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Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Anandi sits on bed and sees the present and recalls the morning events, she then calls Shiv and thanks for the gift which she really liked, Shiv tells Anandi that he understands that her past was tough but today it seemed a new Anandi was in front of him and hopes she gets more of this in the future as she does so much for other, he continues if she ever feels he can be of help to let him know. She states she will. Anandi hangs up and smiles thinking. Gehna comes and calls Anandi for DS

Ds tells Anandi to sleep early as in the morning they will go to meet Anandi's parents, Anandi is shocked and asks after her parents and why they are going there. DS covers it saying she hasn't seen her parents for a while, but Anandi doesn't believe and asks several question. Bhairon states they met with her parents, Anandi continues with her barrage of questions and DS calms her down

DS reassure that everything is fine and that they were asking after Anandi, she continues Anandi's mother is a bit ill, but its nothing to worry about and her father is taking good care of her. Anandi starts to cry thinking of her parents. DS tells her to not cry she will be seeing her parents after months and to go happy.

DS alone in her room and makes a call to Shiv. She tells him that she feels good that there is someone there to look after Anandi, and if Anandi is with him then she will be free from all her past pain, she tells him she is indebted. Shiv states he is not doing a favour and wants Anandi to be happy. DS tells Shiv about their encounter with Anandi's parents and how they were happy hearing about Shiv, she continues that Anandi's parents also want her to be remarried. Bhago will speak to Anandi to agree to remarriage. She continues that Anandi will not say no to her mother. Shiv continues that he wants Anandi to be happy and willingly agree to marriage therefore for no one to force her.

DS tells Shiv that there cant be any other suitable life partner for Anandi than him.

Next day excitedly goes home and recalls her past in the house. She has an emotional hug with her father and get teary, she asks after him and asks for her mother, she goes to see her, Anandi dad explains to DS that Bhago has gotten worse today.

Anandi goes to the room and is shocked to see Bhago's weakened state. She hugs her mother and starts to cry. Anandi continues that why wasn't she informed that she was this ill, that she would have come to look after her. Bhago states she didn't want to cause more upset in Anandi's life already. Anandi has been through so much already, this is nothing compared to it

She continues that she happily sent her off on her new life but wasn't there for her when it all broke. Anandi reassures that she didn't want Bhago there because she knew it would cause her a lot of pain

VOICEOVER – so that others aren't affected, close ones often don't share their difficulties, this leads to complaints but is the sign of a strong relationship

PRECAP – Bhago tells Anandi to marry Shiv but Anandi doesn't want to, Bhago falls unconscious on the floor and Anandi states she will marry whoever she says and to open her eyes but Bhago doesn't. Anandi screams.


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