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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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The episode starts with Raj telling Richa to stop her nonsense because they believe that Siddhi could never sign Divorce papers. Richa says that Siddhi was only pretending to fight Kunal's case so at the end of it all she could skim hefty amount of money from her dad to actually lose the case. Seema says to Richa that just like her, the papers she has brought are also fake as Siddhi could never think of such thing let alone actually doing it. Seema also warns Richa that her dream of breaking their family will never be fulfilled so she shouldn't even try to test their love and trust for Siddhi. Richa pleads them to believe her, but no one dose. Raj asks her to leave, but Siddhi says that Richa is telling the truth and she has indeed signed the papers. Richa again tries to convince them that Siddhi's intentions were never to save Kunal, but she was only after money. Richa further says that she knew Siddhi's intentions all along but no one believed her. Richa tells Seema that she is not the one to break their trust and relationship, but it's actually Siddhi who is doing the needful. Richa then goes to Veena and tells her that you consider Siddhi your daughter, but she never considered you as her family because If she did then she wouldn't have made deal with my dad to trade Kunal's freedom for money. Richa then tells Raj that she is not the cause of their worries, but it was always Siddhi, but they all always failed to see her true face.

Richa finally goes to Siddhi and tells her that your true face has been finally revealed. First you killed my brother and now you are sacrificing Kunal for money? But don't expect that you can be spared despite doing all the bad deeds and lies because I will make sure that you will get punish for every bad things you have done so far. Siddhi gets furious at Richa telling her that she can't do a damn thing to her and asks her to get out. Richa says very calmly that Siddhi can do whatever bad things she want to her, but she will never allow her to do anything bad to Kunal.

Richa again goes to Veena and assures her that she will never let anything bad happen to her son because her son is not alone and she will always be with him. Kunal will surely return home because she will make sure to bring him home. Richa then hands over the divorce papers to Veena and leaves from there very happily saying to herself that the way to Kunal's heart is to through his family where she has already landed her first step. She further tells herself that the moment Siddhi steps out of Kunal's life, I will be in his house. She thanks Siddhi for bringing Kunal back to her life as she was the one who had taken him away from her.

After Richa leaves, Raj asks Siddhi why she agreed with Richa that she had signed the divorce papers as they know Richa was lying. Siddhi says she doesn't want to talk about it. Raj says but he wants to talk about it because they trust her and have every right to know the truth. Siddhi ignores Raj and tries to leave then Seema tells her they all deserve an explanation from her. They all know she is worried, so are they but that doesn't mean she will act this way. Seema further says that they are unable to understand her way of dealing with the current situation and they are puzzled to see her behavior these days as she come and goes from the house at her will and doesn't talk to anyone and doesn't give them any explanation. Siddhi says that she agreed with Richa because that is the truth that she has taken money from Thakaral to sign the divorce papers. Seema says they don't know why she is doing all this but in the process she is hurting everyone's feelings. Siddhi says she knows that they are shocked and hurting, but she is not thinking about them at this time, but only about her and her child because she doesn't want her kid to have same kind of life as she does. Raj asks Siddhi what is her complain about her current life? Siddhi says that because she is the one who has always takes care of their house and them. She continues saying many hurtful things to Chopras and says now I only want to think about my child and myself from now on.

Vikram says he has seen Siddhi being happy for Kunal with the littlest hope of him being released in the past so how can she lose hope now? She says she took money from Thakaral because this was already a lost case for them so she just tried to make the best out of the situation and make some money for herself for child. Raveena asks her if we have already lost this case then on what basis Thakaral made this deal with you? Siddhi gives some lame explanations for Thakaral making deal with her.

Raj is very hurt after hearing all the nonsense from Siddhi and lets Siddhi knows about his disappointment. He screams that he can't believe she has deceived them like that. Siddhi says that they can think whatever they want about her, but she doesn't regret being selfish because she did all this for her child and herself just like they were thinking only about their son. Upon hearing this Veena gives a hard SLAP to Siddhi (on a lighter note, lately Siddhi was being shown slapping so many people that it was strange to see her getting slap). Veena asks Siddhi to say that whatever she just said is mere lie and she cannot do Sauda of her son. Siddhi says that this is not a lie, but whatever she has been saying doing for them has been a lie. She says many other repetitive things which are not worth mentioning here. She finally goes inside the room and sobs.

While in room she imagines Kunal to be standing behind her and Abhi mujhame BG is playing (OMG, Kunal is looking so good with his beautiful smile and refreshed look. He is looking at least 10 years younger here. I guess the much needed rest has done lot of good to him. He looks well rested and damn handsome today). Then Kunal is shown sitting by the window calling out Siddhi and extending his hand to her. He holds Siddhi's hand and gives his usual killer look to her( Uff he is killing me here for sure). Siddhi asks him if she is doing the right thing here as this house needs Kunal more than her? Kunal wipes her tears and disappears. The BG song plays on with old Sinal FB scenes being shown.

On the other side, Veena is shown visiting Kunal in jail with a lunch box. Kunal is surprised to see her and asks her why did she come there? Where is Siddhi? Veena says that Siddhi has gone out with some urgent work. Kunal says that he is sure she must be running around in regards to the case. (Aww, he sounded so innocent saying that, love KC to death). He further says that she is working so hard to get him out without caring much about her. He assures Veena that he is certain that Siddhi will win this case. Veena tells Kunal that Siddhi is not all that great as Kunal assumes her to be. Kunal asks her what she means. Veena says that Siddhi is only fulfilling her duties as mother but definitely not of a wife or bahu. Veena tells Kunal about the deal Siddhi has made with Thakaral to trade Kunal's life in return of money. She further says that Siddhi is surely working hard, but not to get him out of the jail, but to keep him inside the jail. Kunal looks puzzled says he is not following. Veena tells Kunal the details of Siddhi's bargain with Thakaral that she has sold off his freedom to secure her child's life.

Kunal tells Veena to have faith in Siddhi as she must be doing all this under some kind of pressure from Thakarals. He tells Veena not to believe what Siddhi is saying, but what she is doing. Veena says she hopes Kunal is right. Kunal says he is certain that on the final hearing day, Siddhi will win this case. He says, all will be fine and he is sure Siddhi will not betray them. At the same time Siddhi is shown with Richa. Richa seems ecstatic that she will finally get what she has always wanted and she can't wait to have HER Kunal back in her life tomorrow when he is released.

Siddhi asks Richa how she intends to get Kunal released? Richa says that she has two genuine witnesses who can prove that Kunal was attending Ishani's birthday that night and Siddhi was the one who was driving the car. Richa says that is the truth and the witnesses will say exactly what and when she asks them to say. Richa further says that she can also force her dad to remain quite, so she has everything to get Kunal released from the prison. Richa continues that she is not doing all this because she had promised this to Siddhi but only because she absolutely loves Kunal and she is ready to do anything for him. Episode ends with Siddhi saying that she is happy that Kunal will be out of jail even If he is with Richa.

Precap: Richa emotionally blackmailing her dad that his animosity can't be bigger than his daughter's love right? If he doesn't do what she asks him to do, he will surely win this case but will lose his daughter forever. Thakaral says he is ready to do whatever Richa wants.


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