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Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Sweety explaining to Ginny that the u took the help of the boy. U just remain the way u are. Always listen to me and all will go well with u. Ginny asks for the cycle and Sweety tells, ok when Daddyji comes na, i'll talk to him about the same.

Ginny tells Raashi that she soon will be learning and coming to their house with her cycle. Raashi says thats so exciting. Raashi keeps the phone and the phone rings again and its Deepika (Raashi's friend) on the line and she says that the party is tomorrow at Nature da Punjabi. Raavi comes out after having bath and seeks the permission of Pinky. Pinky allows her and Raavi asks Raashi to help her out in looking good for the party.

Later, Jeet tells Pinky that it is a night club and i won't allow her to go. Raashi asks permission for entering the room, she enters the room and tells, Dad u checked the information of Nature da Punjabi on the net right? u forgot to clear history and i saw it. She clears his doubts saying that the Night club belongs to Deepika's uncle and that She will not let her go alone. She also tells that Rocky is invited and he too is going along, so it is fine. She greets them goodnight and goes. Pinky tells, are ur doubts cleared now? I know Deepika, she is a nice girl. I think we should trust our daughter, as now she is becoming big.

At Night, Raashi and Sunny are putting some face-pack for her. Pinky comes and asks what is happening?!?! Sunny tells, we are making Raavi didi's makeover. Making her a princess from a frog. Raavi tells that she is nothing, she cannot be a princess, she will remain a frog since she has no good hair, no clothes nothing. Pinky thinks for a while. Jeet comes in the room and is shocked looking at Raavi. Jeet tells, whats all this? Raashi tells, Raavi didi's makeover! Pinky tells Raavi that tomorrow they'll go shopping. Raavi nods her head.

Pinky takes Jeet to their room and explains everything to him that for getting to know the world much better, Raavi will have to go and face the world. At this age, she will feel that she is lacking many things, she will feel that others look better than her. For that u also gave her contacts. Jeet finally agrees and tells, ok let her go and face the outside world.

At School, Ginny tells her friend that she has learnt riding the cycle very well. Her friend asks whether she knows wheely. Ginny questions whats that? She tells, one tyre in the air and ride on one tyre. Ginny tells, nope. A boy announces about the various activities related to cycling, he tells that there is a competition on Sunday of cycling. He asks all who want to enroll their names to raise their hands. Ginny raises is excitement.

Raashi is very irritated as she is now shifted to IX B. She tells her friend that all the people in that class always tease me only, nothing else. One boy and girl tell, is the uniform ur sisters? They laugh and go. She tells her friend, just because i study from my sisters book they are getting jealous. Atleast i don't rob their books and study.

Sweety and Pinky are looking out for dressers for Raavi. Raavi likes one Blue colour dress, she tries it on and is loving it, she has a big smile. Sweety is looking at her. She asks the rate the girl tells its for Rs 4000/- She thanks the person for showing it and selects some other dress and she leaves from there.

When they reach home, Raavi has a small face. Raashi checks Raavi's dress and calls it super amazing. Raavi see's the dress and is overjoyed and she goes to try it on. She also thanks Pinky a lot. Pinky asks her to thank Sweety as she chose the dress. Raavi tries it on and is so excited, she poses on in front of the mirror. (the dress really looks nice on her, honestly) She calls Sweety and thanks a lot for making her actually look like a princess. Sweety tells, thanks not right, u were always a princess.

Rocky tells Ginny that it is not her piece of cake to do that cycling competition. Ginny tells, but that boy said that participation matters, so i m just participating. Rocky tells that she won't be able to do it, she won't be able to even got 1 km. Ginny gets up and says, U don't think i m weak, i will show my strength now. Episode ends with Ginny full of confidence.

Pinky is appreciating the beauty of Raavi. Jeet gifts Raavi a mobile phone. Raavi is so happy, she hugs Jeet. Jeet smiles. Raashi too is excited. Raavi goes to her room and Raashi tells Dad, u brought this to keep in touch with her right. Jeet's smile disappears.

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