.. some become omlette! He says..that sagai has happened but 'her would be daughter in law' wont become daughter in law! He says..let her be happy but when dreams break without getting fulfilled, the pain increases! 

Music starts 'Chalka re' and Trish is dancing! RKs eyes are on Madhu! Trish teases Mukku and Madhu while dancing! She makes Mukkus sis dance as well! She pulls Shammo-Paddo to dance but Paddo is shy! Mukkus mom calls out to Paddo as 'Mrs. Mallik' but she does not answer and she taunts if Paddo forgets her name at times? She tells Paddo that she forgot to welcome Mukkus mom to the filmy family! Mukkus mom taunts her about the dance and show and asks if they dance always? Paddo feels a bit bad! Roma is drinking and joins Trish to dance! Trish pulls RK as well and he does a lil side movement! Mukkus sis is dazed seeing RK so he twirls her! Trish pulls Madhu-Mukku to dance and they dance (the titanic pose) and then Mukku twirls Madhu and RK pushes Bittu towards Madhu which makes Madhu lose balance! Madhu falls in RKs arms! Everyone watches shocked! 

Part 2

RK helps Madhu stand up and says SORRY! Bittu says sorry to Madhu for spilling drink on her! Bittu runs after RK! Madhu goes to clean the drink spot from her saree and sees that the lights are not working! She takes a bit of water and starts to clean when she hears a knock on the door and a shadow coming close! Madhu thinks its Mukku and so she asks Mukku to leave as anyone can see and gossip and that she is coming out shortly! Madhu turns and RK lights the lighter and Madhu sees its RK! Both freeze! Someone clicks their pic! 

Part 3

RK stares at Madhu and Madhu is disturbed seeing RK! RK says that whenever he comes close to Madhu,she makes him feel like someone else! Madhu asks what? RK says its a dialogue from his film! Madhu asks RK what he is doing there? RK says.. he was passing by and saw her in darkness so thot to put some light in her life! Madhu says..she is perfectly fine! As Madhu starst to walk, her saree pallu is stuck in RKs watch! Madhu turns glaringly at RK and RK smirks at Madhu n shows his hand! Madhu calms down and stares at RK!

Precap -- RK is drinking at home and sings.. 'Chalka re' and Bittu is dancing! RK asks Bittu why he is dancing so much? Is Madhus job done? Bittu says Madhus job is done! RK sings.. 'Chalka re..baat na mani'!

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Part 1

Daljeet goes to the Gurdwara to pray for his father while Sahiba is praying for her family and both pray next to each another but don't see each another. One of the light is blinking and as Ranveer is fixing the light, Ranveer sees Sahiba playing with the water and the song *Tere Naal Embarrassed* plays and the light comes back and Ranveer prays and looks at Sahiba while hiding. Beauty approaches Daljeet and asks how come are you here? Are you looking for any girl and beauty teases him and Daljeet says my father is not feeling well and Sahiba's mother says i pray so that your father recovers soon and Daljeet looks at Sahiba again as she drops her hair clip and after Sahiba leaves, Daljeet goes and picks up the hairclip. Bebe calls everyone as the group from the Gurdwara has arrived at their house and they all have a prayers at home.Sahiba's father is talking to his friend and the friend says about his son called Happy shown teaching the servant how to do the work properly as he spilled a drink and Sahiba asks how to spell Happy and he says Hap-py? Happy's father and Sahiba's father sees Happy doing work and Happy looks at Sahiba and doesn't realize the work he is doing and spills the drink. (Sahiba now has another admirer besides Daljeet Day Dreaming). Ranveer and his father is trying to break the water tank on their house balcony and Ranveer's mother comes asking why are they breaking it and the father says that the son is going to London and they are planning to change the tank where a tank in the shape of a plane is shown. Daljeet is cleaning his bicycle and is talking to Sahiba's brother where the brother teases Daljeet and Daljeet asks him to leave.

Part 2

Preparation is still going on in Sahiba's house and Daljeet is shown cycling back while looking at Sahiba's hairclip and looks at his self in a mirror and says i do look good, will she... how can i even think of that? I don't know her and i need to return her the hairclip and she would say Thank you. What would happen after that? Sahiba says Kutta on the phone to Ranveer as they both plan to hang the phone together on the count of 1,2 and 3 while they both continue talking while Sahiba's friends enters the room and listens to Sahiba talking and Sahiba asks are you listening to me or admiring your water tank and Sahiba's bua enters saying you are talking to Ranveer right? Both of you are always going to be together, so cut the call now and get ready. Ranveer dreams of Sahiba sitting in front of him and holding the US flag and as the cloth flies, a cloth falls on Daljeet's face and a lady from the balcony apologizes and Daljeet passes back the cloth and the lady says thank you and god bless what you wish for. Daljeet sees the hairclip and says, this means she will surely say thank you. The board having the name of Sahiba weds Ranveer is now on the enterance and Bebe comes and asks Sahiba to go inside and get ready while Sahiba is looking for her father. Sahiba's father is shown sitting at the back of the house holding a photo of him and Sahiba as a kid and has tears in his eyes and Sahiba comes and says, so here you are. I was searching for you everywhere. 

Part 3

Sahiba says i was looking for you everywhere and you are here and asks the father to make her anklet tighter and Sahiba's father turns his face as he don't wish to show him crying but Sahiba realize and asks what happened? Sahiba's father says nothing betha, you go and get ready. Sahiba says please look at me and tell how do i look. Sahiba's father starts crying and says i don't wish to see as i was seated her and i hold you with this hands and today with this same hands, i am going to send you away. What ritual is this and why must a father give his daughter's hands to another person and cries while Sahiba says i am sorry papa, if i was a son, i would not need to leave and make you sad. Sahiba's father says don't say that as i am very happy to have you in my life and both of them hug and start crying.

Precap: Sahiba's sister comes to Sahiba and says that Ranveer is no where to be seen and everyone turns and Sahiba is missing.

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Krish and Rajni return home early and Krish gets off at his office...

Rajni on the way home stops the car and then goes to a house wearing a white saree.

It is Yash's house and he has a son...apparently the mother is dead...but the boy does not know...he keeps asking when his mom is coming back...

Rajni arrives and the boy runs out saying "mummy..."

I don't know why he should call her that unless she resembles his mom...because there are photos of her in the house...of course the photos are not shown close...so we don't know if she looks like Rajni...

krish was in office thinking about it...where surbhi comes and says about some machine hez lost in his world( ohhh gaurav was amazing with expressions here ) surbhi then asks if everything 5n between him and rajni..he doesnt reply..so she goes away saying that solve out ur problem first ( he looked dashing in black and white )and Rajni comes in auto to one big mahaal...and kid who was with Yash...mom agayi kehke runs out from home to meet rajni and hugs her...krish calls rajni asking wer is she...she says lie that shez in mandir...the kid besides shouts jhoot kyun bol rahe tum mere ghar aye ho na...krish asks who is that..she cuts the phone...Krish wonders why rajni said lie...

No she doesn't tell Krish anything...Krish does not force her either...he just seems understanding...

When she drops him off at office, he turns to say something to her after getting out of the car, but she just tells the driver to leave...he is puzzled by her behavior and Surbhi notices he is distracted...

Precap...Krish calls Rajni and she says she is at the temple and then Krish hears the child say why are you lying...and so on...

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Mumbai :
Avantika's car stops in mid way! Harish passes frm there! Brings back his car and says "Madam in midst of the roadLOL (looks at the car)! Oho madams long, big and costly fav car is damagedROFL "

Anuj tells to Harish they have to reach to an urgent meeting and they arent finding any taxi! Harish tells him they wont get any taxi over here! Can he get them an AutoLOL! 

He asks if not auto they can come in his...Its quite bigger than Auto MadamROFL! Anuj goes to sit in the fron sit Harish stops him by saying that his front seats push back is not working so he should sit in the back seat! 

And when avantika goes to sit in the back seat he stops her and tells her does he looks like her driverLOL!

And tells her to remember he is giving them liftingROFL SittingLOL! 

Blah blah continuesLOL!


Nanu tells to Pankuri that they wont be able to come to Neha's sangeet ceremony!

Pankhuri tells to Nanu till there is no big reason she doesnt feel bad for anything! Adi Shocked


Harish sings song! Avantika try to do something bt harish stops her and says its his vehicle!LOL Harish tells to anuj to decide about his commissionLOL! Avantika and Anuj "commission"Shocked! Harish tells them they are goin for important meeting! If they dont reach there on time they will have to face crores loss! If someone is saving her crores so that person should get some prize or commissionLOL!


Adi asks to Nanu there he was behaving so friendly as if nothing has happened! Nanu tells him he was just showing off! He wanted to tell them how big heart they haveLOL they can forgive any bodyLOL! 

Other wise than that he will neva enter in the house of people like them who are cunning,tricky,miscreant LOL Adi *shocked*LOL

Nanu tells to him that Dadu is very cunningLOL! Adi asks him why is he using such wordsLOL ?? Adi tells him Pankhuri's dadu is not like that which he described in his wordsLOL! Nanu says he is Pankhuri's dadu so he must be cunning!

Adi tells him he dnt think soPinch! Adi says all are good in Pankhuri's home! Nanu asks if all are good then wid whom he has the quarrelBig smile!

Adi *shocked*! Nanu tells adi not to say him that now he wants to go to Neha's sangeet ceremony! Adi denies! 

Nanu tells him then they will go to there home and return this clothes to them...Adi tells him they can send this through hotels driver or any staff! Nanu tells no! He wants to throw those clothes on there face*throws over adi's face*ShockedLOL!

The clothes get stains on it! Nanu tells him they will return this clothes with stains! 

Nanu goes to temple...Adi gives clothes for dry cleaningSmile!

Pushkar asks if Naman's family will ask why they called Dewaan family then what will they say? Dadu tells him GD has told them everything!

Adi calls Pankhuri and asks that stains are cleared from Nanu's coat! Pankhuri asks him why is he asking this ?? Adi tells her teas stains doesnt go so easily! Pankhuri tells him yes she knows! Her maa told her tea stains are very obstinateLOL! Adi asks her does she knows there is special treatment to clean those stains! Pankhuri asks at his place how the stains are removedLOL! At her place limes are used to clean the stainsLOL! Adi gets lime to clean those stainsLOL! 

Nanu asks Dadu that has he thought any thing abt the conference! Dadu tells yes! his few fellows will come to meet him and will talk non sense ainvayi thingysLOL!


Avantika remembers Harish's words abt commission as he stopped saying 'shaa'! Avantika doubts on Harish,Nanu and ShankyD'oh! 


Adi cuts lime(unique styleLOL) and drops its juice over the stains and tastes itLOL! Pankhuri irons Nanu's coat! Adi uses toothbrush to clean the stains and blows air frm mouth (as if the stains will blow awayROFL)! 


Avantika call latika's mom and tells her to meet her to discuss about Adi and Latika's marraige possibilities!

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Rashi tries to open the pump but it gets opened there itself and all water flush on rashi forcily. Koki and jigna looks this. Koki scolds rashi and asks to stop the water if not all the water goes away. Koki goes downstairs. Rashi tries hard to stop the water and finally sits on it to stop leaking.

Gopi gives tea to parag and koki comes there angrily. Gopi asks what happened. Koki tells that pump got opened and all water is leaking. Gopi asks whether she can go upstairs and look but both koki and parag stop her.

Jigna gets call from sameer but she cuts the call. Rashi asks jigna who is calling and why is she nervous. Jigna says it’s a secret and she shouldn’t say anything to anyone. Jigna tells rashi that sameer is her boyfriend and he is coming to talk with the family members about their marriage. Koki and parag both call the plumber. Jigna tells rashi that koki doesn’t know about him but only parag knows about this. Rashi asks jigna to get ready well. Jigna leaves from there.

Urmi calls rashi. Rashi tells she sat on the pump. Koki comes into her room and finds water flowing in her room. koki shouts at rashi to take care of the pump properly as water is flowing in her room. rashi hangs on the call thinking koki may come upstairs.

Sameer comes to modi bhawan. But koki thinks its plumber and rushes him to upstairs and leaves. Meeti takes him to terrace. Even rashi thinks sameer as plumber and leaves the pump on him and leaves. Sameer wonders at everyone’s behavior.

Urmi once again calls rashi. Rashi tells that everyone are in hurry at home so she will talk to her later. Rashi hangs on. Urmi doubts what is happeneing in modi bhawan. Jigna calls sameer but he couldn’t take the call. Rashi comes to jigna’s room. jigna requests rashi to open the door when sameer comes. And asks to bring him to her room without making anyone know about him. Rashi agrees. Rashi asks jigna to get ready and she too would change till that time. Rashi leaves.

Koki and meeti will be searching for the pump. Rashi changes and comes downstairs. Door bell rings. Rashi thinks its sameer. Rashi opens the door. Rashi looks at the plumber and wonders that jigna’s taste is so good then how did she select this guy. Rashi asks plumber to come with her. Koki finds the pump. Gopi comes her way and asks to give the pump as she is going upstairs. Koki tells gopi to take care of herself. She finds the main door is open and goes to close it.

Rashi takes the plumber into the garden. The plumber gets the call and hearing his words rashi thinks he is so bad. Koki comes there and finds plumber talking on phone. Koki asks rashi to tell the truth if not she will send her to her mother’s place. Rashi says, he is jiggi’s boyfriend. Koki shocks. The plumber comes near to them and tells he is a plumber. Koki again shocks. Rashi tells him slowly, no need to lie I have told kaki ji everything. Koki yells, jigna wants to marry a plumber??? Plumber says no I don’t want to marry. Koki leaves angrily saying I will call jigna and ask her in front of you whats going on.

Gopi comes upstairs. She gives the pump to sameer. Sameer tells gopi, I am not plumber. I am jigna’s boyfriend and I came to talk to her sister about their marriage. One lady has told me to repair this pump. I wonder whether I look like a plumber. Gopi apologizes sameer and tells its jigna’s sister koki itself and come downstairs with her. Sameer says its okay I will repair this pump so that their misunderstanding may clear off. Gopi nods and leaves.

Koki yells at the plumber to wait in the hall itself. Koki goes to jigna’s room and takes her away forcily by grabbing her hand. Koki brings jigna to the hall. Koki shows the plumber. Jigna wonders looking at the plumber and asks koki who is this. Koki yells at jigna that whats happening here. Rashi says sorry to jigna.

Jigna introduces sameer to koki and tells she wants to marry him. Koki says, this marriage cannot take place. Jigna shocks.

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The episode starts with Shaku seeking forgiveness and that she is leaving the haveli for good...K tells Shaku to stop and tells her that she need not leave..All shock and KN questions K for stopping Shaku..K clarifies that Shaku and her son will be crucified in the village with the news that ASY is SS son and until ASY is fully recovered they can stay in the haveli..Shaku is surprised with K condition..SS pleads with K to change his mind but K is adamant that he is not going to stay with SS in the haveli and tells P to pack their bags..Shaku too pleads with K to stay as it will be unfair for him to go when he is allowing ASY and her to stay...SS pleads with K but K is no mood to consider SS feelings and tells him that his tears will not work this time and he has no reason to stay anymore here with SS more interested in his new family..KP leave to pack leaving SS totally distraught..

KriYa Room

K is packing his clothes and tells P to pack as they are not staying in the Haveli...P praises K for allowing ASY and his mother to stay and tells him that he has done a good deed but K is more interested in packing...P tries to reason with K that by moving out will not be the solution to the problem but K is insistent in leaving and does not care if the solution is not moving out..He tells P that he cant live here and that they will manage however they can on their own..He tells P that she can decide on what she wants, whether to stay here or leave with him...P assures K that she will live with K in whichever condition he provides but thinks K is not thinking with a cool head..She persists K to think with a cool head and will realise that moving out is not the right thing to do..K starts to dwell on P words...


ASY is awake..He asks the doctor for the fees but the doctor assures him that his father, SS has paid the bill..ASY is surprised to hear doctors words and realises that SS has accepted him as a son...

KN room

Kesar nags KN for not doing anything and allowing K to dictate terms,...First by giving blood to ASY and now allowing ASY and his mother to stay...KN says that he is not weak and did not say anything because he agreed with K to give ASY another chance..He assures Kesar that ASY will not survive in the Haveli

Sajjan Niwas

KP are leaving the Haveli..SS tries to stop K but K is not interested..He tells K that he is becoming heartless and should reconsider his decision but K tells SS that he can live happily with his new family as he wants nothing to do with SS or the Haveli..KN tells K not to go and only person to leave will be ASY..K moves forward to leave but SS stops him..K tells SS that once he leaves, he wont return and nor will he see SS face again..

ASY and his mother return from the hospital..They go to their rooms...KN tells K that ASY wont leave now...K believes that ASY and his mother will keep their word to leave once ASY health is better...ASY and his mother lcome out of their room with their remaining belonging and ASY goes to SS and tells him that he got what he wanted from SS and that is acceptance...Now he wants nothing more from anyone...KN does not believe him but ASY calls him as Shakti bhai assures him that he wants nothing more and tells KN to think from his heart and not from his thinking of force and wealth...KN apologies to everyone for his behaviour while he was staying there..He approaches K and tells him that he will always be in debt of K for saving his life and giving him blood..He tells K that his blood is inside him so will always have K spirit with him...He tells K that he will always be there for K when need be..ASY thanks P for her understanding..

ASY takes SS blessings and leaves with his mother and both leave the haveli...

Green House

The neighbour comes to thank Arushi for arranging the wedding at a low budget and praises her for her wonderful work...The neighbour brings a gift for ARushi but Arushi refuses to accept it as she did the wedding arrangement as a favour and Ritu, the bride is like a sister to her..Prof tells Arushi to accept the gift as its Lord Ganesh...Chinky asks if Lord Ganesh will answer her prayers..Prof says if asked with sincerity then yes...Chinky asks Lord Ganesh for Komal to remarry and for her to have a new papa...All look sad at the innocent wish Chinky has requested for...

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the judge orders indu and sanchi to live together for 6 months . Indu objects asking i m a student and does not have his own place to live. Judge orders him to live in mathus niwas and try to get a job. Tarachand and sanchi's lawyer tried to speak against the order but judge makes them quiet by shouting and she was both their mothers(was a funny moment sb darr gaye judge se...ye judge nhi mummy h)

Veena asks sanchi to accept indu as her husband otherwise the samaj...(again her pravachan)...indu agrees to live with sanchi after tiwaris encourages him to take revenge from sanchi for her misdeeds (mehak also says sanchi to harass indu...aisa haal kr do na wo sukun se ji paye na mar paye)...indu says i will live their but only being the same indu there...
Indu while leaving is interrupted by roop. She feels happy and says now u can think of me. I m a girl who can not be found if u search taking a lamp with u everywhere...indu looks her up to down and explains i have to live with sanchi ji for 6 months and now let me go. Roop feels upset.

indu tries entering the house with his friends but sanchi says court has ordered only u not your frnds and if u will try to do so i will call the police. Indu asks his frnds to live with mamaji and says to sanchi now i m alone . Let me enter...veena looks furiously on indu. He too looks at veena...sanchi gets worried

PRECAP: very interestin...indu is on the bed. Sanchi at the door. Indu sayr these 6 months i will live here like indu singh lives and i will do what i want...sanchi replies dont u ever think of that...indu gets furious and suddenly moves towards sanchi and says...ae dulhan...to which sanchi says...tum sune dulhe

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akshara takes duggu from girja she tells she will feed duggu, chikki if she can also feed duggu. naitik comes saying something ak puts lasddo in mouth. mohit running after rashmi, rashmi hides dj shoes, mohit,naitik,gayatri,rajshri,anshu,akshara hides shoes & other person sees. Bride's side demands for money naksh denies to give that , akshara aks for shoes rajshri presents wrong shoes, atlast chikki tells them she has shoes. akshara is sad naitiks are you remembering about your bidaai. naitiks says if start crying then I will also cry like I did in our marriage. a stranger comes & searches for shakari tai,Shankari tai & stranger comes out, chikki goes to call her but she gets afraid seeing him. gy3 asks chikki you came to call & u are standing here, gy3 & st goes akshara comes & asks what happened whom are you looking? bm comes dadi says y'day when bhabhimaa was coming from sasural she had tears but today when she is going from her maayka to sasural she is smiling thats means she loves her sasural & hubby. A woman is the person who brings together two families.
shankari tai tells rajshri what you told now because of that now we have tears. daddaj thanks everyone for making their day special. chiki is still afraid. dj tells I don't know how tyo thank u all. shaurya says dj give us ashirwaad. gayatri does aatri & welcome in SS. daijama steps in. bm starts crying, dj aks why are you crying bvm says I'm remembering about M's they gave me so much love that I forgot.
all couples spending time, gayatri is showing rajbanna her mehendi, rajbanna is about to kiss gayatri(I think)ROFLgayatri blushesLOL shaurya kisses varsha, rj & vishambhar hugging each other, daijama hugging, naksh sitting in hugged position. chikki is still still afraid while sleeping.
akshara & naitik asks why are you not ready yet. naitik tells buaji & mamaji left as they had some problem. chikki tells she doesn't want to go marriage. naksh asks why? naitik tells why are you not going? chikki says its like that I don't want to go. gayatri comes &says why are you not ready yet?chikki tells she will go. chikki says if I don't then gayatri may scold chikki. dj tells we elders are only late & she is small, dj tells naitik to bring them. akshara is worried naitiks asks what happened? akshara tells chikki is behaving strange after bidaai..naitiks tells her not to worry.episode ends.
precap: akshars asks naitik where is duggu & chikki, he says they may be here only.

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Jeevika thinks to call up maanvi but then she dismisses the idea and plans to video chat with her. Both of them talk via video conference and maanvi informs jeevika that she understood what jeevika meant and she has asked virat to leave the house and also that they have no future together. Jeevika tells her that she never meant that and she wants maanvi to be happy and maanvi can never be happy while arguing and quarreling with virat. Maanvi says I understand you but nothing is going to change only with you and jiju's support as all the other family members are strictly against our relation and i cant make everyone sad for my happiness only.

Talwar appears at Vadhera House during dinner time to give an Important file to Viren. Dadaji urges him to have dinner with them and he agrees. Viren's mom becums uncomfortable seeing him. Dadaji asks him about why he didn't get married inspite of him being such a "happy go lucky guy". He says that when it was time to get married , he didn't get any girl...and when he got a girl whom he liked time was not with him...and now its the age for him to get married. He and viren's mom shared a short little look with each other which didn't go unnoticed by viren.

Talwar and viren's mom share a moment with each other when she asks him about his choice of girl. The description he gives makes her laugh out loud. She was enjoying his company when Viren sees his mom having a laugh. He gives an impressive look to talwar and starts thinking.

Later on Viren asks Talwar about the girl he talked to him once. Talwar tries to avoid him by delaying the discussion. He says no delaying is needed and he should talk about it as the girl still is loved and remembered by him. Talwar says its better to keep something as a secret forever. But Viren then shows his mom (who was talking on phone) and asks him whether she is his college friend about whom he was taking. Talwar becums uncomfortable and leaves the house without saying anything.

Heavy Storm and Rain strucks Hrishikesh. Virat is shown fighting with mother nature to protect the one leaf about which maanvi talked. He is covering the leaf with his both hands and guarding it against all the odds that could blow it off from the tree ( The song Tu Jahaan Main Wahaan ...sang sgang yun chalu tere jaise tera aasmaan is played in background along with flashback scenes). Maanvi is sleeping in her room but due to strong wind her window opens up. She goes to lock the window and finds Virat standing outside under the rain protecting the single leaf. She screams out his name but Virat is busy guarding the poor single leaf.

Maanvi goes out of the house and runs towards him . She cries and screams and asks him to come inside. He says firmly to her that she should go inside leaving him there as she may get sick. Maanvi asks him , "Are you made of stone??? what makes you think the you wont get sick?"

Virat says , " you told me that your life is like this leaf. Storm and wind will blow it away. Now see, I am guarding this leaf...No matter a thousand storm comes, A thousand wind blows I will NOT let it blow this leaf away. I will protect it. And like this leaf, I will protect you too. No matter how many stroms and winds come into your life...I will stand in front of you and before you I will take them and I wil NEVER let anything happen to you. This is my PROMISE to you...VIRAT VADHERA'S PROMISE TO YOU".

Maanvi gets angry and she says out loud that " Fine, you stay here... You wont listen to me..You stay and get wet and then get sick. I dont care!!!! WHO ARE YOU FOR ME ???" And then starts moving towards the house again turning her back towards virat.

Virat turns now towards her and asks , "Maanvi, AM I NOTHING TO YOU???"

That strikes Maanvi hard.Everything Virat said till today, Every moment they shared together, Every little pain he took for her, Every assurance he gave her till date comes down to her crushing every bit of her resolve. She runs with her heart towards virat and hugs him tight finally uttering the words out loud, " YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING VIRAT...EVERYTHING...MY SOUL, MY HEART, MY REASON TO BREATHE...I LOVE YOU".

Virat also returns her love saying, " I love You Maanvi".

PRECAP: Virat gives Tea to Maanvi and asks her whether its good. Maanvi says its nice. She says that their love story is in track now but they will have to move through many 'Red Signals' and she does not want him to go against his family becoz of her...and also its her diii's family and she doesn't want her diii to get puzzled in between all this.