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Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Rashi tries to open the pump but it gets opened there itself and all water flush on rashi forcily. Koki and jigna looks this. Koki scolds rashi and asks to stop the water if not all the water goes away. Koki goes downstairs. Rashi tries hard to stop the water and finally sits on it to stop leaking.

Gopi gives tea to parag and koki comes there angrily. Gopi asks what happened. Koki tells that pump got opened and all water is leaking. Gopi asks whether she can go upstairs and look but both koki and parag stop her.

Jigna gets call from sameer but she cuts the call. Rashi asks jigna who is calling and why is she nervous. Jigna says it’s a secret and she shouldn’t say anything to anyone. Jigna tells rashi that sameer is her boyfriend and he is coming to talk with the family members about their marriage. Koki and parag both call the plumber. Jigna tells rashi that koki doesn’t know about him but only parag knows about this. Rashi asks jigna to get ready well. Jigna leaves from there.

Urmi calls rashi. Rashi tells she sat on the pump. Koki comes into her room and finds water flowing in her room. koki shouts at rashi to take care of the pump properly as water is flowing in her room. rashi hangs on the call thinking koki may come upstairs.

Sameer comes to modi bhawan. But koki thinks its plumber and rushes him to upstairs and leaves. Meeti takes him to terrace. Even rashi thinks sameer as plumber and leaves the pump on him and leaves. Sameer wonders at everyone’s behavior.

Urmi once again calls rashi. Rashi tells that everyone are in hurry at home so she will talk to her later. Rashi hangs on. Urmi doubts what is happeneing in modi bhawan. Jigna calls sameer but he couldn’t take the call. Rashi comes to jigna’s room. jigna requests rashi to open the door when sameer comes. And asks to bring him to her room without making anyone know about him. Rashi agrees. Rashi asks jigna to get ready and she too would change till that time. Rashi leaves.

Koki and meeti will be searching for the pump. Rashi changes and comes downstairs. Door bell rings. Rashi thinks its sameer. Rashi opens the door. Rashi looks at the plumber and wonders that jigna’s taste is so good then how did she select this guy. Rashi asks plumber to come with her. Koki finds the pump. Gopi comes her way and asks to give the pump as she is going upstairs. Koki tells gopi to take care of herself. She finds the main door is open and goes to close it.

Rashi takes the plumber into the garden. The plumber gets the call and hearing his words rashi thinks he is so bad. Koki comes there and finds plumber talking on phone. Koki asks rashi to tell the truth if not she will send her to her mother’s place. Rashi says, he is jiggi’s boyfriend. Koki shocks. The plumber comes near to them and tells he is a plumber. Koki again shocks. Rashi tells him slowly, no need to lie I have told kaki ji everything. Koki yells, jigna wants to marry a plumber??? Plumber says no I don’t want to marry. Koki leaves angrily saying I will call jigna and ask her in front of you whats going on.

Gopi comes upstairs. She gives the pump to sameer. Sameer tells gopi, I am not plumber. I am jigna’s boyfriend and I came to talk to her sister about their marriage. One lady has told me to repair this pump. I wonder whether I look like a plumber. Gopi apologizes sameer and tells its jigna’s sister koki itself and come downstairs with her. Sameer says its okay I will repair this pump so that their misunderstanding may clear off. Gopi nods and leaves.

Koki yells at the plumber to wait in the hall itself. Koki goes to jigna’s room and takes her away forcily by grabbing her hand. Koki brings jigna to the hall. Koki shows the plumber. Jigna wonders looking at the plumber and asks koki who is this. Koki yells at jigna that whats happening here. Rashi says sorry to jigna.

Jigna introduces sameer to koki and tells she wants to marry him. Koki says, this marriage cannot take place. Jigna shocks.

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