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Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Sooraj is worried for his dish.Confused Customer taunts Sooraj for presenting bad dish and makes him taste forcefully. Sooraj is heartbroken. Bhabo fuming. Meena uses happy time to get forgiveness from Vikram. Thanks Raj Kumar for the contract and plans to get more good things from him.Dead Sooraj is out from the selected people.Shocked Selected people are told to vote for the remaining 3 to finalize 1 competitor.Confused

Written Update

Sooraj is looking at the other competitor getting blasted and failed to impress the customer.D'oh (he has stopped working towards his food ShockedErmm) He is given chance to serve his dish to customer.Embarrassed Customer tastes and blasts Sooraj for providing bad food. He forcefully feeds Sooraj the dish to taste himself.Shocked All are shocked.Shocked Bhabo is fuming to scold the customer. Scolds Sandy in frustration why she brought him here to participate in this competition. ConfusedCustomer goes out of the hotel.Dead

Sooraj is heartbroken. Broken Heart Vikram at home happy that people are calling him to congratulate for he new agent he got. Meena takes this change to ask for forgiveness.Dead (iski nautanki kab bandh hogaDead) She says she was behind this contract and asks to forgive for her mistake. Though Vikram knows she is asking for forgiveness as she got chance he forgives her. Shocked

Judge announcing other 2 names among the 5 who are selected for next round. Sooraj name was left out.Confused He says there is a twist and announces that the earlier winners will vote for the remaining 3 people and who ever gets the majority vote is out of danger zone. Bhabo-Bhabasa, SurYa are completely tensed. Sooraj in tears for his failure. (he looked totally smashed)

ViNa come to Raj Kumar to thank for the agent contract he got from them.Ermm Invites for lunch daily at Rathi home.Sleepy Raj Kumar agrees. Meena thinks they have got chance to utilize him and will get many things worked from him Shocked (some one stamp herAngry)ROFL

Sooraj gets two votes from the winners and so the other contestants. Judge announces all have received equal votes.Shocked Only one last winner is left to vote for any one among 3.Ouch That person was none other than the English lady who fought with Bhabo earlier (I don't remember her nameConfused) Bhabo says to Bhabasa that she doesn't vote for Sooraj as she is against him and never wants him to win this competition.SleepySleepy

SurYa boating. Sandy asks Sooraj to touch any one finger among the two and she will ask something.Sleepy Sooraj in heartbroken condition thinks to do that.


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