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Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Episode starts with nurse discharging Gulabia and asking her to come back after 1 week and she tells Vikram has paid for the hospital expenses. Gulabia thinks he is giving both pain & medicine to rise in Sugni's eyes but she wont allow him to succeed.

Vikram at home playing chess and thinking of Gulabia's dialogues and telling himself that Gulabia is upto something or she would not distance away from Sugni. Just then Adi comes to talk to him & says why Vikram didn't had food and if he has any worries he can share with him. Vikram says work pressure is more so he could not eat. Adi asks how Gulabia is Vicky gets tensed and says she is fine and the wounds are not deep she maybe at home now. Adi asks who might have hurt Gulabia like this & Vikram says maybe some robbers. Adi says he is asking too many questions nowadays but he is disturbed of the happenings in RM and finding gulabia there and tells Vikram to share any of his problems and he Adi will always be with him to help him. Vikram says he doesn't understand why no one wants him to marry Sugni whats the mistake in loving her. Adi says the world doesn't understand whats right or wrong and don't support who goes against the customs but Vikram should not care for them as he is giving life to an innocent and should go ahead with his life and he will always support him. Vikram feels happy and hugs him.

Gulabia at hospital praying to god to listen to her prayers and save Sugni from the future problems which will be coming up in her life. Hukum listening to her. Gulabia asks devi maa to somehow make her meet Reva and says from now on Sugni is Devi maa's responsibility. Wind starts to blow heavily while Gulabia is praying to Ram & Sita.

Vikram wakes up at midnight full of worries and keeps thinking of what Gulabia is upto and Sugni''s faith is very important to both of them and she is trying the same. Vikram pacing in his room when he sees a shadow passing and goes out of his room to downstairs. He is looking around everywhere in semi darkness while Reva sneaks inside the haveli and Vikram feels someone around him. He finally manages to see her wearing a shawl around her and is stunned. Reva plays hide and seek game with him while Vikram frantically searches for her in every room. Its complete dark and vikram unable to find her while Reva goes upstairs and Vikram follows her but fails to catch her. Vikram comes to Sugni's room and find her asleep while Reva comes from behind and closes his eyes. Vikram leaves her hand and turns to find her. Both are standing at Sugni's room door while reva hugs him and says she has come forever to be with him. Vikram very scared lest Sugni hears them and takes Reva with him to his room and closes the doors and windows. Reva starts laughing and says she was successful in scaring him and he was looking dead scared. Reva apologizes while Vikram wants to tell her something but Reva says he is not happy to see her ... he doesn't love her anymore so she is not seeing any love in his face and its not his fault because she was never a good wife for him but now she will not give him any chance to complaint.

Reva further says the hospital is not at all good and she doesn't want to stay there. Vikram thinks he has to do something before things get out of hand.

Vikram finally says he is not angry with her and asks how she got injured. Reva says she met with accident and went to azadnagar hospital for treatment. Vikram immediately thinks that Gulabia too was there and what if she saw Reva. Vikram then asks her to rest and he will be back. Reva holds his hand asks when was the last she told ILU to him but she doesn't remember also but from now on she will become a very loving wife to him and puts her hands around his shoulders and asks him to close his eyes. Vikram closes his eyes and Reva keeps a baby's socks in his hand. Vikram looks at her intently and Reva says she made this for their baby while Vikram looks at her in shock.

Precap : Reva hugging Vikram and asking if there is any other women in his life if so then she will kill that women and him also for cheating her.


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