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Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Highlights 7/25

~Toasty tells Dadaji that she will get Tej re-married to someone else and Dadaji thinks she has gone crazy and doesn't think it is possible

~Toasty interviews all these girls but none of them are fitting and she gets fed up

~She observes Smiley as she talks to Prachin about Sonakshi and then when Gyaan needs help with his homework

~Tej announces at dinner that he found a place for Smiley to stay but no one wants her to leave other than Tej and even Toasty agrees that Smiley should stay

~Tej is upset with Toasty for letting Smiley stay and complains about Smiley

~Toasty tells Dadaji that Smiley is the perfect person for Tej to get re-married to. Dadaji thinks it is impossible since Tej doesn't like Smiley.

~Toasty says it is the opposite of her case where Tej loved her but the family didn't accept her at first and here the family loves Smiley but Tej doesn't accept her and to leave it up to her to get Tej and Smiley to like each other.

Pre-cap: Smiley hands Tej his bike keys and Tej blows up at her for why she is touching his bike keys and tells her to stay away from his way and his things...Smiley says that even she is not interested in being in anyone's way and they both storm off and Toasty looks upset while Dadaji tells her 'I told you so' and just because you want it to happen, it's not going to happen. God needs to want it to happen as well.


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